Colin Kaepernick finished what the started as soon as he wore an NFL uniform, but there"s an ext to come.

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The teamless quarterback perfect his promise come donate $1 million and also his actions have actually spurred even an ext activism.

In September 2016, around a month ~ Kaepernick ended up being the lightning rod of controversy since he knelt in protest during the national anthem, that promised to donated $1 million that his salary to ar organizations.

Since then previous San Francisco 49ers quarterback has been criticize by chairman Donald Trump. Other players took up the exact same protest. The demonstrations attracted support and ire. The players wanted the post to be about helping minority neighborhoods gain same rights and also improving the relationship between minorities and also law enforcement. Instead, the anthem protesters were called unpatriotic, disrespectful come the military and also ungrateful for their work in America"s premier sport.

Kaepernick ended up being ground zero for all of it. Depending on one"s view he was the symbol of everything wrong or the statue the what to be right and also needed to it is in done. After parting ways with the 49ers, the couldn"t discover a point out on one NFL roster.Spike Lee and others spearheaded a rally because that Kaepernick. The think on why he wasn"t signed were anywhere the place. Heneeded to reduced his hair(which waslater apologized for). He had actually beenblackballed.Hisskills collection no longer fit in the NFLorheneeded to talk if he wanted to play.

He remains a free agent today. Through all of this, though, Kaepernick preserved doing what he stated he"d do. He sent food come Somalia. He hosted a "Know her Rights" camp in Chicago. With $100,000 left to donate he provided $10,000 away because that 10 days, getting corresponding donations native some sports stars and celebrities. In total, Kaepernick"s donations got to 41 different charities.

" the was never ever for or around me - it has & always will be for the people . We have work to perform & the only means to get it excellent is if us all work-related together," Kaepernick tweeted after completing the $1 million goal.

After that others have chose to action up with an ext donations. Kaepernick and also DJ Khaled announced that the music star would be cram in $10,000. Kaepernick is calling this next collection of donations one encore and it"s a good thing the this charity doesn"t look come be finishing anytime soon.

They nothing want us to pledge, so we gonna PLEDGE MORE! It"s the #MillionDollarPledge #10for10 #Encore!My brother
girlsclubny to attach girls & young females in NYC to healthy & effective futures!Thank you, #DjKhaled Hit increase 4more!

— Colin Kaepernick (
Kaepernick7) February 1, 2018

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