It shows up that Marvel-Sony deal really did occupational wonders for the Spider-Man franchise. While 2017"s Spider-Man: Homecoming was a crate office success, outgrossing every ahead Spider-Man movie except for Spider-Man 3, this summer’s sequel Spider-Man: far from Home is a genuine box office smash come the tune of $1.109 billion worldwide.

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In fact, that figure is sufficient to make Far from Home the highest possible grossing movie in Sony pictures history, surpassing the $1.1 billion gross of previous record holder Skyfall. That’s an impressive feat, and also one can’t help but allude to Avengers: Endgame together a contributing element to Far from Home’s success. Sure, Tom Holland is adorable and also the John Hughes rotate on the Peter Parker character makes these movie a delight, but there was added interest in Far native Home given that it to be the an initial Marvel Cinematic universe movie exit after Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, which lugged all the previous movies to an emotional conclusion.

spider-man-far-from-home-jake-gyllenhaal-tom-holland-2 image via Sony pictures
The question lingered: whereby does the MCU go from here? and Far from Home promised to offer a peek at what’s ahead, i m sorry no doubt added to that high crate office numbers. After ~ all, you need to imagine that a portion of the audience that saw Avengers: Endgame—the highest possible grossing movie of every time—was climate spurred to watch Far indigenous Home in theaters. The Spider-Man sequel also used the totality “see it prior to the spoilers get out” marketing angle that surged the opening weekend receipts that Endgame.

To it is in clear, as much as we’re aware Marvel Studios obtain no crate office money indigenous Spider-Man: far from Home. The regards to the Marvel-Sony deal that brought about Homecoming, Far from Home, and also Holland’s functions in Captain America: polite War and the last 2 Avengers movies saw each studio fully investing in and keeping the earnings from its particular features, meaning that Marvel Studios makes zero dollars native Sony’s new standalone Spider-Man movies and Sony makes zero dollars from Civil War or Endgame. Instead, in exchange for taking the an innovative lead on developing the standalone Spider-Man movies, the yearly fee that Marvel payment Sony to store the toy and also merchandising revenues to the Spider-Man character at Marvel would certainly be diminished from $35 million if Spider-Man: Homecoming grossed over $750 million—and it did.

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spider-man-far-from-home-tom-holland-zendaya-2 photo via Sony images
It’s been a mutually helpful relationship thus far, and there’s no reason to think that won’t continue to it is in fruitful in the next unavoidable Spider-Man sequel. After that, the initial deal is up for renegotiation for this reason it’ll be interesting to view what happens at that point. For now, however, i think Sony deserve to rest easy learning it made the right call in bringing Marvel in to help reboot the prized superhero possession.

to recap, listed below is a perform of the an international grosses that every Spider-Man movie exit by Sony hence far: