Pat Sajak is practically an American college of his own at this point. The Wheel of Fortune host has actually held his function on the show for an superior duration — long sufficient to break a Guinness world record in fact. Given his tenure and also the popular of the show, that leaves part fans wondering — exactly how much do pat Sajak and his assistant, Vanna White, earn because that hosting the show?

How much does pat Sajak earn?

Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Alex Trebek | David Livingston/Getty Images

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Pat Sajak has end up being an American game show mainstay. The organize of Wheel of Fortune has also cemented his function in game show background by breaking a Guinness civilization Record for having actually the longest-running career together a game show host.

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Sajak reeled in an exceptional 38 years and 198 job on might 8, 2019. And also the number will only go up, through Sajak slated to continue hosting the present until 2022.

So, provided Sajak’s an extensive tenure top top Wheel of Fortune, one would certainly imagine the host makes a pretty hefty salary — and also they wouldn’t be mistaken.

Pat Sajak’s network worth sit at around $70 million currently, according to Celebrity net Worth. Those more, Sajak earns approximately $15 million annually. In regards to pay per job-related day, that results in roughly $312,500.

Sajak is well-known to film numerous episodes that the display per occupational day, periodically up come six reflects a day, which method the hold is earning around $52,000 per illustration of Wheel the Fortune — definitely far native anything come scoff at. 

What about Vanna White?

Harry Friedman, play Sajak, and also Vanna White | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Interestingly, Vanna White’s first-ever game show appearance no on Wheel the Fortune. Play Sajak’s iconic co-host very first appeared on The Price is Right as a contestant.

Susan Stafford left Wheel of Fortune as co-host in 1975, which is as soon as Vanna White had her big break. She to be hired together a substitute for a short while, but soon came to be the continual co-host.

Vanna White has appeared on an superior 6,000 illustration of the show — not enough to win Pat Sajak’s record, but remarkable nevertheless. Because that her occupational on the show, Vanna white earns approximately $10 million annually.

White’s net worth is outstanding as well, amounting to about $70 million. White likewise earns some cash turn off of she yarn line. The co-host is an avid knitter and also crochet enthusiast, and sells her commodities under the brand Vanna’s Choice.

How lot do ‘Wheel that Fortune’ contestants take home?

Vanna White and also Pat Sajak that Wheel that Fortune | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Despite the rather superior salaries Vanna White and also Pat Sajak earn, Wheel the Fortune contestants in reality take house a rather paltry sum. After taxes, the prizes contestants earn shed a quite hefty chunk of your value.

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For example, Wheel the Fortune winner Matt McMahan deserve $31,700 in cash and also prizes ~ his insignificant on the show. That consisted of $16,400 in cash, and also $15,300 in trips. He decided to take 2 slightly less expensive trips to bolster the cash and also reduce taxes, however will still only be acquisition home around $6,000 in actual cash.