Highs Hellcat engine"s envy-inducing horsepower, rear seat is roomier 보다 the Camaro and Mustang, dripping through visual nostalgia. Lows much from fuel efficient, imprecise handling characteristics, 702-hp ram 1500 TRX is an ext versatile and only a little pricier. Verdict The Challenger SRT Hellcat trades quick racetrack laps for throwback traits and drag-strip heroics.


The 2021 evade Challenger SRT Hellcat has actually mastered Darwin"s concept of evolution, transforming right into a an ext fascinating maker year after ~ year. Return a super charge 6.2-liter V-8 is still at the heart of this big-bodied dodge coupe, the Hellcat engine currently comes in 3 eye-popping potencies: 717, 797, and also 807 horsepower. The only other muscle vehicle that also approaches these numbers is the 760-hp Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. The two-door Hellcat obviously has actually a personality disorder, and also its easily accessible widebody kit, assorted appearance packages, and predilection because that smoky burnouts have actually made it a YouTube star. Sure, its internal quality doesn"t complement the lineup"s lofty price tags, yet the 2021 Challenger SRT Hellcat"s intuitive presence and also powerhouse engines do: it"s one of the most an effective machines in the world—and look at it.

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What"s brand-new for 2021?

For 2021, there"s a new Challenger super Stock design that"s essentially a detuned version of the drag-race-ready SRT Demon the was restricted to a one-year manufacturing run. The Challenger Super stock boasts one 807-hp variation of the amplified Hellcat engine that powers the Redeye. Every SS features a widebody kit, a revised powertrain calibration, and also a specially tuned suspension that optimizes quarter-mile performance. It additionally has lightweight equipment that contains all-aluminum Brembo brake calipers and also downsized 14.2-inch rotors and also 18-inch-by-11-inch wheel wrapped v Nitto traction radials the measure 315/40R-18 in ~ all four corners. The SS likewise inherits components that were discovered on the Demon, such together a line-lock feature for heating up the behind tires and a "Race Cooldown" device that guarantee the engine remains at an optimum operation temperature.

Pricing and Which One come Buy

The Widebody version both handles much better and look at cooler, therefore that"s the one we"d choose. In spite of the truth that the SRT Hellcat is all around excess, us wouldn"t opt because that the Redeye version that boosts power to practically 800 horses. In fact, throughout our testing, the Redeye wasn"t faster than the standard Hellcat because its tires couldn"t placed the extra grunt come the ground.

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Engine, Transmission, and also Performance

The mad scientists at Dodge"s SRT activities pulled a Samuel L. Jackson and went every Old testament with the almighty Hellcat engine. The typical setup makes "only" 717 horsepower, and the version in the Redeye pumps out 797 horses. The super Stock benefits from one even much more powerful variation of the Redeye"s Hellcat engine, generating 807 thundering ponies; it additionally sports specialized equipment for drag racing. Paired with the optional eight-speed automatic transmission, the last Challenger SRT Redeye Widebody us tested roared to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and also completed the quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds at 125 mph. We"ve moved several Hellcats and—as expected—never had actually trouble tapping into the limitless power supply. However, launching the unruly beast straight and also true is an exercise in extreme car control. Every model had an insidious growl in ~ startup the builds to a hellish howl under hefty throttle. The Hellcat"s distinctive supercharger whine will certainly send shivers under your spine, native either fear or excitement—and most likely both. These high-performance Challengers might lack an remarkable track attack, however they"re quick as hell in a right line and handle well enough to hustle down twisty ago roads—provided your heavy right foot knows as soon as to permit up. Back the Widebody package adds more comprehensive wheels and also tires for an ext grip, it didn"t convince united state that it"s prepared to edge with the Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 or Chevy Camaro ZL1. The widebody evade is written at the limit, however its electrically helped power steering (the consistent Hellcat has a hydraulic system) is still slow to react and doesn"t provide the ethereal feedback the its track-focused rivals. Instead, switching between the three steering settings feels more like choosing amongst varying numbness levels. Still, the Hellcats make exceptional speed in between corners, for this reason their powerful Brembo brakes will acquire a large workout.