These are our picks because that rifles chambered in .50 BMG.

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One that the many iconic rifle rounds in the people is .50 Browning maker Gun, or as it is much more simply known, .50 BMG. The general idea behind this ring was an initial developed by the legendary john Browning, but it completely fleshed the end by Winchester Repeating Arms. That was during people War II, as soon as the round saw considerable use in .50 caliber M2 Browning maker Guns. That is more than likely safe to say the round helped turn the birds of the good War.

That gun and round to be so dependable that they space still in usage with armed forces roughly the human being today. It to be not until the beforehand 80s the the idea the a modern rifle in 50 BMG very first gained traction v Ronnie Barrett"s now iconic M82 anti-material rifle. Through these types of rifles, a .50 BMG have the right to fire rounds at a blistering 2,700-3,000 feet per 2nd and struggle with practically 15,000 foot pounds that energy relying on the type of ring used.

Today, the market for 50 BMG rifles is mainly United claims military and also law enforcement, but there room rifles that civilians deserve to own. The sector is rather niche, probably because practical uses are minimal and the ammo is insanely expensive. However, because that the average citizen who desires to own among the largest rifles out there, alternatives exist top top the market. This day we will have a watch at several of them, your features and let you know what they will expense you.

Barrett design 82

As we already mentioned, Ronnie Barrett was one of the first to see the potential in a shoulder-fired .50 caliber rifle. And also this pistol was initially designed in his garage! Today, the Barrett 82A1 is the civilian version of a rifle that has actually seen activity in virtually every major conflict because both together an anti-tank and also vehicle round and also as a sniper rifle.

The M82 is a semi-automatic, short recoil-operated rotating bolt design. That cycles by using the incredible recoil to move the barrel ago and bike in the following round. The reduced receiver and other components are made largely of hefty sheet metal, i beg your pardon helps contribute to the chuck 33-pound weight. Barrett supplies this rifle in a selection of finishes. It has a 20 or 29-inch fluted barrel through a 1:15 or 1:12 price of twist. It additionally comes fitted v a an option of two formats of muzzle brake to help tame this rifle"s amazing recoil.

This rifle has actually an as whole length the 57 inches and comes fitted through a bipod to assist you secure it because that long-range shots. The Barrett M82A1 has actually been used by trained snipers to make shots at end 3,000 yards, and also yes, the is perfect legal because that civilians to own. However, dual check your financial institution statements before you walk to make the purchase. This rifle expenses anywhere indigenous $6,000-$10,000, even used.

Barrett model M107A1

This rifle may look virtually identical come the M82A1 to the untrained eye, but this is the slightly updated variation of the standard Barrett. The biggest difference in the aluminum receiver and frame the shaves the weight under to 28.7 pounds, i m sorry is why this gun earned the nickname "The light Fifty." that weight distinction may no seem favor much since it is still a an extremely heavy gun, but you will notice it if you choose up a M82A1 and then a M107A1 because that comparison side-by-side.

Barrett likewise cut weight in other locations like the detachable bipod, which is made from titanium for this semi auto rifle. Barrett insurance claims that through precision engineering, the M107A1 is more accurate than the M82. This gun also has a 29-inch barrel length standard, but there is likewise an alternative for a shorter 20-inch barrel. Both come v a 1:15 twisted rate. That much shorter barrel likewise cuts the all at once length under to 48 inches.

This rifle features a totally redesigned muzzle brake that also helps reduced down the recoil from such a big round. Favor the M82A1, this gun takes 10-round magazines and also comes in a variety of Cerakote finishes. This is the many expensive Barrett ~ above the sector with one MSRP the $12,281. They have the right to usually be discovered for much less than that with a tiny shopping, but you are more than likely going to have an obstacle finding a brand-new one from under $10k.

Remington R2MI

Serbu Firearms

Some companies have realized that much more people would prefer to own and also shoot a .50 BMG, but those gigantic price tags space scaring castle away. Serbu"s BFG-50 starts in ~ $2,395 together a basic price, make this rifle much an ext affordable for everyday shooting enthusiasts. This is a single-shot rifle fitted v either a standard 29.5-inch match grade barrel, a carbine 22-inch barrel or a 36-inch heavy barrel. It comes fitted v a "shark brake" mechanism to alleviate the recoil and sound.

While the way Serbu to be able to reduced the prices was impressive, the same deserve to be said for the weight. You may have currently noticed how much slimmer this total is compared to various other rifles. The heaviest design with the 36-inch barrel come in at simply 26.75 pounds. The carbine design only weighs 15.25 pounds, which renders it a lightweight for firearms in this caliber.

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The entire rifle functions a parkerized manganese phosphate finish. The conventional scope mountain is a picatinny rail, however Serbu will add a 30MOA base for an extra $50. Digital reviewers worship these rifles for their simplicity that use and incredible accuracy in a parcel that costs infinitely much less than various other offerings ~ above the market.