How many calories in sushi?

We think of episode as a healthy and balanced option yet is that really?

Well, that counts on what you choose and how lot you eat.

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One that the risks with sushi is that anything smothered in sauce – mayo, teriyaki etc – consists of a fair amount the sugar. Couple that with a propensity to eat an ext when the parts are smaller, and a so-called healthy sushi meal deserve to soon beglossesweb.come a blow the end without also realising.


Is sushi healthy?

The answer glossesweb.come that question is yes, and no, and relies on just how you look in ~ it and also what you pick to eat.

Raw salmon and also tuna save heart-healthy Omega-3 fats that are said to be one of the reasons Japan has actually the greatest variety of known centenarians.

Sushi roll made through raw fish or uncooked vegetables are your ideal bet. Topped up through edamame or a salad it absolutely qualifies as a nutritious meal.

Seaweed (the environment-friendly stuff that"s wrapped roughly your sushi) is high in iron and fibre, and also is stated to have actually anti-cancer benefits and also hormone regulation properties. Yet it"s also loaded through sodium which have the right to lead glossesweb.come high blood pressure. 

Rice offers the glossesweb.communication of a episode rolls and is make by adding vinegar and sugar, so although episode glossesweb.comes through a healthy and balanced dose of minerals (from the seaweed), good fats (from life fish) and high protein (from the fish and rice), if you"re counting calories, episode isn"t necessarily the super healthy and balanced food that you might have assumed it was.


Sushi role calories

Here are several of the many popular Sushi Train choices and their calorific value:

Chicken and Avocado roll 712kJ/169 calories

Tuna Avocado roll 639kJ/152 calories

California roll 525kJ/125 calories

Salmon Ngiri 481kJ/114 calories

Aburi Salmon (grilled) 586kJ/139 calories

Aburi Scallop 424kJ/101 calories

Unagi 350kJ/83 calories

Corn Salad Ship 593kJ/141 calories

Tuna Salad Ship 550kJ/131 calories

California rolls

Who doesn"t love a California roll. A juicy crab stick, avocado, cucumber and mayo do a delicious bite. However, one Go sushi California role will pack you up with roughly 20g carbohydrates, 7.3g sugar, 613mg sodium 2.7g fat and 509kJ/122 calories.

Have 3 of those for lunch and also you have the right to see exactly how it soon adds up.

Before you recognize it you"ve downed 60g carbs, 22g sugar, 8g fat, 1838mg salt (almost half the reglossesweb.commended everyday intake), and 1527kJ/366 calories.

The fat and calories space reasonable and also could be thought about healthy, however the sugar and sodium are relatively high. And also that"s before you dip that in soybean beans sauce or finish off through a green tea ice-cream.


Bento box

At very first glance, a bento crate seems choose a healthy and balanced option with teriyaki chicken, seaweed salad, boiled rice, miso and Japanese pickles. Sounds prefer a balanced meal, right? 

Let"s watch a tiny closer…

According glossesweb.come fitness app My Fitness Pal, a chicken teriyaki bento box includes 3612 kJ/860 calories, 120g carbs, 6g sugar, 23g fat and would take it 2.2 hours of cycling to burn off.

Don"t know about you, but two hrs of exercise to burn off a healthy lunch sounds a little bit steep. it v a huge Mac at 2364 kJ/563 calories, 44g carbs, 9g street and 33g fat – ok, that"s there is no fries – and also the glossesweb.comparison begins to make episode look prefer it should be classed together a "sometimes food".


The healthiest way to eat sushi

If you want to eat healthy and balanced food that"s great for you, and you love sushi, all you must do is stick glossesweb.come some basic rules:

Stick to

Raw salmonRaw tunaSashimiSeaweed saladAvocado or cucumber rollsBrown riceVegetable dishes

Stay away from

Sushi spanned in mei or teriyaki sauceDeep fried chicken (karaage)Sushi made through tempuraSoy Sauce

A simple way to store your sushi meal as healthy and balanced as feasible is glossesweb.come order edamame when you arrive and ask because that cooked dishes there is no the sauce (you"ll save thousands of calories by to reduce the sugar and also salt intake).

The nutritional worth of sushi makes it a worthwhile option but try and limit yourself glossesweb.come 3 or 4 plates.

And, if you opt because that a bento box, just remember you"re effectively eating the equivalent of a Japanese big Mac.

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