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Congress elevated the presidential salary from $200,000 come $400,000 in 2001 (plus an extra expense allowance the $50,000 a year). For Donald Trump, the is a huge decrease from his usual revenue — he"s precious $2.1 billion together of March, follow to Forbes. Forbes previously reported the the 45th chairman is worth $3.1 billion yet have due to the fact that recalculated his worth offered the pandemic"s effects.

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The president likewise receives a travel budget plan of $100,000 and also a $19,000 allowance for entertainment. When a presidential salary is taxable, the various other bonus benefits room not, according to the US tax code.


Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The White House has housed us presidents since 1792. The estate has actually six floors and 132 rooms, including a bowling alley and chocolate store, Insider"s mark Abadi previously reported. One of the rooms is a fully equipped fitness center with a tennis court and swimming pool.


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Presidents and also their family members are given $100,000 to redecorate the White house to feel much more at home. The Obamas did no accept the pin money to redecorate and also used their own funds instead, follow to Candace Keener on exactly how Stuff Work"s podcast "Stuff friend Missed In background Class."

NBC News reported the Trump"s administration spent $1.75 million on new furniture, wall surface coverings, and a desk, despite it"s uncertain if trump paid the end of pocket. The write-up writes the Obama spent $1.5 million.


first lady Melania trumped participates in one harvesting and also planting event with the Boys and also Girls society of Washington in the White home Kitchen Garden top top the southern Lawn that the White house on Sept. 22, 2017. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Michelle Obama started work-related on the White home garden during her husband"s presidency. Melania Trump continued Obama"s work and the tradition of hosting school kids on the grounds, according to CNN. Today, the garden"s fruits and vegetables regularly show up on the White residence menu.

Michelle Obama newly posted an Instagram photo of a basket that vegetables indigenous this really garden. Jill Biden gifted this basket to the Obama family, according to People.

Giorgio Perottino/Reuters

Presidents can enjoy meals and treats created by talented chefs.

Cristeta Comerford has been the White residence executive chef for roughly 15 years, and is the first woman to hold this position. Susan Morrison is the White house executive pastry chef, and also one of she responsibilities consists of designing and creating the gingerbread home each Christmas. Both chefs help plan the menus because that White residence events.

Susan Walsh/AP

The White house is likewise home to almost 100 permanent residents including maids, cooks, a plumber, a florist, and a head housekeeper, follow to GoBankingRates. The upkeep alone prices $4 million a year, according to jane McGrathon exactly how Stuff Work"s podcast "Stuff girlfriend Missed in background Class."

The an initial family doesn"t get all these expenses covered, however. According to former an initial lady Laura Bush, the chairman is billed in ~ the end of every month because that hourly pay because that waiters and cleanup crews used for exclusive parties, amongst other expenses.

Presidents can enjoy recreation activities in their own bowling alley, billiard room, and other sporting activities areas.

chairman Nixon is the snapshot of concentration as he publication bowling ball at executive, management Office building lanes Sept. 17. However, the camera catches Mr. Nixon's left foot over the foul line. Bettmann/Getty images

The White home hasrooms devoted to various social activities including a bowling alley, i m sorry Melania trump card renovated. Throughout Franklin D. Roosevelt"s term, the White residence featured an indoor swimming pool to assist with the president"s physics therapy, according to The White House historic Association. The swimming pool later ended up being the pressroom.

Other sports areas developed throughout different presidential terms incorporate tennis courts, a placing green, and also a basketball court.

Pete Souza/White residence

Franklin Roosevelt convert a room in the White residence to a tiered home theater with 51 seats.

The first movie displayed during Trump"s administration was "Finding Dory." The theatre was open to eastern Wing tours many thanks to Melania Trump"s direction in 2017, follow to a statement exit by the White House.

Jason Reed/Reuters

If a president desires a rest from one fancy address, he can go come another. Camp David is situated in the Catoctin mountain Park in Frederick County, Maryland. The country home is completely equipped with a gym, swimming pool, and also aircraft hangar. It has actually been the presidential retreat because the 1930s.

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The customized Boeing 747-200B booked for the president is highly sophisticated. The aircraft has 4,000 square feet the space, a clinical operating room, exclusive quarters because that the president, and the capacity to feeding 100 people at a time. CNN reportedthat the costs about $200,000 an hour to run Air pressure One.

Leah Millis/Reuters

Marine One complies with the chairman wherever the goes. It deserve to operate rescue missions and cruise at more than 150 miles per hour also if one engine fails. It is also armed with anti-missile systems and also ballistic armor, Insider reported.

mystery Service agents watch the crowd together President Donald trump addresses supporters during a project rally in ~ the Ocala global Airport, Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, in Ocala, Fla. Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP photo

Secret business is constantly near the president, however protection doesn"t end after a president pipeline the White House. Retirement presidents obtain the perk because that life and also their kids are defended until the age of 16. In 2017, the mystery service"s budget plan was $1.9 billion, follow to homeland Security.

Jim Bourg/Reuters

Whenever the president travels by car, he travel in bullet- and bomb-proof luxury. The Beasts, together they"re known, are a fleet of cars designed and also constantly watched through the an enig Service. The car are developed for targeted strikes — yet they won"t win a street race. They sweet as lot as a tank and also only acquire 5 miles every gallon, according to GoBankingRates.

Larry Downing/Reuters

Being the guest that the president has actually its perks too, including whole guest residence to yourself. Blair residence accommodates top of state and also other dignitaries as soon as visiting the US, Insider formerly reported. The home contains four townhouses v 120 rooms.

Antara Foto Agency/Reuters

Presidential exclusive right last beyond four — or eight — years. The basic Services administration is forced to administer a former president sufficient money to cover travel and also business expenses. Congress presented Obama with law that would certainly cap the spending at $200,000 per year, but Obama vetoed the invoice in 2016, follow to the White House.

Jason Reed/Reuters

While serving a term, a White home doctor is constantly on call and medical employee accompany the president at every times.Insider reported that Trump"s coronavirus therapy would have cost him an estimated $650,000 out of pocket. He was treated in ~ Walter Reed Medical center which has actually a presidential suite. The White House additionally has its very own clinic through exam rooms, medical equipment, and also military physicians on staff, according to the LA Times.

If a president serves five or more years of commonwealth service, they get priority health benefits and also use the veterans hospitals. If eligible and interested in partaking, 75% the presidential health care is extended by taxpayers and purchased with the Washington, DC, Obamacare exchange, according to the LA Times.

Richard Carson/Reuters

The previous President plot determines just how much compensation a president will receive after leaving the White House. In 2016, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton received yearly pensions the $205,700. In 2017, Obama got $207,800, follow to GoBankingRates.

While presidential pensions are addressed rates, presidents can ask for additional funds from congress to covering things like staff salaries and office space, follow to MONEY. For example, George W. Bush received $1,098,000 because that office space in 2015, the most of any type of former president that year.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Transitioning one administration to the following is costly. A president"s administration transition costs are covered increase to 6 months after acquisition office. This has office space, employee compensation, interaction services, and postage linked with transitioning, according to the facility for Presidential Transition. Obama"s 2008 shift into office cost around $9.3 million.

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Richard Carson/Reuters

Presidents and also their immediate family members are American icons and also their traditions are preserved after death. When an instant presidential family members member dies, they space honored v a state funeral, i m sorry is scheduled for top of state. A state funeral can last for 7 to 10 days and also is a three-stage occasion with full military honors. The presidential family members gets a military escort and also flyover v a 21-gun salute, according to CBS News.