If friend love ginger tea and also can"t carry out without sipping it v the day climate let united state tell you that drinking it has actually some serious side results too. Check out a...

Who doesn"t love ginger tea? it is in it summers or winters, over there is nothing favor sipping a warm cup of ginger tea. Nothing deserve to really win the exceptional taste that this tea and also well, it offers some great health benefits too. That is wealthy in vitamins, minerals, and magnesium that renders it a healthy beverage because that all. But do you know that ginger tea has actually some side results too? If you drink too much of ginger tea climate you have landed just on the best page.

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Dietician Simran Saini from fortis Hospital mutual with us, part side results of drinking ginger tea. She shared, "Consuming too lot of anything can be danger for her health. Similarly, drinking too lot of ginger tea deserve to be harmful for her health. Spend 5 grams of ginger per day is enough for one person. Don"t add more than 1/4th tablespoon in a cup of tea. In fact, pregnant women need to not consume an ext than 2.5 gram ginger in a day. If you face digestive issues, then you must not consume more than 1.2 gram of ginger. For load loss, women should not intake more than 1 gram.

1. females usually have actually a habit of adding too lot ginger to the tea. This deserve to lead to heartburn. A many women likewise face stomach burn after drinking ginger tea.


2. If you have a habit of drinking ginger tea at night, you should stop right there. This have the right to lead to problems in her sleep cycle. A many women space not able to sleep after drink ginger tea. Absence of sleep can more lead to a many of wellness problems.


3. spend a most ginger can bring down blood street levels. Those experiencing from short sugar level need to consume much less ginger.

4. Too lot of ginger have the right to lead to acidity, heartburn and even diarrhea. Ginger tea produces acid in the stomach.



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every those ladies who room suffering native high or low blood pressure, they must consume ginger in the right quantity. This is due to the fact that ginger thins the end the blood and this have the right to lead come problems among blood press patients. Don"t miss Reading here Is exactly how You Can control Your BP In two Weeks

Ginger should always be spend in moderation. If you room a ginger tea addict, shot to cut down on the slowly. Make sure you don’t give ginger tea to children listed below 5 years. If friend are facing any significant health problems, execute consult your doctor if you deserve to consume ginger or not.