While Dodge had been top top a roll with menacing muscle cars, castle went over and beyond, producing a muscle auto that will certainly go down in history. Based upon the well-known Challenger Hellcat, the dodge Demon specs are those the a record-breaking supercar. Starting with the most obvious: that a very wide car. Open up the door and also you will uncover a 4-point harness because that the driver’s seat.

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Hennessey exam 2018 dodge Demon top top The 1/4 Mile

Dodge Demon Price

Now we have actually reached the many explosive of the dodge Challenger Demon specs. ~ above paper, the dodge Demon price is $84,995 MSRP. If you want a passenger seat, the is $1. The rear seats are $1. The carpet because that the stems is $1. And the Demon Crate is likewise $1. A high-end package contains a cook steering wheel, heated and also cooled leather seats for $1,500. An 18-speaker Harmon/Kardon device is $995, and also the craziest price is $4,995 sunroof. What comes complimentary is one day of steering instruction at Bob Bondurant’s gyeongju school. Dealers have actually been noting them up because of the limited production, however Dodge pushes back the develop date because that each dollar sold over invoice cost.

Dodge Demon Specs

To build the world’s fastest production car, Dodge started with a new block. A giantsupercharger now displaces 2.7 liters and also is cool by one intercooler together with a shot ofcool waiting from the A/C. This allows the boost to reach 14.7 pounds at launch. Being the firstproduction automobile equipped with a trans-brake, it permits the Demon to traction a wheelie at thestarting line.

The record-breaking evade Demon speech lays under a quarter-mile time that 9.65 secs at 140 mph is why it is banned native NHRA racing – because it lacks a roll cage. Certified by the Guinness book of human being Records, both front tires space in the air because that 2.92 feet. Because that the evade Demon 0-60 mph time, the 840 hp and also 770 lb-ft of speak will have actually you at 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. Just 3,000 cars will certainly be developed for the US and also 300 because that Canada, which provides the muscle auto a hot commodity especially problem the evade Challenger Demon price.

Dodge Demon manufacturing Numbers: 3,000 US industry & 300 for Canada = 3,300 total Dodge Demons

Dodge Demon Specs:

Horsepower: 840 hp (on gyeongju gas)Torque: 770 lb-ft0-60 MPH: 2.1 Seconds0-200 MPH: 55 Seconds60-0 Braking: 97 ft1/4 Mile:9.54 secs
140 MPHTop Speed: 203 MPHWeight: 4,280 lbs

Dodge Demon Review

If you are in search of a actual muscle car, the evade Demon specs space perfect for drag racing. It is loud and the drive is stiff. Luxuries space in quick supply however power is not. Occurred alongside the Challenger HellCat, the Demon Challenger still maintain a bit of street civility, as long as you continue to be out of gyeongju mode. Adaptive shocks v 12” large tires at all corners make for wonderful grip. The springs are virtually 30% softer 보다 the HellCat, which helps in racing. It also enables the auto to return a comfy journey on the highway.

Easily converted into drag mode, the is favor reviewing a completely different car. Swapping the prior tires for the optional skinny ones instantly enhances weight transfer. Friend won’t want to run them ~ above the street, as rain and corners will be your worst enemy. The best part of the evaluation is gift able come customize your own profile for suspension, steering, transmission shifting and even ambient lighting. Every without acquiring your hand dirty.

Each dodge Demon because that sale has 2 keys. The black vital limits horsepower to 500, when the red key unlocks 840 horsepower as soon as running gyeongju fuel. This produces regular 9-second quarter-mile times, making the the very first production vehicle to be banned by the NHRA. Dare running faster than 10 seconds call for a complete cage and other safety equipment.

2018 evade Challenger SRT Demon
2018 evade Challenger SRT Demon fender logo.
2018 dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Dodge Demon Design

The menacing look is a duty of the dodge Demon specs plan for drag racing. The high beam lights were ditched in favor of halos the surround intakes for the engine. The largest hood scoop of any kind of production vehicle helps come channel cool air to the supercharger. Every wheel opened is flared in an almost cartoonish means to to the right the huge tires. Native the inboard lights, hood scoop and also fender wells, there are 3 paths to present cold air into the engine. Every Demon is broad and low, with influential fender flares and also aggressive aerodynamics. One style feature that plenty of will look for on this muscle auto is the evade Demon badge. This badge pertained to life after ~ multiple sketches, but the last product is a perfect representation of the strength this Demon holds.

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2018 dodge Demon Interior

Dodge Demon Interior

Because the is plan to it is in a gyeongju car, dodge Demon specs the interior as Spartan. As mentioned above, if you don’t opt for any of the upgrades your Demon will certainly arrive through one seat. That does have actually an infotainment display screen with a simple audio system. The screen’s primary purpose is come configure the car’s various suspension and performance systems. A passenger seat and also rear seats have the right to be added for $1 each when ordered. Much less is more, and also we wish more cars can be ordered choose this.

Engineers to be able to reduced 216 lbs of curb load by removing:

Seats and also seat belts16-Speaker Audio and also wiringDeck lid sheathe trimTrunk carpetSpare tires coverSound and heat insulationTilt-telescopic steering columnParking sensors

This lowered the curb weight for the evade Demon come 4,255 lbs, allowing the dodge Demon specs to encompass the first production car to pop a wheelie. It must be listed that popping a wheelie top top a public roadway is not advised.

The Demon Crate

Dodge Demon Standout Features

The dodge Demon is the very first production car to it is in banned by the NHRA. Any kind of car the runs 9.99 or faster needs a role cage, driveshaft loop, and also a couple of other safety upgrades prior to it can be raced. The Demon box mentioned above costs $1, but it will arrive through skinny former wheels and tires, affect gun, jack, and jack stands, and also the 103 octane tuner. Each component will be engraved v the VIN and your name, therefore the extra dollar appears worth it. The very first production auto with a trans-brake, this fun feature will permit you to traction a wheelie for the perfect holeshot.