After canceling last year"s giveaway, 7-Eleven desires everyone to grab their complimentary Slurpee this summer while remaining safe.

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Celebrated yearly on 7-Eleven's birthday, cost-free Slurpee work (officially recognized as 7-Eleven Day) is one of the most interesting days that the year-second just to 7-Eleven's bring Your very own Cup Day whereby the chain will certainly let you to fill pretty much any kind of container v the Slurpee of your choice. (Admittedly, all of this assumes friend love Slurpees.) but last year, as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, free Slurpee Day-which commonly falls ~ above July 11-was cancelled. "Gathering ripe million of ours closest girlfriend in stores on one day just didn't feel right," Marissa Jarratt, the company's an elderly vice president and also chief marketing officer, lamented at the time.

Now, through America return to normality, you'd think cost-free Slurpee Day would be back for 2021. But not so fast. Totally free Slurpee "Day" isn't returning: To comprise for missing last year, this July, 7-Eleven is celebrating its 94th birthday with cost-free Slurpee Month!



Starting ~ above July 1, 7-Eleven will certainly be adding a coupon because that one complimentary small Slurpee to every 7Rewards loyalty app members that deserve to be redeemed at any type of time in the month that July-a opportunity for anyone "to party ~ above their own time and also stay safe," according to the chain. Lock also point out that having actually a full 31 days to select a Slurpee will give customers the chance "to decide whether lock should choose a classic flavor or one of this summer's featured flavors: VitaminWater Zero street Gutsy (a.k.a. Watermelon Peach), Pineapple Whip, and Blueberry Lemonade."

That said, a solitary Slurpee doth no a party make, therefore 7-Eleven has a few other tip up their sleeve. All month long, small Slurpees and also any grill items (such as big Bite warm dogs, taquitos, Cheeseburger Bites, Buffalo chicken rollers, and also eggrolls) are selling for simply $1 each. For 7-Eleven's birthday weekend that July 10 and 11, distribution through the 7-Eleven application will be free. And also finally, ~ above the chain's actual date of birth (July 11) celebratory date of birth cake donuts will certainly be 50 cent for loyalty application members.

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Finally, as has been the instance in the past, 7-Eleven job comes with a charity component: The chain will certainly be donating one million meals come Feeding America. "While we're celebrating our date of birth month, we are also mindful the the COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting influence on countless families," Jarratt claimed in this year's announcement. "We understand how vital it is to come with each other and assist the neighborhoods we offer in times of trouble. Ours commitment to carry out one million meals this year and in 2020, together with our ring Up because that Rewards program this winter, bookends one impactful year."