Tesla (TSLA) has actually received a massive new order that Tesla Semi electrical trucks native a truck-leasing company.

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It could be its greatest order because that the Tesla Semi regimen yet.

When Tesla launched the Tesla Semi in 2017, the automaker offered the very same reservation model that make it successful with passenger electrical vehicles.

However, Tesla made certain that a reservation would certainly be a real display of interest in purchase the electrical class-8 truck because it has actually been first asking because that a $5,000 deposit per truck, which it later increased come $20,000 every truck for a “base reservation” the the production version and the full $200,000 for the “Founders Series” truck.

It makes it that lot impressive when the electric truck program, i m sorry is no in manufacturing yet, secures huge orders, prefer a recent 130 Tesla Semi trucks scheduled by Walmart.

Now Pride team Enterprises, a holding firm with its main business being van leasing, announced that it put a reservation for 150 Tesla Semi electric trucks v the option to to buy 500 trucks from Tesla:

Today, Pride group Enterprises (PGE) is announcing that it has reserved 150 Tesla electric Semis v the alternative to boost to 500 trucks. Sam Johal, Pride team Enterprises CEO, announced that the firm has inserted a deposit to secure the initial units and also build slots.

CEO Sam Johal comment on his company’s new Tesla Semi order:

With support from among our long-term financial partners, Hitachi Capital, us are an extremely excited to lug this put in order product to our strong customer base, helping create a brand-new path in clean transportation. We think that electrification is the way of the future together we occupational together across multiple industries to minimize our carbon footprint. As well, we have actually the alternative to boost our order together we gauge customer accept of this new technology.

At 150 trucks v the alternative to purchase 350 more, this can be Tesla’s biggest order that Tesla Semis yet.

It would certainly be worth between $22 million and also $100 million depending on the final variety of trucks and also the configurations.

Pride team Enterprises would have to have put a deposit the at the very least $3 million v Tesla to secure the order.

The team operates a dozen locations in the US and Canada, and also it plan to make the trucks available to the leasing customers based upon demand throughout the regions.

Tesla to plan to offer the Tesla Semi with two alternatives capable of end 300 and also 500 miles of range on a single charge. They room expected to expense $150,000 and also $180,000, respectively, however with an efficiency of less than 2 kWh per mile v a complete load, the expense of work is intended to be wherein Tesla Semi shines.

The company expects up to $200,000 in to save (mainly diesel and maintenance) end the lifetime of a Tesla Semi.

Pride team Enterprises didn’t reveal as soon as they plan on acquisition possession of their first Tesla Semi, however production that the electric truck, which has been delayed numerous times, is intended to start reasonably soon.

At the unveiling the the Tesla Semi in 2017, the automaker stated that the electrical truck would be comes in 2019, yet the auto has due to the fact that been driven to “low-volume manufacturing in late 2020.”

The timeline was later pushed come 2021, however Tesla CEO Elon Musk newly told employee in an e-mail obtained byglossesweb.comthat “it’s time to bring Tesla Semi come volume production” without updating the timeline.

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Recently, the automaker has been talking around building a few more pre-production Tesla Semi prototypes towards the end of the year and also then relocate tovolume production in Texas next year.