Future exclusive astronaut goals to the International space Station, paris on vehicles favor SpaceX’s Crew Dragon (above), will certainly be charged greater prices by NASA to reflect the true expense of sustaining those visits. Credit: NASA

WASHINGTON — NASA has increased the price it will charge because that future personal astronaut objectives to the International space Station, saying the new prices reflect the true expenses of sustaining those missions.

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A revised price list, posted April 29, to update the prices NASA charges to private goals flying come the ISS for cargo, terminal resources, crew time and other services. NASA said earlier this year the would upgrade the pricing after ~ revising its charges because that commercial and also marketing tasks on the station.

Under the initial pricing policy released in June 2019, as part of NASA’s low planet orbit commercialization strategy, the company charged $11,250 per human per day because that life support and toilet capabilities, and $22,500 per human being per job for various other crew supplies, consisting of food and air. There were additional, smaller changes for stowage, power and also data.

The new pricing policy charges $5.2 million per human being for ISS crew time to assistance a private astronaut mission, and also $4.8 million per mission for integration and an easy services, such as mission planning. The policy currently charges between $88,000 and $164,000 per person per day because that pre-staging food and also other cargo top top the station for those missions on NASA cargo vehicles and also for getting rid of cargo ~ above those spacecraft. It also charges between $40 and $1,500 per human being per day because that crew supplies and $2,000 per human being per day for food.

The an outcome of the new policy is a much greater price fee by NASA to suppliers conducting exclusive astronaut missions. Under the old policy, the life support and crew supplies for a hypothetical four-person, one-week mission to the ISS would expense $945,000, a figure that doesn’t encompass stowage, data or power. Under the new policy, the cargo, food and also supplies charges for the very same mission would be an ext than $2.5 million at the low finish of the quoted price ranges, add to $10 million in per-mission fees.

The amendment pricing, NASA said, “reflects complete reimbursement because that the worth of NASA resources that are over the an are station baseline capability.” However, the company left open the door come negotiating those price depending the specifically, of the mission. “Due to the intricacy of personal astronaut missions and also differing mission concepts, reimbursable worths for these missions may vary,” the firm said, note that in-depth pricing “will it is in negotiated at time the mission award and contract or agreement finalization.”

The amendment prices do not apply to the very first private astronaut mission under the 2019 policy, the Ax-1 mission through Axiom Space. That Crew Dragon mission will certainly fly three private customers and one Axiom professional astronaut to the terminal in at an early stage 2022. Both NASA and also Axiom stated that the commitment for that mission to be signed under the initial pricing policy, which continues to be in impact for the mission.

Axiom, which played down the previously price rises for advertisement ISS activities, is not concerned about the increased prices for private astronaut missions. “Axiom’s plans execute not depend on the prices and also services together they were listed,” firm spokesman Beau Holder said.

NASA’s assistance for private astronaut missions likewise came up throughout the may 6 meeting of the Aerospace safety and security Advisory Panel. Susan Helms, a former astronaut that serves ~ above the panel, claimed that NASA has adjusted “flight crew worthiness and certification practices together with previous experience with room tourism” for managing those issues.

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She included that NASA has actually recommended that private astronaut objectives not encompass spacewalks. An company study, she said, concluded that private astronaut spacewalks “not it is in generically available due to the all at once risks involved.” She included that no private missions at this time being sought through NASA plan to encompass spacewalks.