People typically eat in between three to four pounds of food each day. Processed, calorie-dense foods add increase to four pounds a lot faster than whole, nutrient-dense foods. Want to shed weight? Think around where your food pounds come from.

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I don’t understand what you had actually for having lunch today, but I had actually 18 apples.

What execute you think of that? You more than likely think I’m a glutton and have the GI tract of a gorilla.

But check this—a usual fast food worth meal has the same amount the calories together 18 apples. 18! for this reason I wanted to view what would take place if i downed the same amount of calories from apples.

Not pretty.

Yet I’ve had actually buddies knock back two rapid food meals if watching Monday Night Football. And also no, i haven’t seen any type of of castle go with a bag the Red very delicious by the 4th quarter.

What does this phone call me? Well, it speak me that mommy Nature has actually your back.

How much my work of food weighs = 3.7 pounds

Clockwise, beginning in upper right:

2 lentil burgers, steamed broccoliPeaches & blueberriesRaw buckwheat granola v hempseeds and flaxRoasted garbanzos & goji berriesSprouted serial bread through peanut butterLettuce & kaleCelery, carrots, zucchini

I to be surprised it didn’t sweet more. The really food weighs much less than 3.7 pounds, as the food containers contribute to the full weight. Although i did leave out condiments like salad dressing and mustard.

Note: this was just a arbitrarily day that eating, because that me. Part days ns eat more, some less.

Also note: I select to follow a plant-based diet, i m sorry is why you don’t view any pet foods here. However, mine meat-eating friends have actually tried this experiment too and pretty lot come up with the very same result.

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What have actually we learned today?

If we prioritize whole, nutrient-dense foods over there isn’t lot room left because that the energy-dense, processed foods. You only have about three come five pounds to work with each day.