Well, below it is. The biggest, most anticipated new product of 2020 has ultimately arrived as among the few good moments in a veritable s of bad. The 2021 Ford Bronco is the an initial vehicle to shot and to win the Jeep Wrangler at its very own game, offering too much off-road capacity in a heritage-inspired wrapper that will certainly tug at the heartstrings of larger customers and also stoke the desire of younger vehicle drivers without break the financial institutions of either.

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We have a significant amount come tell you about the new two- and four-door Bronco, and the new four-door Bronco sport (you deserve to read all around the baby Bronco here). Tuck in, yes sir a lot comes your means and it every looks really good.


The All-New Ford Bronco

The 2020 Bronco clues the return the a nameplate that exited the market in 1996 after a 31-year run. However where the old Bronco left together a hulking full-size, two-door SUV, the brand-new version returns together something that"s lot closer in heart to the legend 1966 truck – Ford walk as much as scanning a a classic example, after every – and we"re not simply talking about how it looks.

In announcing the Bronco"s return together a family of products in beforehand July, Ford explained a automobile that needed the “toughness of one F-Series and the spirit of a Mustang.” Dismissing that as little an ext than marketing speak thought up by part 21st-century Don Draper form is easy, yet it"s a nice clear description of wherein the new Bronco exists in Ford"s lineup. This is an initial and foremost one enthusiast vehicle, however it slot in well below the Raptor in much the same way as the Mustang EcoBoost and also Mustang GT exist elevation of the Shelby models.

Ford describes the Bronco together a car with the “toughness of an F-Series and also the heart of a Mustang.”

The Mustang is one apt comparison, too, together the Bronco takes a similar approach to life with two obtainable powertrains, an easily accessible manual gearbox, and also an enthusiast bent because that each of its trims, thanks in component to the Sasquatch package. As well as being probably the best name because that a team of equipment in the totality of automotive history, the Sasquatch pack is easily accessible on every Bronco trim and adds a organize of off-road attributes from 35-inch tires on 17-inch beadlock wheels to an upgraded off-road suspension and front and also rear locking differentials.

The Bronco isn"t merely some brute instrument, though. It"s easily accessible with a 12.0-inch touchscreen to run Ford"s recent infotainment system, Sync 4, finish with wireless apologize CarPlay and also Android Auto. There"s likewise a host of apps the will help Bronco owners gain outdoors. That contains over 1,000 pre-loaded trail maps and a trace tracking system, so drivers can monitor and share their progress. It"s almost like off-road social media.

The Bronco isn"t merely some brute instrument.

And as soon as on the trail, an progressed suite the driver aid systems will store Bronco owner moving. In enhancement to the really hardware – the wheels/tires (special, Goodyear rubber), lockers, low-range gear, disconnecting guide bars – the Bronco is easily accessible with a trail Toolbox.

You"ll acquire Ford"s innovative follow Control, which is usually cruise control for off-road, and also Trail One-Pedal Drive, to do rock-crawling easier. Finally, follow Turn help uses speak vectoring to assist decrease transforming radiuses, do switchback corners much easier to manage. There"s even an progressed 360-degree camera system, too, which have the right to take the place of a human spotter because that really complicated bits the trail. Adding a winch could complicate that item of tech, though.

The Bronco has actually the capability, but what it"s truly built for is customization. As soon as the two- and also four-door models launch in summer 2021 (not spring), they"ll execute so alongside over 200 factory-backed accessories, all of which customers can roll into the purchase price. Beyond that, Ford designed the interior and also exterior for customers to piece or include whatever they might possibly need on the trail.

Click here to rewatch the Bronco"s reveal, or scroll down for an ext on the 2021 Bronco"s cabin, exterior, powertrains, and other details.

Ford Bronco Interior

The Bronco’s cabin, prefer the rest of the vehicle, bring away a modular approach. There are the an easy fixed items – the seats, steering wheel, a knob because that the off-road driving settings (called GOAT modes, because that Goes over Any kind of Terrain), and also a touchscreen the spans approximately a foot from corner to edge – but beyond those, Ford allows owners have their way.


There’s a built-in an equipment rack, for this reason owners have the right to easily attach a phone, camera, or general practitioners unit without suction-cupping it to the windshield. There’s also a 12-volt power source up there, for cable administration purposes. Big grab handles on the facility consoles and the end of the dash give both passenger and also driver something to hang onto, however if you’d fairly not have actually these, it’s straightforward to swap lock out through a various item. Throughout this car, there room silver bolts v “BRONCO” stamped on your head, signifying the the item lock secure is replaceable through a Ford-sourced accessory. A fast look at the cabin discover a smattering that them.

past the modularity, there are useful pieces, too. Ford is giving a marine-grade vinyl upholstery and both active and passive drain plugs in the rubberized floor, so owners don’t need to worry about getting wet on the trails or recorded out by a happen shower once driving through the roof and doors off. And if the cabin it s okay muddy, it’s easy to water tap out.

You deserve to read more about the 2021 Ford Bronco’s interior, consisting of an in-depth look at the design, here.

Ford Bronco Exterior

The exterior the the two- and four-door Bronco adheres an extremely closely to the style introduced means back in 1966. This is no a poor thing. After years of the only capable, boxy SUVs gift the acquainted Jeep Wrangler and also the rare Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen, the Bronco’s clean design is a breath of new air. Yet it"s additionally brutal, full of tough edges, significant angles, and complimentary of unnecessary flourishes.

“There’s no decorate chrome or extraneous styling,” Bronco design boss Paul Wraith said us during a media backgrounder.

And the true, yet Wraith’s work-related goes beyond stripping far the unnecessary – it actively hides the necessary. For example, the doors are frameless, so the lines room cleaner as soon as the roof is off and you acquire a much more open-air feel. That also way if you desire to yank the doors, yes sir much less to handle. Wraith’s team likewise hid the door hinges come score that smooth, unfettered profile view.

“There’s no decorate chrome or extraneous styling,” Bronco design boss Paul Wraith says.

Then there room the functional details. The 1966 Bronco’s flared hood inspired the design of those tiny bits at the corners the the 2020 Bronco’s hood. Called Trail Sights, they dual as signs for where the vehicle’s former corners room at when driving and as tie-down straps for roof-mounted gear. Ford even solved the mirror problem, i beg your pardon FCA seemed content to leaving to the aftermarket, mounting them come the human body instead. So once you want to yank the doors off, you aren’t providing up accessibility to her side-view mirrors in the process.


Ford is expanding its color lineup for Bronco, mixing classic shades prefer Oxford White and also Race Red – both Mustang shades – with brand-new additions prefer the Antimatter Blue, Area 51, Lucid Red, and also (your author’s an individual favorite) the Mustang Mach-E’s Cyber Orange. The roofs come typical in black, although human body color and white hardtops are easily accessible depending ~ above the trim. 

In march 2021, Ford announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it to be delaying the modular hardtop and dual-top alternatives until the 2022 design year. Customers have the right to either convert their orders to MY2022, option down come a soft-top, or stick through the conventional un-painted hardtop. 

Here’s the full list of colors, and you have the right to can check out what castle look prefer in the sun and shade thanks to these handy jerrycans.

New Bronco Colors

Antimatter BlueArea 51Carbonized GrayCyber OrangeIconic SilverOxford WhiteRace RedRapid RedVelocity Blue


2021 Ford Bronco prices & relax Date

Ford will release the two- and also four-door Bronco in the spring of 2021 (but only in north America, for this reason far), although assignment are open up now. Like, at this an extremely moment. All it take away is a refundable $100 deposit come reserve your place in line. Friend can readjust your pre-order configuration through January. ~ above October 23, Ford exit the Bronco build-and-price website, providing owners a chance to kit out their ideal off-roader.

As because that what you deserve to get and how much you"ll have to spend, here"s what us know. Ford will offer both two- and also four-door models in 6 trims, not counting the limited an initial Edition (which is currently sold out). Every trim will certainly be available with the Sasquatch package (allegedly a $5,000 extra, at most) which to add 35-inch tires and also 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, one upgraded four-wheel-drive system, front and rear locking differentials, and the High-Performance Off-Road Stability mechanism (or HOSS, because that short) suspension with Bilstein dampers in ~ all four corners.

While Ford wasn"t initially planning to market the hands-on transmission v Sasquatch-equipped vehicles, in mid-September, the company bowed to fan protests and also announced the the two desirable choices were not mutually exclusive. The said, the COVID-19 pandemic is delaying the hand-operated Sasquatch till 2022.

beyond that, a variety of option packages dubbed Mid, High, or Lux will certainly be available. You can acquire the full failure for each of those packages in the photos above. In other words, while Ford has taken great strides to limit possible configurations because that its other vehicles to conserve on costs, the Bronco is acquisition the F-150 approach and also offering many thousands of different configurations. Speak of costs, though, we still don"t know just how much any of those alternative groups, or the Sasquatch package, will price yet (although over there are certainly some rumors).

The Bronco base starts at $28,500 and also $33,200 for the four-door. It"s “For client who recognize they"re structure to their very own specs. A blank slate or because that purists,” Bronco Marketing Manager Esteban Plaza-Jennings called us. We understand the Sasquatch pack will be available, while LED headlights and an 8.0-inch touchscreen to run Sync 4 are likewise standard. The four-door comes standard v a cloth top.

The Bronco big Bend increases the price involves $33,385 for the two-door, but only by about $2,500 for the four, all while adding much more off-road and also comfort equipment. 32-inch tires room standard on 17-inch wheels and also Ford"s Co-Pilot 360 modern technology is available. The big Bend it s okay a Carbonized Gray grille and also tinted rear windows, and also a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter.

The flagship Bronco trim, and also the the next analogue come the Wrangler Rubicon, is the Badlands.

Bronco black Diamond, beginning at $36,050 or $38,545, is whereby the real off-road equipment starts arriving, including steel bumpers and skid plates, a conventional rear locker, and also the marine-grade vinyl v rubberized flooring. There are accessory switches in an overhead console, too. If you"re talking about a hardcore off-road bruiser, this trim seems choose it will certainly be a good mix that capability, durability, and affordability. Together with the Sasquatch pack, owners can snag the Mid pack for additional goodies.

The $38,955/$41,450 Bronco Outer financial institutions builds top top the big Bend with added luxury equipment, including high-gloss wheels, LED headlights, and the bigger 12.0-inch screen as standard. This is additionally where you"ll start to see leather upholstery. Ford also paints the exterior door handles, winter caps, and fender flares to match the body. Cook seats likewise come standard, while owner can access the High and Lux packages in ~ this point.

Ford describes the Bronco Wildtrak, starting at $48,875 and also $51,370, together “a desert runner,” and also to support that mission it come standard through the larger engine option, a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6. That also method you likely won"t uncover a Wildtrak through a hand-operated gearbox. This is additionally the very first trim whereby 35-inch rubber and also beadlock-capable wheels come standard. The Mid fill comes standard, return you"ll rod with cloth seats. Both the High and Lux load are available, together is animal leather upholstery.

if the Wildtrak is all around bounding over open terrain, the Bronco Badlands is because that low-speed off-roading and is thus the the next analogue come the Wrangler Rubicon. Prices begin at $42,095 or $44,590. It essentially marries a number of lesser trims with a hold of off-road equipment. The Sasquatch load adds the few bits of off-road kit that are absent (35-inch rubber and also the locking diffs) while animal leather seats, and all three option packs (Mid, High, and also Lux) are additionally available.

Finally, Ford explains the limited an initial Edition Bronco ($59,305/$63,500) as transferring the Badlands mechanicals v the ideal bits the the Outer financial institutions cabin and also Wildtrak exterior. You"ll also score the Lux package, Sasquatch package, distinct graphics, a Shadow black hardtop, and also unique inner touches. Cook leather seat are additionally standard. While the an initial Edition offered out quickly the night that the Bronco"s debut, ~ above June 21, 2020, it was shown that Ford to be expanding ease of access from 3,500 come 7,000 units. In January 2021, Ford verified the an initial images of a black color leather interior for the an initial Edition.

Here"s what all that pricing looks favor in a handy table. Nobody of these figures include destination charges, which we suppose to be around $1,500. These prices also don"t encompass markups native shady dealerships looking to capitalize on Bronco fever. For a list of dealers committed to selling Broncos at the said retail price, click here.

Ford Bronco Base:$28,500$33,200
Ford Bronco large Bend:$33,385$35,880
Ford Bronco black Diamond:$36,050$38,545
Ford Bronco external Banks:$38,955$41,450
Ford Bronco Wildtrak:$48,875$51,370
Ford Bronco Badlands:$42,095$44,590
Ford Bronco an initial Edition (sold out):$59,305$63,500

Again, each of these vehicles is accessible for pre-order now, through production starting in March. A $100 refundable deposit is required. Ford is quiet targeting delivery in feather of 2021. But you could want to wait – spy picture of an even hotter Bronco, probably wearing the Raptor argorial or the rumored Warthog designation, room coming in regularly. If you desire the most qualified Bronco, the finest is yet to come, it seems.

Ford Bronco Specs & Features

The Bronco’s standard engine is a turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder that’s an excellent for 270 speech (201 kilowatts) and also 310 lb-ft (420 Newton-meters) the torque. It works alongside a Getrag-sourced seven-speed hand-operated transmission, which includes a crawler gear. A 10-speed automatic is optional. If girlfriend need much more oomph, a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost is also obtainable with 310 hp (231 kW) and also 400 lb-ft (542 Nm) the torque, although it’s only obtainable with the 10-speed auto – the hand-operated could appear if sufficient customers ask because that it. A hybrid powertrain, perhaps based upon the 2021 F-150"s setup, is allegedly on the way.

Ford will additionally offer 2 four-wheel-drive systems on the Bronco, although both attribute a low-range transfer case with superior gearing. The conventional setup is your typical four-wheel drive, offering digital shift-on-the-fly capacity and 2H, 4H, and 4L modes. The low-range proportion is a healthy and balanced 2.72:1. One optional electromechanical transfer case provides “on-demand 4H” engagement v a 3.06:1 low-range gear.

One of the Bronco"s more controversial facets is its independent former suspension. The Ford"s chef rival, the Jeep Wrangler, functions a solid prior axle, i m sorry trades on-road comfort and stability because that off-road capability. It"s unsure what influence a more modern-day suspension design will have on the Bronco"s off-road ability, yet Ford is i was sure in its decision and, based on our very first ride, we often tend to agree. That looks pretty capable on video, too.

Ford is at this time listing the Bronco’s tow rating at 3,500 pounds, although choose the rest of these numbers, there’s a many time because that them to change. The payload is 1,170 pounds for the two-door and also 1,370 pounds in the four-door, when the roof can manage anywhere indigenous 110 to 450 pounds, depending on setup. Cargo numbers aren’t right now available.

When busting about off-road, motorists can take benefit of a maximum floor clearance the 11.6 inches through 35-inch tires and highly wild approach, departure, and breakover angles. Here"s a malfunction of capabilities because that base Broncos, those v the biggest tires, and also for the various body styles.

 Bronco 2-DoorBronco 4-Door
Ground Clearance (Base/35-Inch Tires):8.4 inches / 11.6 Inches8.3 inch / 11.5 Inches
Approach angle (Base/35-Inch Tires):35.5 degrees / 43.2 Degrees35.5 levels / 43.2 Degrees
Departure edge (Base/35-Inch Tires):29.8 levels / 37.2 Degrees29.7 degrees / 37.0 Degrees
Breakover angle (Base/35-Inch Tires):21.1 degrees / 29.0 Degrees20.0 levels / 26.3 Degrees
Base Suspension take trip (Front/Rear):7.9 inch / 8.5 Inches7.9 inches / 8.5 Inches
Badlands Suspension travel (Front/Rear):9.5 inches / 10.3 Inches9.5 customs / 10.3 Inches
Water Fording:33.5 Inches33.5 Inches

As for fuel economy, it’s far too beforehand to predict how effective the Bronco’s 2 engines are. The closest comparable product is the Ford Ranger, which features the very same 2.3-liter engine and 10-speed automatic and also returns EPA approximates of 20 miles every gallon city and also 24 highway. Considering the Bronco’s weight and brick-like aerodynamics, we’d mean it come be under on those figures somewhat.


Prices for the 2021 Ford Bronco begin at $29,995, which has a $1,495 destination charge. Ford hasn’t released complete pricing yet, yet it will be obtainable ahead of the Bronco’s feather 2021 on-sale date.

When deserve to I bespeak a 2021 Ford Bronco?

Ford opened up the order financial institutions for the 2021 Bronco ~ above July 13 at 8:00 afternoon on the US east coast. Interested customers deserve to secure their order with a $100 refundable deposit.

What is the release date for the new Ford Bronco?

Ford has only gone as far regarding say the 2021 Bronco will arrive in certified dealer in the feather of 2021.

Will the 2021 Bronco have a V8?

No. Execs at Ford are on record saying the Bronco will never function a V8. Sorry, folks!

Will the new Bronco have actually a removable top?

Yes, every two- and four-door Bronco will be a convertible. Two-door models come with a conventional removable hardtop, if four-door models sell a removable softtop together standard and an optional hardtop. They look simple to remove, too.

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See the 2021 Ford Bronco and every one of the various other upcoming brand-new cars in our perform of future SUVs, cars and also trucks.