us President Donald Trump, first Lady Melania trumped (L), and also Australian prime Minister Scott ... <+> Morrison wave from a balcony of the White House during an arrival ceremony because that an official Visit top top the southern Lawn of the White home in Washington, DC on September 20, 2019. (Photo through Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo credit need to read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

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During chairman Trump’s very first four-years, he spent $23.5 million much less on White house payroll costs than Obama, changed for inflation.

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Trump’s White residence payroll has 413 employees – that"s 55 under staffers than Barack Obama(FY2012) in ~ the same point in their presidencies.

There was 36-percent turnover in White home staff, year over year. This to be the same percent as the ahead year.

Comparing an initial Lady staff headcount: Melania trumped (11 staffers)versus Michelle Obama (24 staffers).

Today, the Trump administration released its annual report to conference on the White house Office Personnel. The payroll data consists of employee name, status, salary, and position location for all 413 White home employees together of June 30, 2020.Searchthe recent Trump management (2017, 2018, and 2019) payroll data posted at

Over the previous 12 months, trump card further lessened headcount at the currently lean White residence by five employees. Last year, the president employed 418 staffers which was 36 fewer than Obama in ~ the same point in your presidencies.


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This year, Trump further honed the White house payroll and also saved taxpayers $2.35 million year over year: $42.1 million (FY2019) to $39.7 million (FY2020), readjusted for inflation. In FY2015, Barack Obama’s payroll was lot larger: $40.9 million ($45 million, changed for inflation) with 476 staffers.

chairman Trump"s leaner White home staff has currently saved taxpayers $23.5 million, adjusted for ... <+> inflation.

Trump’s White home payroll has been a leading indicator that his commitment to “do more, through less.”

In the first couple of weeks that his presidency, Trumpissuedan bespeak mandating one executive firm hiring freeze. Trump request his firm heads come “seek efficient use of existing personnel and funds to enhance public services…”

Leading through example, Trump conserved taxpayers $23.5 million throughout the an initial four years of his administration. In 2017, ours auditors at OpenTheBooks.comforecasteda $22 million four-year savings.

Our initial estimate underestimated the amount the chairman would save taxpayers by $1.5 million.

The payroll discounts come from Trump’s refusal to take it a salary, too as big reductions in other areas including the absence of czars, high value “fellows,” and also spending on an initial Lady the The United says (FLOTUS) staff.

Here room some vital findings:

There room 55 fewer employees on the White residence staff under Trump than under Obama in ~ this point in their respective presidencies. (In 2012, Obama had 468 employees because that $37.1 million – adjusted for inflation – the payroll expense $43 million.) $5.3 million in yearly payroll savings contrasted to the Obama 2015 payroll, inflation adjusted. In 2020, the trump card payroll amounts to $39.7 million because that 413 employees. In 2015, the Obama payroll amounted to $45 million because that 476 employees, adjusted for inflation. Eleven staffers are specialized to the first Lady that the United states (FLOTUS). In 2009, very first Lady Michelle Obama paid she 24 staffers $1.6 million collectively. Overall, 150 employee from Trump’s 2019 payroll the 418 employee no much longer work at the White House. The employee turnover price was 36-percent year-over-year. This was the same turnover portion as 2018-2019. The most very compensated White house employees under Trump room 20 assistants to the president that each knife $183,000 – v no pay boost from critical year. The optimal earning staffer was Peter J. Brown, one-of-a-kind representative for disaster recovery, who earned $190,289 . Kelly Ann Conway and all other assistants to the president do $183,000. This year’s perform of key advisors still contains names such together Lawrence Kudlow (Economic Advisor), Steve fearbut (Policy Advisor), Kellyanne Conway (Senior Counselor), and Hope Hicks (Counselor) and also Peter Navarro (Assistant because that Trade and also Manufacturing).

to compare the employee headcounts that the very first Lady payroll.

Our review of this year’s White house payroll shows eleven employees on very first Lady Melania Trump’s staff. Former very first Lady Michelle Obama was greatly criticized for she 24-member staff in 2009 consisting of assistants, advisors, schedulers, directors, deputies, associates, social and press secretaries, and other "helpers."

We reached out come the White House and confirmed the first Lady staff headcount.

Starting in 2009, president Obama came under fire because that hiring one-of-a-kind initiative czars. End Trump"s first fouryears in office, we discovered no evidence of czars on the White residence payroll.

While top top the campaign trail, chairman Trump vowed come forego his paycheck. However, article II the the U.S. Constitution mandates a presidential salary.

During his time in office, the presidentdonatedhis quarterly portions of his $400,000 value to the nationwide Park Service, little Business Administration, room of Interior, department of Transportation, department of Education, department of Health and also Human Services, department of Veterans Affairs, the nationwide Institute top top Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and other agencies.

Recently, the chairman donated $100,000 the his value to Health and Human services (HHS) to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

comparing White house payroll 2018 versus 2019 through headcount, total spend, and salary bands.

The remainder of the Trump household is likewise leading by instance by foregoing your salaries. First Daughter and also Presidential torture Ivanka Trump and Son-in-Law senior Advisor Jared Kushner both refused a salary.

Although the White house personnel budget plan is one infinitesimal part of the $4.83 trillion federal budget FY2021, that is critical forecastingindicatorshowing Trump’s meeting to reduced the size, scope, and power that the federal government and also reign in waste.

Note: werequested comment from the White House and will upgrade the item if over there is a response. Every inflation readjusted numbers cited usage the united state Inflation Calculatorandthe customer Price table of contents (CPI).

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