The compensation system has over 70 separate types of pay and allowances -- that"s a lot of to keep track of. Fortunately everything you need to know from simple Pay, to unique pay and allowances (even retirement pay) deserve to be uncovered right here.

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Fortunately every little thing you need to know around the army compensation device including:

Basic salary is the base salary because that a armed forces member on energetic duty and also counts for part of full income. An easy Pay is electronically distributed on the first and 15th that every month, similar to many civilian jobs. The amount of basic Pay counts on length of service as well as rank.

In general yearly salary raises are connected to the rise in civilian wages. However current laws governing yearly pay raises no much longer guarantee that army pay will be automatically set above civilian mean pay increases.

Check out the Pay Charts page to watch this year"s pay and allowances.

Factors That affect Your Pay

Did you know, in enhancement to breakthrough and promotion, the following factors will affect your pay?

The annual Pay RaiseLongevity raises basically every 2 years (based top top the variety of years in service)Promotions

If you room transferring you have the right to bet that your BAH and COLA will most likely change.

Find Your Pay chart Now

Active Duty: Active Duty salary ChartsGuard and also Reserve: Guard and Reserve Drill pay ChartsHistorical salary Charts: armed forces Pay Charts Dating ago to 1949Retiree: Retired pay pensioner Cost-of-Living mediate (COLA): retire COLADisabled Veteran: Disabled Veteran services Overview

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