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Tony Romo"s was a seamless transition from the gridiron to the broadcast booth, one that has paid off handsomely because that the previous Cowboys quarterback.

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Romo — who retired indigenous Dallas in April 2017 prior to joining CBS together its lead shade analyst the complying with season — quickly found he had actually a talent for in-game analysis. He has earned extensive praise because that his calls, not only for the energy he offers alongside play-by-play male Jim Nantz, but additionally because that his understanding of the game, courtesy the his 14-year NFL career.

Romo"s knack because that breaking under offensive formations and also predicting dram pre-snap quickly made him among the hottest products in the broadcast business, something CBS was seemingly conscious of when it made the the highest-paid NFL analyst in background earlier this year.

Here"s a failure of Romo"s contract, annual salary and net worth after signing his enormous CBS contract:

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Tony Romo"s network worth in 2020

Romo is precious $70 million, per Celebrity net Worth. That said, it"s no entirely specific what Romo"s actual network worth is. He made much more than $127 million playing in the NFL and has secured endorsements indigenous Corona, Starter, Pizza Hut, DIRECTV, Panini, Topps and Under Armour. But the is likewise a known philanthropist, functioning with number of charities end the years.

What is Tony Romo’s value by year?

CBS in February extended its contract through Romo, reportedly offering him $17 million annually (per Andrew Marchand of the new York Post). Marchand later clarified his report, speak the deal is worth $17.5 annually — or $18 million when considering "all the perks." That deal is worth more, annually, than the totality of his rookie contract in ~ CBS: $10 million over three years.

Romo didn"t simply break a personal record by signing his new deal. Per Marchand, the previous record-holder for yearly salary for an analyst was man Madden, that secured $8 million a year in the beforehand 2000s, well after that had become a broadcasting star. Also when accounting for inflation, Madden"s transaction would have actually been worth $14 million yearly in 2020.

Tony Romo contract details

Marchand has reported that Romo"s deal will certainly take location over the course of 10 years, offering him $175 million to $180 million. However, ESPN"s Adam Schefter reported the CBS locked Romo increase for only three years, and that any type of extension is predicated on whether the NFL will prolong its rights attend to CBS (the present deal is locked up until 2022). Should that happen, CBS will reportedly include another seven years to Romo"s contract — even if the NFL"s rights deal is shorter.

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How much does Tony Romo do per game?

Romo stands to make more than $1 million because that each the his 16 regular-season gamings in 2020: $1.09 million every broadcast. Extrapolation to include CBS" four postseason broadcasts, climate Romo"s transaction is precious $875,000 per game called.

How much did Tony Romo do in the NFL?

According to Spotrac, Romo made $127.4 million in total during his NFL career, averaging $9.1 million every season. Romo only made an ext than $17 million in three seasons: $17.5 million in 2007; $25.5 million in 2013; and also $17 million in "15. Romo"s present contract would eclipse that full in just over seven seasons.

Tony Romo’s house

Romo moved his family to the bending Tree nation Club in north Dallas in 2016 to it is in closer come the Cowboys" recently moved headquarters; as soon as he moved, he put his previous Irving, Texas, home top top the market for $1.05 million (though that is now detailed at $994,100 at realtor.com). His former home was a 5,551-square-foot, Mediterranean-style residence in the gated ar of Cottonwood Valley.

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His previous home, constructed in 1993, had actually six bedrooms, four baths, a pool, spa and entertaining an are in the backyard.