Holding the 4th highest passer rating of every time (97.1), Tony Romo is the existing football analyst and also former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Romo to be signed as a complimentary agent by the Cowboys in 2003 after that went undrafted and also played 14 seasons for them. A preseason injury prior to the 2016 season relegated him come the bench and also Romo hung increase his boots for great after the campaign.

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Holding several records as a player, Tony Romo has also earned rather the reputation for himself together a shade commentator thanks to his ability to predict offensive plays accurately and has an approximated net precious of $70 million.

Tony Romo Salary

Having earned end $127 million in accumulation salary earnings across his 14-year career, Romo"s critical contract was also the greatest contract the his career- a 6-year $108 million transaction which contained a guaranteed amount of $55 million and also a signing bonus precious $25 million.

Romo had actually signed this contract ago in 2013, pocketing $26.5 million in earnings alone the year. The 38-year-old retirement after the fourth year the his contract and earned $8.5 million in earnings that year. The currently TV analyst is also reportedly earning $4 million a year together a color commentator for CBS.

Tony Romo Endorsements

The most recent transaction struck by Romo was through Corona earlier in June 2018, the commercials because that which to be televised during the 2018 continuous NFL season.

In comparison, one of the previously endorsement contracts the Romo had gone into into was through the apparel company Starter earlier in 2008 once he signed a 5-year $10 million deal. Romo has also worked through the likes of Pizza Hut, DIRECTV, Panini, Topps, and Under Armour.


Tony Romo Charity Work

The most sizable donation that the east Illinois college alumnus has actually made is a $1 million pledge to Dr. Tony Evans’ metropolitan Alternative back in 2012. The mission of this foundation is to promote fostering of public schools by church to carry out tutoring and also other solutions to children in need.

Besides this, Romo has actively participated in ar programs in the Dallas area in collaboration with academy such together the Make-A-Wish structure and joined Way.

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Age38 years
ResidenceDallas, Texas
Source the wealthProfessional NFL player (retired), Endorsements, Media personality
Cumulative salary earnings$127.4 million throughout 14 seasons
Endorsement earnings$5 million in 2015*
Brands endorsedCorona, Starter, Pizza Hut, DIRECTV, Panini, Topps, Under Armour
Marital statusMarried come Candice Crawford
Charities supportedMake-A-Wish Foundation, unified Way, urban Alternative

*Note: No trustworthy data because that Romo"s proof earnings article 2015 has been do available.