at the time once the 1943 copper penny was struck, the us Mint was making practically all pennies out of zinc and also steel. The copper was claimed to be conserved for the war initiative during world War II, however a possibility mistake brought about a couple of pennies gift struck in copper. Only about 10-15 of this collectible coins still exist, making the 1943 copper penny one of the most an useful old pennies in existence.

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The Story the the 1943 Copper Penny

In 1943, the United claims was embroiled in civilization War II. All spare copper was required for the battle effort, where it was used in wiring because that electronics and airplanes and for other important tasks. As soon as it come time come strike the 1943 penny, mints transitioned to steel blanks and coated the pennies in zinc. Yet coin experts think that part copper blanks may have actually been left in the coin stamping machinery from the vault run, resulting in a couple of 1943 pennies gift struck native copper. For plenty of years, the presence of these coins remained in doubt, yet collectors eventually found a few examples. The pennies came to be legendary, and everyone native school kids to major collectors began to seek them out. Over there was even a false rumor that Henry Ford would give a new car come anyone that came in with a 1943 copper penny. Today, those pennies are incredibly valuable.

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1943 Copper penny Value

as soon as it concerns rare pennies, the 1943 copper coin is near the optimal of every collector"s list. Choose all an important rare coins, problem is a variable in just how much the coin is worth. However, due to the fact that the coin is therefore rare, every 1943 copper pennies are incredibly valuable. Follow to heritage Auctions, these rare coins consistently fetch countless dollars in ~ auction. Below are a couple of notable revenue prices for the 1943 copper penny:

an instance with some "unfortunate check cuts" in that is surface offered for $60,375 in 1987. A 1943 copper penny uncovered by a 14-year-old boy in 1957 offered for $40,000 two years later on in 1959. In 2012, the exact same coin sold for $97,750. In 2019, a 1943 copper penny own by a man who gained it native his college cafeteria in the 1940s marketed for $204,000. In 2014, a an extremely fine instance of the 1943 copper penny offered for $327,000 in ~ auction.

just how to determine a real 1943 Copper Penny

since the 1943 copper penny is so valuable, it"s frequently faked. According to CoinTrackers, one trick is to document down the 8 on the 1948 coin to do it look prefer a 3. One more is come copper key a steel penny native the same year. If you"re lucky enough to conference what may be a 1943 copper penny, there are some means you can decide whether it"s real:

usage a magnifying glass to study the 3 in the 1943. If the edge look abraded, it might be a filed down 8. find whether a coin is copper-plated stole by stop it come a magnet. If it"s yes, really copper, it won"t stick.

no the Only beneficial Penny

believe it or not, the 1943 copper penny isn"t the only penny that"s worth means more than a cent. Learn just how to find the value of old pennies for this reason you deserve to see if her pocket change might just change your life.

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