Diamonds are very rare and also incredibly search after. So, basic supply and also demand suggest that the price the diamonds is extremely high. This value, though, and their supreme quality is what renders diamonds or diamond simulants the ideal gemstone for an engagement ring. 


An engagement ring is one investment, yet that doesn’t median the spending plan goes out the window. There room plenty of ways to maximize your budget and walk away v an incredibly an useful engagement ring. If you have your eye top top a two-carat diamond for her engagement ring, us can aid you understand how much you room going to spend and what come prioritize in bespeak to invest a bit less.

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A few questions to consider when shopping for a 2 carat diamond space “how lot does a 2-carat diamond cost?” and also “how large is a 2 carat diamond?” We will certainly answer this questions, amongst others, listed below to help you maximize her budget and find the right diamond for her engagement ring — even if it is you space shopping at an old fashioned jewelry store or a simulated diamond shop.

What is a 2 Carat Diamond?

A 2 carat diamond is a diamond that weighs 2 carats, or 400 milligrams. Diamond carat weight is influential on diamond size, yet it is not the exact same as diamond size. 2 carat diamonds come in every shapes and also sizes and also can be offered in all kinds that settings and also styles that engagement rings and other jewelry. 

A two-carat diamond is thought of by many as a perfect diamond because that the center stone of a diamond engagement ring. Its size is substantial but no over-the-top. Its expense is likewise substantial, yet not totally unattainable.

What execute 2 Carat Diamond Rings usually Cost?

So exactly how much is a 2 carat diamond really? 2 carat diamonds price anywhere from $8,000 – $50,000 for the loosened diamond. This doesn’t incorporate the price that the ring setting, labor for custom design, or any added diamonds included in the setting.

So just how much is a 2 carat diamond really? 2 carat diamonds price anywhere indigenous $8,000 – $50,000 because that the loose diamond. This doesn’t encompass the price that the ring setting, job for tradition design, or any additional diamonds contained in the setting.

As you have the right to see, diamond pricing varies greatly due to the fact that it is based on far an ext than just carat weight. The last price that a loosened diamond is dependent on all elements of the quality. Let’s discuss these unique determinants that add to the cost of a diamond.



A ring brilliant diamond v an “ideal” cut is the most sought-after diamond due to the fact that of its timeless style and also eye-catching symmetry and sparkle. A 2 carat round brilliant will certainly emit remarkable brilliance. That is likewise an exceptionally versatile an option as it will certainly look an excellent on any kind of hand, with any type of precious metal, and in any setting. Regardless of what shape 2 carat diamond you pick though, prioritize a reduced that is at least Very good to accomplish a stunning appearance and maximum brilliance.


Clarity describes how plenty of inclusions and/or blemishes a diamond has. Diamond clarity is graded top top the adhering to scale:

Clarity is graded by gemologists the town hall the rock under extreme magnification. The differences between clarity grades that space right alongside each various other on the range such together VS1 clarity and also VS2 clarity will be unnoticeable come the untrained eye. In fact, most inclusions space not remarkable at all to the naked eye there is no magnification. Also when the differences are unnoticeable though, the clarity class does impact the price the a diamond. For this reason, you have the right to maximize your spending plan by selecting a 2 carat diamond with a reduced clarity grade as long as the is “eye clean”. 


The color of a diamond also impacts its price. Now, you may be reasoning that diamonds room clear or colorless, but in actuality, all naturally mined diamonds have ideas of yellow or brown the come from year of exposure to the earth’s elements. These ideas of color can it is in hardly noticeable or an extremely noticeable. GIA grades color on the adhering to scale: 

Colorless (D-F)Near colorless (G-J)Faint shade (K-M)


A colorless diamond that 2 carats will certainly be on the an extremely high end of the price variety (remember that $8,000 – $50,000). However, most diamonds with a near-colorless rating have hardly remarkable color. Shop for 2 carat diamonds with color grades G, H, or I. This is where you will gain the most for her money. 


While not one of the 4 Cs, diamond shape does pat into how much a diamond costs. Round diamonds are the many sought after, and thus, have the right to be the most expensive. Additionally, part shapes appear larger than various other shapes that the very same carat weight because much more of your weight is “face-up”. Diamond shapes that have tendency to carry most of your weight follow me the surface include trillion cut diamonds and marquise-cut diamonds. 


In enhancement to all the determinants that enter the price of a diamond, once shopping for a 2 carat engagement ring, you require to consider the price of the setting as well. While the simplest of settings will only collection you earlier $500-$1000, setups that include additional diamonds will add thousands of dollars come the all at once cost the the ring. The least expensive diamond ring setups are solitaire settings made merely of metal. The many expensive setups are three-stone setups with diamond side-stones of substantial carat weights. 

The setting, however, can also contribute come the sparkle of her ring, and enhance the appearance of the facility stone. Because that example, halo settings will do the center rock appear larger and make the as whole ring sparkle more. Setups with sparkly next stones such as cushion reduced diamonds or round reduced diamonds will likewise enhance the as whole brilliance the the ring. You deserve to use this “tricks” to do a slightly smaller carat diamond show up slightly larger. 

The metal you select for her ring setting will also influence the price. White gold, increased gold, and also yellow gold are all equivalent in price, however platinum is the most expensive and silver is the the very least expensive.

1 vs 2 Carat Diamond: What is the Difference?

So what’s the difference and what carat diamond is best? once comparing a 1 carat diamond and a 2 carat diamond, you will notice two major differences: their weight and their price. Below we talk about the vital differences and also why castle matter. 


The clearest difference in between a 1-carat diamond and a 2 carat diamond is load or carat size. A 1-carat diamond will weigh 200 milligrams if a 2 carat diamond will weigh 400 milligrams. While you i will not ~ necessarily notice the actual load difference, a true 1.00 carat diamond and 2.00 diamond with the very same table and depth ratios will certainly be noticeably different in size. Once comparing diamonds closer in carat weight, though, a difference in size might be fixed noticeable. Because that example, a 1.80 carat diamond may have actually a face-up dimension equal come or extremely comparable to a 2.00 carat diamond. You deserve to learn the yes, really millimeter dimension of miscellaneous carat weights and also compare diamonds of various carats and also shapes by viewing our diamond carat size chart.


Another big difference between 1 and also 2 carat diamonds is the price. There is a dramatic rise in price from 1-carat diamonds come 2 carat diamonds. While 1-carat stones cost anywhere from $2,000 – $20,000, 2 carat stones selection from $8,000 come $50,000. This is because, the larger the carat weight, the rarer the diamond. It becomes more difficult to find a life stone large enough to cut a 2 carat diamond from 보다 a 1-carat and exponentially more daunting as you boost from a 2 carat to a 3-carat diamond and so on. 1-carat diamonds space far much more abundant than 2 carat diamonds, and also less desirable due to the fact that of your size and availability, so offered supply and demand, once again, they are much much less expensive. If you room wondering just how much is a 3 carat diamond, watch our blog for much more information favor our diamond cut scale.

Pricing your 2 Carat Diamond Ring

If the look at of a 2 carat diamond is yes, really what girlfriend want, yet the price feels the end of reach, you might want to take into consideration a lab grown diamond or diamond simulant. Rap grown diamonds and also diamond simulants look prefer real diamonds however are less expensive 보다 mined diamonds due to the fact that they need fewer sources to it is in created. 

At Diamond Nexus, we offer diamond options that are totally colorless, best cut, and internally flawless. Our stones most closely imitate the look and wear of completely perfect diamonds. Browse our selection of loose stones to find the one that’s appropriate for you.

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*Here at Diamond Nexus, us strive come provide valuable information while gift clear and honest around our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternate is a patented lab produced diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most very closely imitates the look, weight and also wear of a diamond, through two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs substantially less. Price points and also environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from famous online retailers and may vary. Learn much more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting ours blog.