You desire to know just how Much is Bluefin Tuna Worth? We have actually all heard of Bluefin Tuna being sold for ridiculous quantities of money! recently in Japan (January 2019) a Bluefin Tuna marketed for a record $3 Million dollars. Therefore what makes these fish so expensive?

How much is Bluefin Tuna Worth? in ~ your neighborhood grocery save or fish market, Bluefin Tuna will offer for around $20 come $40 every pound. These are typically Bluefin recorded off the eastern Coast. Bluefin from Japan space considered an ext valuable and can price upwards of $200 per pound.

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You’re probably thinking… “wait a minute, you claimed one in Japan marketed for $3 million dollars! Why the substantial price difference?” Well, there are many factors the will recognize the worth of a Bluefin Tuna… stop look in ~ a couple of of them

Determining determinants of the value of a Bluefin Tuna are:

Where it to be caught How it was elevated (farmed or wild)Was The fish taken on well after gift caught The section of the fish you are buying where it to be sold

We’ll talk about each of these components in much more detail below.

This is most likely one the the biggest components determining just how much a Bluefin Tuna is worth.

Off the east coast of the United states you will see Monster Bluefin exceeding 500 pounds! These room the trophies the a most tuna fisherman dream of. Commercial fishermen off the eastern coast of the united states deserve to usually sell a great quality Bluefin Tuna to a fish sector for about $17 every pound!

The east Pacific close to the California shore you will uncover smaller Bluefin tuna that space usually in the 20 – 100 lb range. In current years I have actually seen people recording bigger and bigger Bluefin in this area. Hopefully this is a sign of increased numbers the Bluefin that have actually in previous years have been much more scarce because of over fishing and also poor fishery mismanagement. Fish native this an ar are best bought during summer and also fall.

The prized high finish Bluefin Tuna come from Oma, Japan. This fish are stated to have a exceptional fat content to Bluefin Tuna recorded elsewhere. It is stated that during peak winter month is the best time come buy Bluefin indigenous Oma.

Bluefin Tuna have details sections that taste much better than others. This is as result of the fat marbling in specific parts of the Tuna. The Marbling fat substantially increases the flavor of the Tuna, therefore costing more to buy. Below are the more desirable components of the Tuna:


This is the fattiest component of the fish and the many expensive. O-Toro is in the ship quarter the the fish. It operation from just behind the head the the tuna to about midway between the Ventral fin and the Anal Fin of the fish. O-Toro is usually offered as raw Bluefin in high finish restaurants and hotels.

This is following best part of the fish. Chu-Toro is slightly much less fatty 보다 the O-Toro through a mix of fat meat and also leaner meat. This section runs in the ship quarter the the fish just behind the O-Toro section. It runs from around midway native the Ventral fin and also the Anal fin back to about the middle of the Anal Fin.

Akami is the on the upper quarters ~ above either next of the spine and run the whole length the the tuna. The word Akami means red meat in Japanese. This part of the Tuna is the leanest and cheapest. This is additionally the part people should taste to acquire a great idea of the over-all quality of the meat. Fresh wild Tuna will have actually a much less gamey taste to it, while farm raised tuna will be just the opposite.

Akami has actually 3 sections of different grades the quality. Each ar takes up around a 3rd of the spine of the Bluefin. Section one right behind the head is called Sekami and also is a tool grade Akami. The middle section is called Senaka and also is the highest grade the Akami. Closest come the tail is the 3rd section of Akami and is dubbed Seshimo. This is the lowest grade that Akami.

How the fish was handled and cared for after the was caught has a an excellent effect on the overall taste the the fish. Far better tasting fish clearly have an ext value and therefore this is always taken into factor to consider in the valuation of the Tuna.

Bluefin Tuna native Japan is recognized to it is in handled an ext carefully, and also cut much more precise, adding to the value of the tuna that originates from Japan.

Tuna indigenous Japan additionally has to pass through an ext hands till it arrives in the joined States likewise adding an ext costs to the tuna. This is another reason Tuna from Japan can be substantially an ext than Tuna recorded off the east coast.

By how it was elevated I typical was the farm increased or caught in the wild.

Bluefin Tuna have actually a marbling that fat transparent the meat the contributes come their impressive flavor. Once they room farm raised their fat takes on the flavor of your diet. So if they to be fed a many sardines like many farm elevated tuna, the fat content will taste like sardines.

Wild Bluefin Tuna top top the other hand have actually a an ext varied diet and also are able to swim around and travel greater distances. This diet and exercise will offer the fat a much more natural flavor.

In Japanese society the first thing friend do annually is considered the most important. This set the tone because that the rest of the year.

For this factor whether as a public stunt, or a good omen, The very first Bluefin Tuna auctioned turn off in Japan will always sell for more than any type of other Bluefin sold that year.

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These are the Tuna the you see offering for ridiculous quantities of money. The latest and highest to date was a Bluefin marketed in January 2019. This fish sold for end $3 million dollars!

Needless come say this is no the norm. If you had actually your heart set on make millions on your Bluefin catch you much better make certain it’s the first tuna auctioned off in Japan the year to have actually a opportunity at the huge money!

As you have the right to see there are a couple of factors that add to the precious of Bluefin Tuna. Ns wouldn’t obtain your really hopes up on making millions off of your catch. Although, i do understand some anglers that offer their new fish come restaurants and also local fish sectors for a kind price. Simply make certain you leave the skin on it so it have the right to be established correctly.