Fishing is the one task that has garnered a many attention in the visual media over the last few years, specifically with the emergence and popularity the shows favor ‘River Monsters’ and ‘Monster Fish.’ Therefore, the is no surprise that ‘Wicked Tuna,’ a series based ~ above the hardworking anglers in Gloucester, Massachusetts, operation tirelessly to catch the rewarding Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in the north Atlantic Ocean, is tho airing today.

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Back as soon as it very first premiered in 2012, this national Geographic present seized the interest of countless by being packed through action, competition, and drama. At the point, ‘Wicked Tuna’s’ actors members apparently earned salaries between $2,000 and also $3,000 every episode. Yet now, that number has gone up to $10,000 every episode, v some longstanding stars and captains comprising to $100,000. So, let’s discover out their corresponding net worths, candlestick we?

8. Jack Patrican of the time Flies – $300,000


As among the newest captains ~ above ‘Wicked Tuna’ (previously a crewmate), not a lot of information is known about Captain Jack Patrican. However, what we do know is the his vessel specialization in strip Bass and Giant Bluefin Tuna, which space both very rewarding acquisitions. Therefore, considering the reality that Captain Jack has remained in this sector for around a decade now, we think it’s for sure to assume the his network worth would be around $300,000.

7. Spurge Krasowski of the Moonshine – $350,000


Spurge Krasowski is the other brand-new Captain to be featured in Season 10 of ‘Wicked Tuna.’ But, in speak that, that has been in command the his Moonshine vessel since at least 2004, traveling all over the Atlantic s with his trusty crew to chase down the Bluefin and also Yellowfin Tuna and making good money turn off of their sells. V that, we think the it’s for sure to think that Captain Spurge Krasowski’s network worth would be approximately $350,000.

6. Bob chef of the Fat Tuna – $350,000


Captain Bob Cook first graced us with his appearance on ‘Wicked Tuna’ in Season 9, making a return in Season 10 to provide us another dose that his exceptional skills and difficult work. The Beverly native has actually been functioning on boats ever due to the fact that he was 10-years-old. However now, at the age of 48, he’s make commercial fishing his livelihood. Captain Bob is additionally the co-owner that the little Italy pizza ar in Beverly. So, we assume that his net worth would additionally be about the $350,000 mark.

5. Paul Hebert that the angry Pissah – $400,000


Captain Paul Hebert, currently running the angry Pissah, has actually been a component of the ‘Wicked Tuna’ cast since virtually the very beginning. This third-generation advertising fisherman and also reality star formerly worked ~ above the and also TV-Bounty Hunter vessels. Having had actually an affinity towards water due to the fact that he was a child, Captain Paul never even thought the an different career. Therefore, the guy who has caught the largest MAKO shark in history has a network worth the $400,000.

4. Tyler McLaughlin the the pin Wheel – $400,000


Apart indigenous holding the position of Captain top top the pen Wheel and earning a majority of his earnings by being a truth star and fisherman even when the cameras aren’t rolling, Tyler McLaughlin is additionally a business man of sorts. He does a many endorsement deals and owns one original apparel range, offering high-quality was online under the name of Pin Wheel Gate. V his average revenue being $100,000, his current net precious is estimated to it is in $400,000.

3. T.J. Ott that the warm Tuna – $500,000


Captain T.J. Ott the the vessel warm Tuna has actually been a fisherman for over 3 decades. The 56-year-old moved in with his father in search of the Bluefin Tuna in 1989, which brought about him acquisition over the household boat’s command at the age of 20. Indigenous there, his career has actually only viewed an increase curve, leading to various opportunities to broaden his profession. However, Captain T.J. Appears to it is in content through only focusing on advertising fishing. Thus, his network worth is $500,000.

2. Dave Carraro the the – $500,000

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Apart from matching Captain T.J. Ott once it involves their gathered net worth, Captain Dave Carraro that the vessel additionally equals the former in your experiences. Having been a component of ‘Wicked Tuna’ because its inception, Captain Dave is a pan favorite because of his competitive however ungreedy nature. Moreover, the advertisement fisherman additionally owns and also operates a fishing firm that captures seafood in bulk and then selling it for a marginal profit.

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1. Dave Marciano the the difficult Merchandise – $600,000

chewcoffeedip⁩ obtained my beef jerky and also coffee all collection for the brand-new season ~ above Feb 21 the #wickedtuna

— Capt. Dave Marciano (
CaptMarciano) February 17, 2021

Having been a part of the industry for practically four decades, Captain Dave Marciano of the hard Merchandise, previously the Falcon, is the one whose name has actually become practically synonymous through ‘Wicked Tuna.’ The 55-year-old always knew the he wanted to be a fisherman, therefore he started working on boats as shortly as possible, buying his own after just three years of skilled experience. Plus, by offering apparel ~ above the hard Merchandise website, he also has a separate earnings source. So, Dave’s net worth is estimated to more than $600,000.