Comcast subscribers v XFINITY TV service enjoy thousands of programs and films whenever they want v the company"s On need service. On demand lets you select a routine from a list of titles, save your selections for 24 hours. During that time, you can pause, fast forward, rewind and stop the programs as if lock were videotaped onto a DVR.

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All XFINITY TV subscribers have access to On need programming in areas where the service is available, follow to Comcast. Her remote may have actually an "On Demand" button to access the contents quickly. If not, walk to channel 1 to bring up top top Demand"s main menu. You have the right to also accessibility the main menu by pushing "Menu" on your remote and also choosing "On Demand." If you have actually XFINITY but not top top Demand, it may not yet be accessible in her area.

Use the arrowhead keys and "Select" on her Comcast far to navigate the On demand menus. The main menu breaks down right into categories such as "Premium Channels," "Movies & Events," "TV Entertainment" and also "Kids." highlight the category you"d choose to browse and also press "Select." Each group includes sub-categories that you navigate in the same fashion. As soon as you uncover a certain title you desire to watch, to mark it and also press "Select" to carry up a regime description. Push "Select" again to start the program. Friend can quick forward and rewind through the left and right arrows, pausing with the "Select" button.

The programs accessible to you count on the XFINITY TV subscription package friend have. For example, if you have the right to watch HBO, Showtime and Starz networks on your TV, you also have access to your On demand content. If you shot to access On demand content for a channel friend don"t currently receive, you"ll see a article informing you the you"ll require a subscription to the channel to check out the content. The ~ above Demand company itself doesn"t expense XFINITY subscribers any added money. In ~ On Demand, however, there room premium movies and also pay-per-view programs the you do have to pay additional charges to watch.

When you desire to watch one of the movies or program that cost money, you acquisition it with the On need menu. You"ll have access to it because that 24 hours, just like the totally free On need content. Don"t worry about accidentally purchasing a regime you assumed was free; the program"s description screen will either list "Free" or a specific price. Instead of asking for a credit card number and also billing you as soon as you order, you"ll check out the charges on your following cable bill.

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