Rush Limbaugh released his radio career once he was only 16. Adopting the take care of Rusty Sharpe, he started spinning records as the terminal disc jockey.

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After graduating native high school in 1969, Limbaugh to visit Southeast Missouri State University, leaving after two years to end up being a DJ in Pittsburgh. He ongoing in the radio industry, working at several stations and also ultimately ending up in Sacramento, California in 1984.

In Sacramento, Limbaugh began to develop a solid adhering to of conservative listeners. In 1988, he relocated to brand-new York City and also became the host of a nationwide radio show. It came at one opportune time, falling between the two major US party conventions.

By the early 1990s, sirloin Limbaugh had end up being the most famous talk show host top top radio. His style an unified performance with a hard-hitting, intellectual presentation that the facts. He came to be renowned and appreciated because that his wit, satire, and also sharp humor. He to be unafraid come touch upon even the many taboo subjects of the day or to take it on national personalities. Eventually, his show was syndicated to more than 650 radio stations throughout America. Today, the display reaches more than 20 million listener every week.

Rush Limbaugh has used his platform because that philanthropic causes, amongst them the Leukemia & Lymphoma culture of America. His yearly Cure-A-Thon broadcast on his three-hour radio show has raised more than $47 million to development the organization’s research and also family-support programs.

The proclaimed mission the the Leukemia & Lymphoma culture (LLS) is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s condition and myeloma as well as to improve the quality of life the patients and also their families. Started in 1949, LLS has partners and also chapters transparent the joined States and Canada. Limbaugh and also his wife, Kathryn, have personally contributed much more than $600,000 come LLS.


Rush Limbaugh is also a strong advocate and supporter that the US armed Forces. He has actually used his show to raise awareness of the success and needs of the country’s military personnel. In particular, Limbaugh has been a permanent supporter that the Marine-Corps legislation Enforcement foundation and has helped to properly channel millions to assistance the organization. His designer tea company, two If by Tea, has actually been a sponsor that the foundation since 2011.

The Marine-Corps legislation Enforcement foundation was started in 1995. It supports the youngsters of collapse soldiers by giving medical assistance and scholarships. An ext than $50 million has been distributed to standard children because its founding.

Rush Limbaugh is just one of the most famous voices representing conservative in America. He has received multiple awards from the industry and other media platforms. The nationwide Association of tv honored him through the Marconi Radio Award because that Syndicated Radio Personality that the Year 5 times due to the fact that 1992.

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In 1993, Limbaugh was inducted right into the nationwide Radio hall of Fame and also the nationwide Association the Broadcasters room of call in 1998. Time Magazine noted him among the 100 most Influential civilization in the World, and also Forbes Magazine called him as one of the 50 Most an effective Celebrities in the unified States.


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