Founded in 1962 through Sam Walton, the an initial Walmart opened up its doors in 1962. Sam Walton’s goal to be to do shopping much more convenient and easier for families. Walton want to offer an excellent products and also services at affordable price while all at once providing good customer service. Today Walmart is known as among the world foremost retailers. Your busy, multi-service bakery is one of the finest places to acquisition a cake also when your spending plan is tight.

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Below room the latest Walmart Cake Prices

Walmart Birthday, Graduation, and Baby shower head Cake Prices
Sheet Cakes
Full Sheet$43
1/2 Sheet$30
1/4 Sheet$19
1/8 Sheet$10
Round Cakes
8" single Layer$7.50
8" twin Layer$13
Cupcake Cakes
12 Count$10
24 Count$19

Walmart Wedding Cake Prices
2 Tier Wedding Cake$58
3 Tier Wedding Cake$140

Walmart date of birth Cakes

Celebrating the birth of a child, spouse, near friend, or other family members member is a good way to display your love and also appreciation. Walmart date of birth cakes are affordable, straightforward to customize, and also perfect for parties of every sizes. Walmart bakery cakes room currently available in round cake, sheet, and CupCake Cake (a sheet cake surrounding by cupcakes) sizes. If you space planning a date of birth cake because that a child there room multiple theme cakes accessible including licensed characters, sports, and also outdoor themes. Walmart birthday cake prices incorporate the cost of personality or theme connected decorations. Walmart additionally specialize in offering cakes for very first birthdays, a an extremely important birthday the everyone in your family members will remember. Walmart bakery cakes for birthdays space the best selection for a fun birthday party.

Walmart Graduation Cakes

When a college student graduates native high or university they space usually an ext than ready to reap a celebration. One of the best ways to aid a previous student unwind, while reflecting them how proud you space of your achievement, is buying a customized graduation cake. The short Walmart graduation cake prices space affordable making them a spending plan friendly alternative for those who want to have a party that doesn’t price too much money. Walmart graduation cakes can be decorated v school color motifs to add special an interpretation for the graduate. Cake flavors currently available are white, yellow, chocolate, marble, and also rainbow blast. Fruit fillings are also obtainable (cream, lemon, raspberry, and also strawberry) along with fourteen various icing colors. Walmart graduation cakes come in 3 various styles: sheet Cakes, round Cakes, and also Cupcake Cake.

Walmart baby Shower Cakes

Do you know someone who is expecting a new baby? consider surprising them through a beautiful designed cake at their infant shower. There are several Walmart bakery cakes that are specifically made through baby showers in mind. Well-known styles space sheet and also tiered cake with increased designs featuring licensed infant characters. There room cake selections for boys and also girls in addition to gender neutral options. Walmart additionally offers gender reveal cakes that usage colored (blue or pink) icing and filling to do announcing the sex of a new baby memorable and these specialty items are always available at reasonable Walmart baby shower cake prices.

Walmart Wedding Cakes

Few people realize the Walmart in reality specializes in making freshly small cakes specifically for weddings. Walmart wedding cake prices are very affordable permitting wedding planners come dedicate larger parts of your budgets to other facets of the wedding awareness or reception. The most famous Walmart cakes created for wedding are tiered in the traditional style. Walmart bakery cakes that room tiered room perfect for big weddings and serve as much as 64 guests. Because that those who are holding smaller sized weddings and also receptions one 4th and half sheet cakes are available along with complete sheet Walmart wedding cakes.

Walmart Cake Order

Walmart cake orders deserve to be placed in your local Walmart’s bakery department by filling the end Walmart Cake order kind and turning it in to her nearest Walmart bakery department.

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Walmart practice Cakes

Please ar your stimulate at least 24 hrs in development to provide the bakery a opportunity to perfect your order because that Walmart practice cakes and contact you if lock have any questions about your unique design an option for Walmart bakery cakes because that birthdays, graduations or baby showers. If you room placing one order for Walmart wedding cake friend should place the bespeak at the very least 3-8 work in advance.