Paul Pisoni, manufacturing specialist in ~ Polich Tallix, holds a 24-karat gold-finished bronze Oscar statuette January 13, 2017 at Polich Tallix Foundary in rock Tavern, upstate brand-new York. A stylized number of a knight holding a crusader"s knife standing top top a reel of movie with 5 spokes signifying the 5 original branches of the Academy (actors, directors, producers, technicians and also writers)is widely considered the most prestigious cinema compensation trophy.

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The Oscar frostbite is maybe the most recognizable award in the world. And also during the 90th annual Academy Awards ~ above Sunday, march 4, 2018, the lucky winners in over 20 categories will acquire to take it one home.

But just due to the fact that they"re coveted, and plated v gold, doesn"t typical they are valuable. In fact, this Oscar statues room surprisingly an overwhelming to offload because that cash.

That’s due to the fact that Oscar winners don’t really own their statues—they’re usually on loan native the Academy of Motion snapshot Arts and also Sciences. Yes, you read that right: thanks to a readjust in the 1950s, Oscar winners “have no civil liberties whatsoever,” follow to the organization’s rules.

An Oscar winner can’t sell or otherwise dispose the a statuette without “first supplying to offer it come the Academy for the amount of $1.00.” and also the rules don’t just use to the winner, but additionally to their heirs and also anyone that is given one.

If friend do try to sell the Oscar frostbite off, be all set for a battle. The Academy has rigorously safeguarded its ownership legal rights through a variety of lawsuits. The team actually won a major victory in 2015 as soon as a California judge upheld the rules forbidding the sale of Oscar statues.

Oscar Statue worth at Auction

If girlfriend do acquire your hand on an Oscar statuette minted before 1950, you’re in luck. Return the Academy changed the rule in 1950 to restrict the revenue of Oscars, there to be no rules against it prior to that. And over 150 the these early on awards have gone come auction.

One the the biggest paydays was the sale of the 1940 Best snapshot Oscar for Gone v the Wind. Pop singer Michael Jackson snagged it in ~ auction in 1999 for a cool $1.54 million—although reports surfaced after his fatality that his estate can not situate the famous statuette.

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It’s not simply the large categories that have the right to earn a nice penny. The 1942 Oscar for ideal Screenplay because that Citizen Kane sold at a California auction in 2011 for a staggering $861,542, according to Reuters. Also an Oscar for best Sound Recording—handed the end in 1942 because that Yankee Doodle Dandy—sold at auction in 2011 because that $89,625.