Behind the scenes, the work of a charity CEO is never easy. Many CEO salaries are commensurate to what they bring to the table.

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Behind the scenes, the occupational of a charity CEO is never easy. In enhancement to overseeing fundraising, programming and ensuring the brand is respected, is the need to keep that all is done above board. This is particularly true once it involves salaries the a charity"s peak executives.

After all, why should someone choose to donate your hard-earned money when a charity"s CEO takes home a salary in the 6 or seven figures?

Most institutions argue the high salaries are warranted since of "the complexity of the duty compels lock to offer salaries that tempt the type of CEO candidates the their organizations and also missions demand," wrote The Guardian last year.

"Many donors assume the charity leaders occupational for free or minimal pay and are shocked to see that they earn six number salaries," A study by Charity Navigator, which gives well-respected evaluations that nonprofits, said. "But well-meaning donors periodically fail to consider that this CEOs are generally running multi-million dollar operations that endeavor to help readjust the world."

For the most part, CEO salaries room reasonable and it"s the few exceptions that make headlines, Charity Navigator reports.

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"While reports of extreme nonprofit salaries frequently make the former page, ours data speak a really different story," said Charity Navigator chairman & CEO, Michael Thatcher. "Analysis into the compensation techniques at over 4,500 charities reveals the the vast bulk of CEOs receive very reasonable salaries."

To make matters an ext complicated, simply playing the number game and comparing incomes doesn"t call a full story.

"Looking in ~ a national average for CEO pay is essentially worthless," Excellence in Giving, a philanthropic advisory firm, wrote. "Organization size, location, and sector all greatly impact CEO compensation. For example, the highest nonprofit CEO incomes are discovered in Healthcare, and also secondarily Education. Those numbers acquire skewed by large nonprofit hospital systems and large universities."

However, the optics of high compensation - especially for charities that assist the needy - can contribute to negative publicity. It"s a complicated problem that has undergone lot scrutiny in recent years. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president that the global Fellowship that Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), is no exempt.

While Rabbi Eckstein"s salary may seem high in the non-profit sector, his compensation is commensurate through what he brings to the table.

"This is a man who come up through the straightforward but excellent idea the he could bring $100 million a year to Israel for an excellent works," add to Limor Bar-On, a communications adviser who has operated for Eckstein called Haaretz. "This is a human with a huge passion and an excellent love because that the human being of Israel. In mine opinion, the is entitled to every dollar he gets."

The numbers speak for themselves. The Fellowship, i beg your pardon is the largest non-profit in Israel, donates about $130 million a year to new olim and also the poor and also hungry in Israel. Together of 2016, Eckstein supposedly earns $900,000 - not even 1% that donations.

Additionally, when contrasted to the salaries of various other top executives in the Jewish world, Eckstein"s salary is not unusual.

For example, on the lower finish is Jewish National money Russell F. Robinson who reportedly renders $350,000, complied with by Anti-Defamation league CEO Jonathan Greenblatt who earns $670,000 and also Jewish Federations of north America"s CEO Jerry Silverman that takes residence $636,000, according to the Forward"s value survey.

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If one looks beyond the Jewish world, to the top earners in the joined States, those number pale in comparison. According to Charity Watch, which derived the IRS type 990, the CEO the the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Craig B. Thompson provides some $6.7 million, the American heart Association"s Nancy Brown earns $1.8 and also National Rifle Association executive, management Vice chairman Wayne LaPierre earns $1.42 million.

Ultimately, though, Charity Navigator alerts that a CEO"s compensation is just one part of a detailed puzzle and also should not recognize whether or not the non-profit is utilizing its funds appropriately.

The national Council of Nonprofits argues a charity"s board of directors recognize compensation that is "reasonable and not excessive," yet that additionally is attractive sufficient to maintain the best possible talent to lead the organization. The recommended process for identify the proper compensation is to command a testimonial of what similarly-sized peer organizations, in the same geographic location, offer their an elderly leaders, it stated in a procedure that the IRS refers to as "rebuttable presumption."