CHARLOTTE, phibìc CAROLINA - NOVEMBER 15: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa only Buccaneers celebrates after a 98-yard touchdownrun by Ronald Jones II #27 during their NFL game against the Carolina Panthers at bank of America stadium on November 15, 2020 in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina. (Photo by grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Throughout his career, Tom Brady has racked up success after win and also ring after ~ ring. Unsurprisingly, the 43-year-old quarterback has also had many of success financially. That hasn’t adjusted since his come in Tampa Bay.

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When Brady signed the the Buccaneers before the 2020 season, the organization offered the veteran an incentive-laden deal with plenty of added benefits for progressing through the postseason. Already, through Tampa Bay’s an initial three playoff wins, the team has actually shelled out $1.75 million to Brady for miscellaneous playoff successes. He earned $500,000 because that making the postseason, $250,000 for beating the Washington football Team, $500,000 for a victory over the Saints, and also a last $500,000 because that last weekend’s NFC Championship victory.

But, the bonuses can not it is in done just yet. In fact, this time around, also the Buccaneers won’t mind sending money in Brady’s direction.

That’s because Tampa Bay will pay the 43-year-old an additional $500,000 if the team beats the Kansas City Chiefs in Super bowl LV ~ above Feb. 7.


TB12 has currently earned this postseason:— $500K because that making playoffs— $250K for beating WFT— $500K for beating NOLA pic.twitter.com/KWM41K6J7v

— B/R Gridiron (
brgridiron) January 24, 2021

If Brady can gain the job done in eight days, he would certainly earn end $28 million this year in Tampa, according to ProFootballTalk. The 21-year veteran earned a $25 million in basic salary in 2020 as well as $1.1 million in separation, personal, instance incentives throughout the consistent season. Brady finished in the top-5 in the organization in both pass yards and also touchdowns, proving that he still had plenty in the tank to contend in the NFL.

The 43-year-old has an additional chance to build upon his fairy tales career when the Buccaneers welcome in the Chiefs come Raymond James Stadium next Sunday. In addition to the financial advantage that comes v a win, Brady would capture his saturday Super Bowl. A victory would make his championship record virtually untouchable.

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First, Tom Brady will require to acquire past Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City. He’ll get the opportunity to carry out so next Sunday in ~ 6:30 p.m ET in Super key LV.