Formaldehyde is just one of the most studied chemicals in use today and an ext than 40 year of advanced science and practical experience plainly indicate over there is a for sure exposure level. Dozens of peer–reviewed studies- ALL assistance a for sure exposure level come formaldehyde the is greater than common concentrations in our homes and also protective of worker health.

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After years of study, and hundreds the peer-reviewed clinical publications, the load of the scientific proof supports the conclusion the formaldehyde walk not cause leukemia and also there are clearly defined for sure thresholds because that formaldehyde exposure. These thresholds have been made use of by international scientific and regulatory body to construct risk-based exposure levels.Companies that make and work with formaldehyde are totally complying v applicable regulations as well as proactively investing in research and cutting-edge product stewardship innovations that proceed to minimization potential exposures and aid protect the wellness of our communities. Learn an ext at

The ACC Formaldehyde panel represents producers, suppliers and also users of formaldehyde and also formaldehyde products, as well as trade associations representing key formaldehyde applications. That is primary activities are clinical research, regulatory and also legislative advocacy, and also outreach. The Industry group is also committed to informing and educating regulators, policymakers, the value chain and also the media ~ above the load of the scientific proof surrounding formaldehyde exposure and safety.

Formaldehyde, one of the most studied chemistry in usage today, is a vital chemical building block in the production of thousands of items and also plays critical role in daily life.

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Formaldehyde chemistry has actually been important in the breakthrough of composite panel products. Formaldehyde-based glues and resins permit wood chips, sawdust or recyclable hardwood waste come be combined to develop functional composite lumber products, such together particleboard and also medium density fiberboard for use in cabinets, furniture and also other durable, cost-effective and high performance applications. Thanks to the proven performance of formaldehyde-based resins, lumber utilization rates currently exceed 90 percent, and assist our wood resources go further.

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