buy it Silbiger/Getty photos The president’s liabilities room spelled out in dozens the documents, released here.

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No facet of Donald Trump’s service has been the subject of much more speculation than his debt load. Lots of people believe the president owes $400 million, especially after Trump appeared to agree through that figure on nationwide television Thursday night. In reality, however, he owes more than $1 billion.

The loans are spread out over an ext than a dozen different assets—hotels, buildings, mansions and also golf courses. Many are detailed on the financial disclosure report Trump papers annually with the commonwealth government. Two, which include up come an estimated $447 million, room not.

It is essential to note, together Trump did Thursday night, that he likewise has far-reaching assets. values them at $3.66 billion, enough to make his net worth an approximated $2.5 billion. He is not broke, despite what many critics claim.

Some people likewise like to suggest that Deutsche bank is the just institution ready to loan to Trump. That’s no true. The president’s creditors incorporate at least six other institutions, 2 of which started or reworked transaction while the president was in office.

One factor for all the confusion: Trump’s loans are not totally transparent. It’s still unclear to who he owes an estimated $162 million versus his skyscraper in mountain Francisco, for example. The loan versus 1290 path of the americas is also something that a mystery. And it’s daunting to pin under the lot the president owes on a loan tied come his Bedford, new York, mansion. When asked around all of this, the Trump organization did not respond.

Here’s what we know—and nothing know—about the president’s debt.

1290 avenue of the Americas

What trump card owes: $285 million

Who is the creditor: Unclear (see below)

When that due: November 2022

Interest rate: 3.34%

The documents:

Trump’s company partner, Vornado, details the loan versus 1290 way of the Americas. The accompanying 2012 document lists the initial lenders that provided Trump and Vornado v $950 million.

Donald Trump owns a 30% interest in 1290 path of the Americas, which could explain why he does not list its debt on the gaue won disclosure report he papers annually through federal ethics officials. Trump’s re-superstructure of the blame on the building shows up to it is in the largest liability in his whole portfolio. In 2012, he and his service partner, Vornado Realty Trust, gained a $950 million loan from four financial institutions: Deutsche Bank, UBS, Goldman Sachs and the state-owned financial institution of China. That is not clear exactly who hold the blame today. The financial institution of China said Politico the it had actually sold turn off its portion of the loan.

Trump international Hotel Washington, D.C.

What trump card owes: Est. $170 million

Who is the creditor: Deutsche Bank

When it’s due: at some time in 2024

Interest rate: Variable

The documents:

Trump"s gaue won disclosure report lists information about his debt in D.C. This mortgage document shows the original principal amount of $170 million.

Trump sponsor his redevelopment the the Old article Office building in Washington, D.C., which now serves together the Trump international Hotel, with a $170 million mortgage native Deutsche Bank. It’s possible that trump card does not still owe all of that money today—the New York Times, i beg your pardon has access to Trump’s tax-return data, newly reported the the loan has a balance the $160 million. Regardless of the precise amount of principal outstanding, it doesn’t show up that the hotel is law well enough to cover the interest prices with profits from the business.

555 California Street

What trumped owes: Est. $162 million

Who is the creditor: Unclear (see below)

When that due: September 2021

Interest rate: 5.1%

The document:

since Vornado is publicly traded, it shares comprehensive information about its buildings, including 555 California Street, wherein Trump has actually a 30% stake.

Trump also owns a 30% stake alongside Vornado in 555 California Street, a skyscraper in downtown san Francisco. The partners have been paying down the loan, yet they could make transforms to the soon. In June, Vornado announced that it was considering even if it is to recapitalize 555 California Street and also 1290 way of the Americas. Any type of transaction including those two buildings could have a substantial effect ~ above Trump’s business, given that his stakes in the 2 properties space his most an useful assets.

40 wall Street

What trump card owes: $138 million

Who is the creditor: Ladder Capital

When that due: July 6, 2025

Interest rate: 3.665%

The documents:

Trump"s gaue won disclosure paper lays out simple information around his loan at 40 wall surface Street.

The 40 wall surface Street loan was damaged up into several different notes, detailed here and also below.

this SEC documents provide more detail on Trump"s monthly payments and also his staying balance.

The SEC documents also confirm information on Trump"s disclosure, prefer the interest rate and also maturity date.

Weeks ~ announcing his early stage presidential run, trumped refinanced his skyscraper in downtown Manhattan, get loan $160 million. He has been paying under the debt ever since, but he still fan $138 million, follow to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Trump national Doral

What trump card owes: Est. $125 million

Who is the creditor: Deutsche Bank

When that due: Sometime in 2023

Interest rate: Variable

The documents:

The president"s gaue won disclosure report provides comprehensive information ~ above his variable-interest loans, prefer these 2 at Doral.

Trump gained a $106 million mortgage against his Miami golf will from Deutsche financial institution in 2012, at the time that the purchased the property. In respectable 2015, quickly after Trump released his presidential bid, he got a 2nd loan against Doral, this time because that $19 million. It’s feasible that his debt on the residential property is now more than the $125 million an unified value of the mortgages. The New York Times reported critical month the Trump’s balance totals $148 million.

Trump Tower

What trump card owes: $100 million

Who is the creditor: Ladder capital

When it’s due: September 6, 2022

Interest rate: 4.2%

The documents:

The an initial liability detailed on Trump"s disclosure explains the loan behind his many iconic building, trumped Tower.

The president"s loan in ~ Trump Tower calls for no principal payments. That"s nice for now, yet it means the president will need to come up through $100 million in 2022.

Trump took out a $100 million, interest-only loan against his signature 5th Avenue tower in 2012. The home kicked off $13.3 million of network operating earnings in 2019, more than enough to cover the roughly $4.2 million Trump fan in annual interest expenses. Paying back the $100 million principal, early out in two years, might be much more complicated.

Trump international Hotel & Tower (Chicago)

What trumped owes: More than $75 million

Who room the creditors: Deutsche Bank, Chicago Unit salvation LLC

When that due: 2024 for component of it, unclear for the rest

Interest rate: Variable

The document:

Trump"s financial disclosure report reflects two liabilities against his tower in Chicago, including his ever-perplexing loan v Chicago Unit salvation LLC.

The debt versus Trump’s Chicago tower contains the many confounding legal responsibility in his portfolio. In addition to a Deutsche financial institution loan because that what seems to it is in $45 million, yes sir a loan of more than $50 million, native a creditor called Chicago Unit salvation LLC. This is where points gets confusing: Donald Trump own Chicago Unit salvation LLC, so he is lending money come himself. If among his companies owes more than $50 million to an additional one the his companies, then the company lending the money should theoretically be worth more than $50 million. Yet Trump does not list any kind of value because that Chicago Unit Acquisition llc on his financial disclosure report. All of this has befuddled investigative reporters native Mother Jones, the Washington Post and, yes, for years.

Trump Plaza

What trump owes: $13 million

Who is the creditor: Ladder Capital

When that due: July 6, 2024

Interest rate: 3.85%

The documents:

Ladder resources has assisted Trump borrow numerous millions the dollars through several transactions.

trump is slowly paying turn off his debt at trump Plaza, together this SEC record shows.

Through a company called trump card Plaza LLC, the president controls 2 brownstone apartment buildings, a garage and also a piece of retail shops on 3rd Avenue in brand-new York City. From 2017 come 2019, among the tenants paying rent to Trump Plaza llc was Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Palm Beach, Fla. Home

What trumped owes: Est. $11 million

Who is the creditor: Professional Bank

When that due: June 1, 2048

Interest rate: 4.5%

The documents:

This 30-year mortgage has actually the most remote maturity date of anything in the president’s portfolio.

Trump took the end a 30-year, $11.2 million mortgage indigenous Professional bank on may 16, 2018, the day he purchased an $18.5 million home near Mar-a-Lago indigenous his sister Maryanne trump card Barry.

Trump national Golf Club, Colts Neck

What trump owes: Est. $11 million

Who is the creditor: Amboy Bank

When that due: Sometime in 2028

Interest rate: 5.25%

The documents:

Trump obtained $18 million throughout two mortgages to assist finance the purchase of a golf society in new Jersey.

in spite of all the money Trump spent on the place, the Colts Neck club has actually proved to it is in a disappointment.

His lender on the residential property is a local brand-new Jersey institution called Amboy Bank, together the president"s financial disclosure report shows.

Trump purchase a golf society in Colts Neck, brand-new Jersey, because that $28 million in 2008, take out loan $18 million indigenous a local institution referred to as Amboy Bank. In 2019, the club produced just $7.6 million the revenue, saying it’s now worth about half of what trump paid because that it. estimates he still owes around $11 million on the property.

Trump Park Avenue

What trumped owes: Est. $10 million

Who is the creditor: Investors to save Bank

When that due: Sometime in 2020

Interest rate: 3.25%

The documents:

The debt against Trump Park Avenue is one of the president"s cheapest loans, v an interest price of simply 3.25%.

one employee inside the Trump company said that the loan had $9.8 million of primary left in February 2019.

The president’s financial disclosure report, i beg your pardon discloses assets and also liabilities in large ranges, perform the loan against Trump Park Avenue in ~ $5 million come $25 million. Patrick Birney, that works in jae won operations in ~ the trump Organization, said in February 2019 that the balance was just under $10 million. It’s feasible that the major is lower today.

Trump national Golf Club, Washington, D.C.

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What trump owes: Est. $7 million

Who is the creditor: Chevy chase Trust Holdings

When the due: Sometime in 2029

Interest rate: 5.5%

The documents:

of the ten timeless golf clubs in Trump"s portfolio, only his nature in Colts Neck, new Jersey, and also the D.C. Suburbs have actually loans versus them.

This paper shows that the president took the end $10 million to buy his golf course close to Washington, D.C.

Trump took out a $10 million loan in 2009, as soon as he purchase a golf course near his future residence for $13 million. estimates its principal outstanding is now an ext like $7 million. V a 5.5% interest rate, it’s one of Trump’s priciest loans.

Trump international Hotel & Tower (NYC)

What trumped owes: $6 million

Who is the creditor: Ladder Capital

When the due: August 6, 2026

Interest rate: 4.05%

The documents:

trump discloses a grasp of smaller sized loans on his yearly ethics filing, consisting of this one against Trump international Hotel & Tower in brand-new York City.

trumped chips far at this loan month-by-month, making payments of less than $50,000 to his lenders.

Five months prior to he was elected president, Donald trumped refinanced the debt against this tower ~ above the edge of brand-new York City’s central Park.

Seven Springs

What trump card owes: $5-25 million

Who is the creditor: The Bryn Mawr to trust Company

When it’s due: Sometime in 2029

Interest rate: 4.5%

The document:

Trump"s financial disclosure report explains his loan versus Seven Springs, a mansion he owns in new York.

At some suggest last year, when the president was in office, the Trump organization reworked the loan versus his new York estate. The maturity date moved from 2019 to 2029, and the interest rate jumped from 4% come 4.5%. It’s unclear specifically how lot the president still fan on the loan.


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