History docuseries Swamp human being captures the reality of one alligator hunter’s job, and it doesn’t come easy. So, how much carry out they make?

It is set on the Atchafalaya Basin, in Louisiana, wherein the actors members require to the swamp and hunt alligators throughout the 30-day season.

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Occasionally, the hunters catch alligators as big as 12 foot, which proves to be rather the struggle to obtain into the boat.

We looked into how much alligator hunters make, plus the salary that the Swamp People cast make when filming the show…


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How lot do alligator hunters make?

Less 보다 $20 – $40 per foot of unprocessed alligator

Reportedly, Louisiana alligator hunters provided to make between $20 – $40 per foot of unprocessed alligator.

However, in 2017 and 2018 over there was boosted competition coming from overseas and also this brought about gator sales to drop come an all-time low.

It is assumed that fewer world are out hunting, which has led to a below-average alligator harvest in recent years.

The actors of Swamp People have actually the added benefits of earning at the very least $10,000 per episode, through some cast members earning $25,000.

What carry out Swamp human being do v alligators?

The Swamp People regularly kill and also sell the alligators after catching them

The hunters regularly profit from their meat and also their hides. Those showing up on Swamp people are every registered and licensed to record alligators.

Swamp civilization have the tags crucial to allow them to make hunting gators their job, which takes up 30 job of the year.

The alligator hides are offered in a variety of luxury goods such as shoes, belts, suitcases and also leather. As a result, Swamp civilization can make many money by selling the alligators after catching them.

There is a rule according to The Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council that you need to tag one alligator after capturing it. However, if you very own your own hunting grounds then you deserve to breed as plenty of gators together you wish.

When is alligator season in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s eastern zone opens up on the last Wednesday the August, when the west zone opens up on the first Wednesday in September

In 2020, the Louisiana alligator hunting season was prolonged to 60 days, and ended in late October in both east and west zones.

Usually, the hunting season lasts for 30 work in total.

An alligator Sport Hunter License costs $25 for Louisiana residents and $150 because that non-residents.

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