When we stop food waste, us take a large step toward ending hunger.

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America has much more than enough food to feed everyone. Yet each year, billions of pounds that perfectly good food walk to waste. Meanwhile, 38 million challenge hungerin the unified States.

As the country"s biggest food rescue organization, Feeding America partners through food manufacturers, grocery stores, restaurants, and also farmers come rescue food and deliver it come food financial institutions serving our neighbors.

What is food waste?

Food rubbish is safe, high-quality food the is thrown away fairly than eaten. Food garbage occurs for a selection of reasons including:

Uneaten food that is thrown away at homes, stores, and restaurantsCrops left in fields since of low chop prices or too plenty of of the same plants being availableProblems throughout the manufacturing and transportation of foodFood no meeting retailers" standards for color and also appearance

How much food rubbish is there in the joined States?

Each year, 108billion pounds the food is wasted in the joined States. That converts to much more than $161 billion worth of food thrown far each year. Shockingly, practically 40% of all food in America is wasted.

Food goes come waste at every stage of food production and also distribution - from farmer to packers and also shippers, native manufacturers come retailers come our homes.

What is Feeding America doing about food waste?

In 2020, the Feeding America network and also our partners rescued 4 exchange rate pounds of groceries. This includes much more than 1.8 exchange rate pounds the rescued fresh produce.

That food went straight to feed people facing hunger. This makes Feeding America the biggest food rescue organizations in the country.

Food rescue, or food recovery, is the exercise of collecting high-quality food that would otherwise walk to waste and also distributing it to civilization facing hunger. We work with manufacturers, retailers, and farmers to alleviate food waste and get rescued food to world in need. We determine food that’s at risk of going come waste, offer rescued food come food banks, safely delivery food over lengthy distances and keep food fresh longer once it reaches a food bank.

We’re functioning on new ways to gain perfectly great food come our next-door neighbors who need it many including:


Second Harvest Food bank of center Tennessee functions hand-in-hand with among the country’s largest environment-friendly bean growers come rescue countless pounds of green beans that space snapped or too short for grocery stores. Watch how this cooperation puts more healthy vegetables on the plates of human being in need.

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One of Feeding America’s newest innovations, MealConnect, provides safe and quick food donations possible by equivalent food businesses directly to the Feeding America network. Local grocery stores, restaurants, hotels and more can usage MealConnect come alert surrounding food banks, food pantries or meal programs as soon as they have actually food all set for prompt pick up, make more good food accessible and revolutionizing neighborhood food rescue. Come read an ext about exactly how MealConnect works, visit MealConnect.org.


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