VISTA — The proud of Vista Lions Club"s leadership has actually a straightforward request: they want your leftover Lincolns. A million that "em.

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The neighborhood chapter the the international company group hopes to collect and cash in one million pennies to aid Vista American small League rebuild the ballpark, which has actually been closed because that cleanup for more than a decade due to the fact that it sits atop a decades-old dump.


The proud of Vista Lions Club really hopes to collection one million pennies — $10,000 — to aid Vista American little League reclaim French field this year. (courtesy photo)

The fundraising strategy make cents, er, sense, organizers said. It"s a lot easier to questioning folks come donate pennies than any other amount, said Eleanor Hutchins, the club"s previous president and current secretary.

it will more than likely take months to collection a million pennies, although society President Eric Hutchins, Eleanor"s son, hopes to have actually it done before his term end in July.

The collection campaign was his idea, inspired by Lions club chapter in Massachusetts that increased a million pennies in about seven months.

soon after hearing around that club"s success, Eric Hutchins learned that the cleanup at Vista American"s home, French Field, was finally complete. The cleanup had taken 11 years and also $2.6 million in negotiation funds from old landfill operators.

The areas have been revived — base paths, grass, backstop — however the website is still there is no basics such as dugouts, lights and also bathrooms. Top top its Facebook page in January, the organization started questioning for volunteer — expert laborers — to assist rebuild dugouts.

"I don"t know just how to execute that, yet I wanted to help," said Eric Hutchins, 47, who had actually played because that Vista American in the late 1970s and also early "80s. "When I saw that post, miscellaneous clicked in the earlier of mine head. This (campaign) is something i feel I can do."

The Hutchins household contacted Vista American board member Hollie Aguilera, who is running the French field project, to pitch the pennies idea.

"I simply think that is a testament to the community spirit in Vista," Aguilera said. "Everyone is constantly willing to help each other."

The money will certainly be deposited and also Vista town branch of united state Bank, which will certainly donate one-of-a-kind bags the each hold $35 in pennies.

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Eleanor Hutchins said she and her helpers will hand-count that very first $35 in pennies and also weigh it on the precision scale at King"s Stationers, the shop she daughter owns on eastern Vista Way. Once the weight is determined, succeeding bags that pennies will additionally be weighed, quite than hand-counted.

come donate pennies, visit King"s Stationers, Shadowridge family members Vision Center, the dentist office that Ginger Hansen, or the Vista American Legion short article 365. An ext businesses may be included to the list. For more information, email the proud of Vista Lions society at info


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