Something weird is happening to bagels. For this reason strange, in fact, that once a client I"m counseling says, "All I had for breakfast was a bagel, and it organized me it rotates lunch," I start asking a most questions.

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Where did you buy it? What brand was it? How huge was it? What type was it? What did you put on it? The answers to those questions burned light top top its nutritional quality and also explain how it"s functioning for girlfriend in your overall healthy eat plan.

In its many primitive form, a bagel is a really simple, nearly fat-free yeast bread the fits comfortable in also the strictest diets. Crucial ingredients encompass flour, water, yeast and a dash the salt. Some space made v milk, and also a few are do with entirety egg. However the quantities of milk and also egg room so tiny they don"t significantly impact the fat or cholesterol level. In fact, all bagels contain less than 1 gram the fat per ounce.

In an unusual, fat-free food preparation process, bagels are very first boiled in water, climate baked in the oven, developing their unique, chewy quality. Warmed for just a few seconds in the microwave, they end up being moist and self-sufficient. Split and also toasted, they come to be slightly dry and also beg because that a high-flavor topping to do them more palatable.

A tablespoon the jam, jelly or to apologize butter will certainly add around 50 fat-free calories.

Classic toppings prefer cream cheese and lox add protein, a small calcium and also some fat, and that"s no all bad, especially if you manage the portions.

Start with a small frozen bagel (160 calories, 1 gram fat), include an oz of real cream cheese (50 calories, 5 grams fat) and 1 ounce of lox (33 calories, 1 gram fat) and also you finish up v a breakfast sandwich (243 calories, 7 grams fat) the fits within the strictly labeling guidelines for a low-fat food (3 grams of fat or less, every 100 calories).

Include a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice (80 calories, no fat), and you have a healthy, well-balanced, low-calorie, low-fat breakfast (323 calories, 7 grams fat) that will accomplish your longing because that a taste the the actual thing and also carry you happily till lunch time.

But this strange point is happening come bagels. They"re obtaining bigger.

Tufts college Diet & Nutrition Letter recently collected data ~ above bagels from numerous sources and also found the bagels are growing. A traditional Lender"s frozen bagel weighs 2 ounces, offering 160 calories and 1 gram of fat. However a Bagel Shop level bagel weighs in in ~ 2.9 ounces, 220 calories and 2.5 grams fat. Others got also bigger. To compare Bruegger"s (3.6 ounces, 287 calories, 0.6 gram fat) and Au Bon ache (5.5 ounces, 380 calories, 2 grams fat). Dunkin" Donuts offers information top top its plain bagels (3 ounces, 210 calories, 1 gram fat), however Tufts weighed some of Dunkin" Donuts" bagels. They come in at 4.2 ounces, no 3, making their calorie counting closer come 300.

Eating a bigger bagel can be a very great thing. That can aid tip the all at once balance of her diet towards more complex carbohydrates from grains. If you"re a huge man, or one endurance athlete, you need a lot much more fuel from carbs than various other folks.

But that can existing a little bit of a trouble to smaller, or less active, or older human being who room working at load control, due to the fact that too lot of also a an excellent thing deserve to pack top top the pounds. A double-sized bagel requires twice as lot topping. You can easily obtain an extra 200 calories that way. And an extra 200 calorie a job will include a lb of body fat every 18 days.

By copy up, you can gain 10 pounds in six months. That"s a totality dress size!

But if girlfriend really desire that enlarge bagel, go ahead and enjoy it. Just make certain you cut ago somewhere else.

Colleen Pierre, a registered dietitian, is the nutrition consultant to the Union Memorial Sports medication Center and also Vanderhorst & Associates in Baltimore.

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