Despite losing much more than a million viewers in the regular season, the league actually enhanced its margin over various other programming in 2020.

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The NFL endured a ratings decline for the 2020 regular season.

Actually, “suffered” probably isn’t the appropriate word — “experienced,” maybe. The “suffering” component is much more descriptive that other varieties of programming on ad-supported TV. Also though the NFL take it a hit last season, its place relative to many other programming only flourished stronger.

The audience for the league’s consistent season shrank by around 7 percent compared to 2019, averaging 15.4 million viewers (not including a handful of rescheduled games that aired external the usual broadcast windows and a streaming-only telecast on Amazon). Every of the NFL’s six continual weekly telecasts decreased year to year, v losses ranging from 3 percent (the first game the Sunday doubleheaders and ESPN’s Monday Night Football) to 15 percent (NBC’s Sunday Night Football).

Both of the network primetime windows, in fact, were down by dual digits in full viewers, together Fox’s Thursday Night Football dipped by around 11 percent. Yet contrasted to 2019-20, the gap between the NFL and the top other shows top top the networks has actually only widened.

As mentioned above, the median NFL continuous season game drew around 15.4 million viewers. The six many watched reflects in primetime, excluding football, room averaging 11.2 million viewers v Jan. 17 (including a mainly of delayed viewing) —a 37.5 percent advantage for the NFL (and more than likely slightly higher: the football numbers don’t encompass delayed viewing).

In 2019, the organization averaged 16.5 million viewers per game, around 33 precent much more than the 12.43 million for the peak six non-sports shows. So also though the league lost an ext than a million viewers every game, the gap in between it and biggest entertainment shows only widened. What’s more, the top six shows for the current season includes CBS’ 60 Minutes; excluding that, the six most watched to chat shows attract 10.91 million viewers, rolling the NFL by a 41 percent margin.


The gap between the two network primetime NFL telecasts and also their the next competition is even broader —and favor the total viewer margin, only enhanced this year in spite of lower numbers because that the Thursday and Sunday night games.

Last season, Sunday Night Football score a 5.9 rating in the crucial ad demographic, and also Thursday Night Football earn a 4.5 (both space seven-day figures). The top non-sports program, The masking Singer, had a seven-day rating that 3.2 —about 29 percent much less than Thursday Night Football and 46 percent below Sunday Night Football.

This season, SNF slipped come a 4.7 (down 20 percent), and also Fox’s Thursday gamings came in in ~ 3.9 (down 13 percent). Three reflects —Grey’s Anatomy, The masked Singer and This Is Us — are tied for the non-football lead v 2.3 ratings. That’s 41 percent smaller sized than the Thursday Night Football average and less than fifty percent that the Sunday Night Football.

Viewership for the very first two ring of the NFL playoffs also declined year to year, though last weekend’s conference championship gamings improved a little. The at sight Bowl will be gigantic as usual, and also the truth that it attributes two of the league’s best stars in quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and also Tom Brady deserve to only help. It’s been true for years the the only comparison to the Super key in regards to ratings is other Super Bowls. That’s becoming increasingly true because that the rest of the NFL’s games too.

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