The Mach 1 was essentially a step over the GT and provided potential customers through a totality load of alternatives to pick from in ~ the dealerships.

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1969 Mustang Mach 1
The Ford Mustang is an undisputed icon. It has actually been since it debuted in 1964. It"s unanimously loved for its looks, performance, and also pedigree. Really, once it comes to pony cars, couple of names — if any — host as much clout as the Mustang.

And this is just for the traditional cars. You deserve to imagine what taking a car that"s already brilliant, to start with, fettling it, and returning it with an ext power does to its popularity. And that"s specifically what happened in 1969 when Ford presented the Mach 1 variant.

The Mustang was already insanely popular, to start with, having actually sold in its droves since it debuted — v slightly over 2 million shifted, to be precise — and also this was only pushed additional with the development of the Mach 1. In the debut year, nearly a 4 minutes 1 of every Mustang the rolled off the forecourt to be a Mach 1, which is testimony to just how well-known the automobile was.

On the note, then, let"s take it a comprehensive look in ~ the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 and how lot it prices today. 

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The background Behind The 1969 Mustang Mach 1

1969 Mustang Mach 1 Front shot Via: Alf valve Beem, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
during the so late 1960s, there was no shortage of excellent pony car to pick from. You had actually Chevrolet"s much-loved Camaro, because that example, or the Pontiac Firebird. Oh, and also don"t forget, friend had options from smaller companies like AMC through the Javelin. Really, the list might go on. What was required to stand out from the crowd, then, were sportier, an ext desirable alternatives than just standard trims.

And that"s the exact technique Ford soaked up 1969, with 6 performance-orientated models easily accessible for the all-new Mustang that introduced that year. Among those was, that course, the Mach 1. Essentially, the Mach 1 was lot like a middle ground between more hardcore, track-focused models favor the Shelby GT350 or 500 and the GT — i m sorry is lot the very same today, really. The focus was much an ext about striking a balance in between both performance and comfort.

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1969 Mustang Mach 1 Red and also Black Via: Riley indigenous Christchurch, brand-new Zealand, CC by 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
according to Hemmings, the Mach 1 was essentially a step above the GT and provided potential customers v a totality load of choices to choose from in ~ the dealerships. We"re talking six different engines here, varying from the two-barrel, 5.8-liter 351 Windsor that developed 250 HP to the 7.0-liter 428 CJ, which put out 335 — though actual figures were claimed to be in overabundance of 400 HP. In any kind of of its forms, though, the Mustang Mach 1 had actually a performance that"s outstanding today, never mind for the late 1960s. In that slowest form, the Mach 1 might still hit sixty in eight secs from a standstill, while in ~ its quickest, it could achieve those number in 5.7 seconds. Really, as soon as you take into factor to consider this to be the late sixties, and most car couldn"t with sixty in a solitary figure, that really was something come brag about.

And, if you could only have the automobile in Fastback form, over there were many other visual alternatives you can have. The most notable was arguably the hood, i beg your pardon came v a practical scoop — allowing for cold waiting to it is in fed into the engine — a matte black color stripe, and race-spec pins. There were various other visual options, too, with customers being able to tweak everything from wheels to the car"s exhaust tips.

All of this make the Mach 1 incredibly popular, v customers basically having a vehicle they could totally customize native the factory. In fact, it ended up being so renowned that it would certainly outsell the GT models by a lengthy stretch, eventually resulting in the GT being discontinued till 1982.

1969 Mustang Mach 1 silver Via: Sicnag, CC by 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Generally, standard Mustangs aren"t something you can pick up for cheap — at the very least not in good condition, anyway. This is unsurprising, though, provided just just how iconic and sought-after Mustangs are and always have been. The Mach 1, then, is no exception.

Prices often tend to start at about $70,000 because that a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang, and also for that, you deserve to have one the has relatively high mileage on the clock, though — typically speaking — it will have actually been well looked after. This often tends to it is in a common theme with Mach 1s, given how famous they are with enthusiasts.

Chuck another $10,000 on peak of that, and you deserve to have a lower mileage example, which, top top average, is about where prices of 1969 Mach 1s sit. Price don"t, however, just stop there, as some are listed for sale at as high together $150,000. Admittedly, though, this is for a super-low mileage instance that looks in as good condition together it would have actually when the left the factory.

Overall, the 1969 Mustang Mach 1 isn"t a cheap car. It never ever will be. If you have that kind"ve money to spend on a standard muscle car, though, then it yes, really is impossible to skipping the Mach 1; it"s acquired incredible looks, performance and ultimately, format by the boatload.

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