Actors don’t constantly need one Oscar or Emmy to come to be a family name. Several of our favorite TV ads’ highest-paid commercial actors are just as recognizable together A-list celebrities. But have you ever before wondered how financially rewarding it is to it is in the face of a product or service? us rounded up several of the most iconic spokespeople and also corporate mascots of our time—find out who they are, why we love them, and each advertisement actors’ net worth.

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Diane Amos

(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty pictures for Pandora)Character: The Pine-Sol LadyCompany: Pine-SolNet Worth: $2.5 Million

Diane Amos first won ours hearts in 1993 as a relatable homemaker who yielded the sassy signature line, “That’s the power of Pine-Sol, baby.” yet the performer, who obtained her start in improv and also stand-up, almost didn’t do the cut as a advertisement actress.

“It take it a long, lengthy time because that them to do a decision,” she claimed in an OWN interview. “You know, I’m a huge woman, I’m black, my this were gapped…there’s a the majority of reasons why a company might no hire me…”

As it transforms out, Amos was a breath of new air in a people of dainty residential figures. Today, she claims she’s well-known in areas as unforeseen as Jamaica and also Belize.

“Pine-Sol has given me a possibility to affix with a entirety lot of human being who could not have to have spoken to me and also I enjoy that,” she said LinkedIn in 2017.

Pine-Sol has zero regrets choose Amos together their longtime spokesperson. The company website also dedicates whole page to the real woman behind the commercials, revealing the her likability on display is a reflection of her authentic nature.

“The means I make a powerful difference is to spread myself around,” says Amos. “I volunteer. I speak come students and also encourage them come follow their dreams. I aid out teachers at local schools. I teach mine kids about service and also get them associated in the ar with me.”

Amos’ approximated net worth components in some unusual earnings sources, consisting of a warm streak top top a variety of game mirrors in the 1980s. Follow to the San Francisco Chronicle, she winner $14,750 top top Wheel of Fortune, $13,000 and also a pilgrimage to London top top The $25,000 Pyramid, and $18,400 indigenous Super Password.

She’s also had a variety of small parts in films and TV shows (Sweet November, Patch Adams, Nash Bridges.) yet there’s no doubt that practically three decades with Pine-Sol accounts because that the bulk of her wealth—even if she has declined to comment on the details of she contract.

Carly Foulkes

(T-Mobile)Character: T-Mobile GirlCompany: T-MobileNet Worth: $3 Million

Always dressed in a signature shade of pink, previous T-Mobile spokesperson Carly Foulkes offered audiences top top the wonder of 4G an innovation from 2010 till 2013. The Canadian design told PC Magazine in 2011 that she was lucky to get the gig, considering she mispronounced the agency name during her audition.

“I’m native Toronto, Canada. It’s funny,” explained Foulkes. “We speak ‘mo-bile’ in Canada so as soon as I auditioned because that the thing I claimed ‘T-Mobile’ and they had to stop me and say no, that’s not just how you to speak it!”

Foulkes had some huge shoes to fill. Prior to her debut, T-Mobile was repped by Catherine Zeta-Jones. The company played roughly with Foulkes’ photo over the years, starting her out together a girl-next-door kind and later on rebranding her together a sexy biker.

However, through 2013, Shakira signed on as a this firm spokesperson. A T-Mobile rep told the Huffington Post the Foulkes to be “still a component of the this firm brand family,” yet she would certainly not it is in featured in upcoming advertisement campaigns.

Foulkes is apparently worth a an excellent chunk of change thanks come T-Mobile, however she likewise earned her store as a expert model. Her challenge has been featured in ads for significant brands including Rugby Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, and Tommy Hilfiger. She additionally graced the covering of Elle Mexico in 2009. This days, she’s working on a music career as a solo artist.

Milana Vayntrub

(AT&T)Character: at&t GirlCompany: AT&TNet Worth: $3 Million

You recognize her as the bubbly (but fictional) at&t salesperson Lily Adams, but Milana Vayntrub’s talent aren’t limited to marketing cell call plans. The Uzbekistan-born, Los-Angeles increased actress is likewise an activist who provides her call to draw attention come the europe migrant crisis. Possibly her empathetic love is why she’s for this reason genuinely likable ~ above screen.

“I think Milana’s Lily resonates with audiences since she’s a multi-dimensional character in a method that’s rarely for commercials,” Hank Perlman, who directed numerous of Vauntrub’s at&t spots, told Adweek. “We shot as difficult as we have the right to not just to do her funny yet to make her as strong, smart, and human as possible. And also hopefully, all of that renders her as relatable as a character in a 30-second commercial deserve to be.”

AT&T initially employed Vayntrub in between 2013 and 2016, yet she to be so renowned that she reprised her role as Lily in Covid-themed commercials beginning in 2020. She even shot and also produced the spots herself at home.

Vayntrub’s estimated net worth is certainly greater than that of a true at & t salesperson. In addition to the commercials that made she famous, she’s had actually modest success top top TV (This is Us, Silicon Valley) and also as a voice actress (Marvel Rising, New Warriors).

Morgan Smith-Goodwin

(Wendy’s)Character: Wendy’s GirlCompany: Wendy’sNet Worth: $3 Million

Morgan Smith-Goodwin is ideal known together Red, or the Wendy’s Girl, in TV commercials for the quick food restaurant chain Wendy’s. No, she’s no actually the real Wendy (daughter that founder Dave Thomas), however from 2012 to 2013, the Alabama indigenous inspired a fandom that loved her simply as lot as a coco Frosty or pretzel sandwich.

Think that Red together a grown-up millennial inspired by Wendy’s pigtailed mascot.

“We’re thrilled the Morgan smith Goodwin… has resonated with our customers because we an initial introduced her,” Liz Geraghty, vice chairman of brand marketing because that Wendy’s, called Yahoo News. “Red has been our most successful effort due to the fact that the Dave thomas advertising project in the 1990s.”

Geraghty added, “ is a brand advocate through a rapid wit and also engaging personality that America has actually gravitated toward.”

Wendy’s more than likely accounts for much of Smith-Goodwin’s approximated net worth. However, she has likewise found success there is no the red dye task that placed her ~ above the map. In enhancement to her Wendy’s spots, she’s showed up on Veep, Boardwalk Empire, and also the Netflix series Messiah.

Tim Williams

(Trivago)Character: Trivago GuyCompany: TrivagoNet Worth: $5 Million

Who would have thought the a stubbled, silver-haired dad might sell plane tickets like hot cakes? Not also actor Tim Williams, otherwise recognized as the Trivago Guy, meant his function to blow up the way it did.

“The Trivago Guy. Crazy, huh? who would have actually thought?” that asked the Globe and Mail in 2014. “I have been propositioned… I gain mail pos and neg every day… it amuses me.”

Williams claimed his only direction because that Trivago commercials to be “basically to be real.” Not just did it work-related for the company’s bottom line, but it spawned an web explosion of memes, pan fiction, and even a fake Twitter feed.

Selecting Williams come play a casual but foxy spokesman was a no-brainer because that the German travel booking site.

“Women have a lot of of… to buy power when it comes to leisure travel,” Jon Eichelberger, regional manager that Trivago North, told Elle. “There’s something around him. We wanted to record it, and I think we did a good job. World like to talk about him.”

Unfortunately, Williams’ character faded in popularity due to the fact that his 2013 debut. A 2017 Skift report provided that his TV clues were changed with commercials featuring a Trivago Girl. And in 2019, after Williams was busted for driving while intoxicated, a Trivago rep called ABC News that drinking and also driving went against the company’s culture.

Despite this, Williams’ estimated net precious is impressive, greatly thanks come his various other gigs. In addition to little TV appearances in the 1990s (The Sopranos, Law & Order), he played an American absent star for 3 years ~ above the German soap opera Guten Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten.

He’s also a musician in real life. In 2014, he described his music to Rolling Stone together “a mix of some bluesy rock with a ’90s feel and also a ballad thrown in for the ladies.”

Dean Winters

(Allstate)Character: MayhemCompany: AllstateNet Worth: $5 Million

Put that this way: gibbs Dean winter is so famous for gift a menace in Allstate advertising that also his mom refers to him as his character’s name, Mayhem. Williams has been the insurance allowance company’s pitchman due to the fact that 2010, transferring destruction and laughs in equal measure.

“When they offered me the commercial, I stated no,” he told the Huffington Post in 2019. “And my clever ass comment was, ‘I became an gibbs so that i wouldn’t have to put ~ above a suit and sell insurance."”

Mayhem’s popularity has actually fluctuated end the years. In 2011, Allstate CEO cutting board Wilson said on an earnings call that organization was “way up” as result of the success the the project (via Insider). Yet the adhering to year, revenue remained flat. By 2020, AdAge reported that Mayhem ads were put on ice; Allstate would certainly neither check nor deny that Winters’ character was permanently retired.

Winters’ reported net worth is certainly not constructed on Allstate alone. Former to showing up in the insurance allowance commercials, he to be an established actor who had actually parts in HBO’s Oz, FX’s Rescue Me, and also NBC’s 30 Rock. (His popularity on the last even persuaded Tina Fey to join him in a 2019 Allstate ad.)

Isaiah Mustafa

(Old Spice)Character: The male Your Man might Smell LikeCompany: Old SpiceNet Worth: $5 Million

Former soccer player Isaiah Mustafa introduced himself as “The guy Your Man might Smell Like” in a 2010 advertisement campaign because that Old Spice. His over-the-top machismo, silly monologues, and also (let’s be honest) ripped bod made him an overnight success. The has since co-starred in spots through Fabio, terry Crews, and also Kevin Hart, and also AdAge later on named the commercials one of the top advertisement campaigns that the 21st century.

According to the ads’ creators Wieden+Kennedy, Old Spice’s goal to be to boost body wash sales through 15 percent. However in might 2010 (less than 4 months ~ the campaign debuted), sales of Old freckles Red region Body to wash smashed projections, increasing 60 percent native the vault year. Through July 2010, sales had actually doubled.

Today, Mustafa’s character stays on. In an updated collection of ads, he plays an embarrassing dad come a Gen Z boy who provides his very own Old summer sprouts products.

Mustafa’s varied interests have added to his estimated net worth. In addition to the Old spice commercials, the had small acting functions in assorted TV shows and also soap operas (Ugly Betty, Nikita, Days of our Lives). More recently he has been landing movie roles, such as playing the adult Mike Hanlon in It thing Two. He additionally owned JoJo’s BBQ, a now-shuttered restaurant in West Hollywood.

But no one of that would have actually been feasible without a random game display appearance. In 2010, Mustafa called Yahoo Sports the he when scored $47,000 by competing on The Weakest Link. He spent the money on acting classes, which at some point led to his breakthrough gig through Old Spice.

Stephanie Courtney

(Progressive)Character: FloCompany: gradual InsuranceNet Worth: $6 Million

Stephanie Courtney’s claim to reputation is playing Flo, the perky fictional salesperson because that insurance giant Progressive. The personality debuted in 2008 and also has showed up in more than 100 ads to date.

Courtney, that trained in improv, states she channeled her mom to knife the role.

“What lock were in search of was usually a friendly ar waitress,” she explained. “She is super friendly and nice, almost to the of madness. Ns was like, ‘I can do that.’ ns went right to my mom and I credit her through Flo’s personality. I said, ‘Yes, ns can come to be Jane Courtney!’”

Over a decade later, Flo is a TV icon recognized by millions of people, even if it is they are progressive customers or not.

Flo has been one unstoppable success because that Progressive—so much that even company executives can’t quite put their finger ~ above why.

“If you watch Flo 15 to 20 time a month, multiply that by 10 years–I don’t care if you Tom Hanks, will Smith, Ellen DeGeneres–whoever it is, if they’re trying to market you something, you’d more than likely get worn down of the person,” progressive CMO Jeff Charney said Fast Company in 2018. “The data is showing us the opposite around Flo. It is a very challenging thing to achieve.”

Courtney’s estimated net worth includes paychecks for showing up in ads because that McDonald’s, Quaker Oats, Skittles, and also Toyota. But there’s no doubt that her greatest earnings have come native Progressive—even if she hasn’t discover the specific figure. Celebrity net Worth speculates the she would certainly make as lot as $2 million a year for the company’s commercials, depending upon the terms of her contract.

Jonathan Goldsmith

(Dos Equis)Character: The Most interesting Man In The WorldCompany: Dos EquisNet Worth: $8 Million

Jonathan Goldsmith is best known together “The Most exciting Man in the World”—a concept and also title born from a 2007 Dos Equis advertisement campaign. The suave and impossibly charismatic character repped the beer agency for nine years till a last commercial sent their spokesman right into Mars because that an epos retirement.

It transforms out Goldsmith is as exciting as the duty he played. According to a profile from his alma mater, Boston University, he invested years as a starving artist before finding reputation in his so late sixties. In his earlier years, he claims he operated as a rubbish collector and snuck right into Bar mitzvahs for totally free food. He discovered success in the 1990s as a marketing exec, but organization eventually went bust. Once he ultimately scored one audition because that Dos Equis, he to be broke and also sleeping in his 1965 Ford pickup.

“To it is in an amazing person, i think you have to be interested in things,” he said. “Get the end of the rat race. Take that time to go within yourself and explore silence and also experience dreams.”

According come Andrew Katz, vice chairman of marketing because that Dos Equis, sales practically tripled because “The Most exciting Man in the World” campaign was introduced. Nevertheless, they dropped Goldsmith in 2016 to appeal to a younger audience.

“Culture has changed really dramatically,” Katz called USA Today. “Our Millennial drinker has changed quite dramatically, and the competition has only exploded v the advent of craft . We just want to make sure that the story evolves.”

Goldsmith make a tiny fortune for his above role. Unfortunately, we recognize this since of an ugly legal fight between the actor and also his previous agent. In 2015, Butch Klein sued Goldsmith for breach that contract, claiming that wasn’t paid 10 percent of Goldsmith’s earnings from his contract v the beer company. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Goldsmith made virtually $1 million every year for the job.

His customer countersued, claiming Klein and his company “breached their fiduciary duty by discover confidential terms of his 2012 contract through the beermaker.”

Nevertheless, Goldsmith proceeds to job-related as a spokesperson, albeit because that a various brand. In 2017, he ended up being the challenge of Astral Tequila. Do a dig at his former employer, he appears in a commercial and also delivers the line, “I told you… i don’t always drink beer.”

Paul Marcarelli

(Verizon)Character: ‘Can you Hear Me Now’ test ManCompany: VerizonNet Worth: $10 Million

Can girlfriend hear me now? In 2002, those 5 words lugged actor Paul Marcarelli overnight fame. He ceded that capture phrase together the bespectacled “Test Man” in Verizon commercials until 2011, earning a clues in the pantheon that TV advertisement icons.

The principle of the “Test Man” to be unusual due to the fact that he highlighted remarkable signal quality over plan affordability, but the idea to be a success. Follow to CBC, the company’s client base boosted by 10 percent within 24 months of the campaign’s launch. It climate jumped an additional 15 percent the adhering to year.

Despite the this firm success, Marcarelli originally didn’t revel in the sudden attention. “The reality was, it was a job,” he told The Atlantic. The function even carried cruel moments: in 2011, at his grandmother’s funeral, he heard a family members friend whisper, “Can girlfriend hear me now?” as her body to be lowered into the ground.

Marcarelli didn’t appreciate the details of his contract, either, i beg your pardon prohibited him shooting any kind of other commercials and strictly forbade him to speak about the job in interviews. However the actor got the last word. After his address Verizon expired, he became the spokesperson because that rival brand Sprint.

But prior to his time with Verizon to be up the phone giant got optimum mileage out of Marcarelli. The actor stated his contract forced him to job-related a pair hundred job a year, which was split in between filming approximately 40 commercials and also attending live events.

According come Celebrity network Worth, Marcarelli earned up to $3 million a year at the top of his contract. The site speculates the his countless years v the company allowed for far-ranging pay bumps, residuals, and also an exclusivity buyout. He proceeds to develop his fortune v his acceleration deal, i m sorry he uses to fund his career together a filmmaker.

Dennis Haysbert

(Allstate)Character: main SpokespersonCompany: AllstateNet Worth: $20 Million

Dennis Haysbert didn’t count on a schtick or character to become a commercial icon—all he necessary was his unmistakable deep voice. Since 2003, he has actually served as the spokesperson for Allstate insurance, asking viewers, “That’s Allstate’s stand. Are you in an excellent hands?”

Like the insurance money company’s various other pitchman, Dean Winters, Haysbert was already an developed actor once earned the role.

“I think I acquired that role because i was chairman David Palmer top top 24 and also people observed me as being very trustworthy. And that’s a great reason. Due to the fact that I am,” that told Edge.

“Yes, you have the right to be entertained and also be entertained…but girlfriend can also be entertained and also told the truth,” that continued. “And it is what I, and the company, have actually chosen come do.”

It’s no surprise that Haysbert’s deep, distinctive delivery is a enhance for offering insurance.

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“We really wanted to concentrate on talking around the method people buy and use insurance,” Jeanie Caggiano, an elderly vice chairman of advertising firm Leo Burnett, called the Chicago Tribune in 2003. “Allstate’s competitors have readjusted the conversation. It’s much an ext important to relocate the conversation earlier to what’s important. It’s straight-talking, no-nonsense, and even blunt sometimes.”

Haysbert’s approximated net worth is significantly higher than other commercial actors—and it have to be. After all, he’s been exhilaration professionally due to the fact that the 1970s and has had actually starring roles in fight TV shows like 24.

However, his value from Allstate is no small sum. Follow to Celebrity net Worth, he more than likely makes up to $4 million a year by loan his trustworthy image to the brand.