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President Donald Trump wouldn’t be beholden to distinct interests, the says.

Why? since billionaires aren’t paying because that his campaign.

"You recognize a most times you watch these yes, really dumb deals," he said of existing political leaders at an Iowa rally Feb. 1. "And you"ll say that"s dumb. That doesn"t do sense. However then once you think, the does make sense since these political leaders are representing interests, even if it is it"s a nation or a company, whereby doing the stupid deals actually makes sense just for that politician and also for that company or country."

In contrast, trump said, "I"m self-funding my very own campaign. It"s my money."

Trump talks around self-funding his very own campaign virtually every day, that seems, so it’s about time we put it ~ above the Truth-O-Meter.

The truth is, Trump’s campaign isn’t 100 percent self-funded. He receives a far-reaching amount of separation, personal, instance donations. However he does have a suggest that he puts increase a lot of his very own money, especially contrasted with other candidates (and the big-money donors are largely staying away).


Trump’s campaign brought in around $19.4 million by the finish of 2015. Trump contributed almost $13 million of the himself. Most of the remainder comes from individual contributions, i m sorry federal law caps in ~ $2,700 every candidate per election.


Trump is contributing much, much an ext of his an individual wealth than any other presidential contender. The only other candidates contributing to their own campaigns are: retirement neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has so much reported contributing $25,000; previous Secretary the State Hillary Clinton in ~ $368,147; and also former Florida Gov. Jeb bush at $388,720.

Although a far-ranging portion of his campaign funds, about 34 percent, come from individual contributions, trump doesn’t appear to be actively soliciting this donations through high-profile fundraising events. The sunshine Foundation, which advocates for transparency in money in politics, monitor political fundraisers through its politics Party Time tool. It has actually no record of any kind of events to advantage Trump.

In contrast, political Party Time has actually recorded an ext than 280 fundraisers for Clinton and much more than 150 for Bush because the start of 2015.

There is, though, a "donate" switch on Trump’s website.

Trump likewise has minimal political activity committee support compared with his opponents. PACs have raised simply $1.8 million on Trump’s behalf, which is the lowest among all candidates quiet in the race, with the exception of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and also Republican former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, whose PAC fundraising because that both candidates stays at $0.

Trump appears to it is in friendly through at the very least one PAC produced in his honor. That attended a brand-new York fundraiser hosted by the do America an excellent Again PAC in July and said he’s thankful for your support, reported Politico. The group also received a $100,000 donation indigenous the in-laws the Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

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The PAC shut down in October following allegations that it coordinated with Trump’s campaign.