Tucker Carlson, 52, has the difference of being the most-watched and possibly one of the many polarizing personalities on cable news. With practically three million viewers together a conservative politics commentator for his Fox News present “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he has actually a net worth that $30 million.

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Early Career

Carlson has been at Fox News due to the fact that 2009. He began as a frequent guest on various other panel mirrors on the network. In 2013, he got a break and became a co-host that the weekend edition of “Fox & Friends.” after ~ that, he held “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which started airing in 2016.

Once bill O’Reilly left the network in 2017, Carlson took end the desire 8 p.m. Time slot. He has actually been reported to earn $6 million every year, follow to Celebrity net Worth.

Before he came to be a journalist, Carlson applied to work for the CIA and was turn down. It was then that he began to seek his career course as a journalist and also after college began working in ~ a collection of newspapers and magazines, commonly taking the conservative suggest of view also then.

More From your Money

Television eventually came calling. Come start, he to be a constant guest that the CNN display “Crossfire.” It to be commonly thought that his now-infamous interview through Jon Stewart in 2004 resulted in the cancellation of that program. ~ that, much more opportunities came his way.

He was carried onto CNN together a commentator in 2000 whereby he stayed until the was given his own display on MSNBC in 2005. Fox came calling in 2009 and he has been there ever before since.

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Early Life

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was born in mountain Francisco to Lisa McNear and also Dick Carlson on may 16, 1969. His dad to be a reporter who served as the director because that “Voice that America,” and was the CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting indigenous 1992-1997. His mommy abandoned the family when he was tiny and his dad assumed complete custody the Tucker and also his younger brother, Buckley. His dad later on married Patricia Caroline Swanson (an heiress to the Swanson frozen-food enterprise) in 1979. She legally adopted the boys.

The household moved come the mountain Diego area where he lived until he was sent to a Swiss boarding school, however he gained kicked out and also ended up at St. George’s School, a boarding school in Middletown, R.I. The went on to graduate from Trinity college in Hartford, Conn. With a background degree in 1991.

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Personal Life

Carlson married high school sweetheart, Susan Thomson in 1991. They met while he was at St. George’s School, together she to be the daughter the the headmaster. They have four children together.

Other fun Facts

The conservative pundit is likewise the co-founder that the website “The day-to-day Caller,” which adheres to his right-leaning views. He to be editor-in-chief till he left in 2020 after selling his 1/3 property for one undisclosed amount.

He has actually published three books: “Politicians, Partisans, and also Parasites” (2003), “Ship of Fools” (2018) and “The long Slide” (2021). It to be reported that he obtained a $10 million signing bonus because that his book deal.

Carlson additionally hosts a weekly podcast and can be seen on the Fox country streaming display “Tucker Carlson Originals.”

Since he to be a teenager, Carlson was known for always wearing a bowtie. In 2006, in ~ the urging that MSNBC, the announced that he would certainly retire the signature wardrobe item.

Real Estate

The Carlsons have actually owned numerous properties in the Washington, D.C. Area over the years. They left a $4 million house for a more modest $2 million residence in 2011. In 2017, they purchased a brand-new home in the Kent ar for practically $3.9 million. In 2020, they marketed that residence for $3.95 million.

The Carlsons purchased a residence on Gasparilla Island, Florida because that $2.9 million in 2020.

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Tucker Carlson shows no signs of slowing down. He deserve to be checked out weeknights ~ above Fox News top top “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and on Fox Nation.

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