Former to plan Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards got over $1 million from the abortion corporation as her salary throughout her critical year functioning for the company.

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Planned Parenthood’s IRS forms are required by regulation to be made public, but the firm typically drags its feet as lengthy as feasible before act so. Plan Parenthood has strategically even gone to such measures as to release its IRS forms on significant holidays, hope that much less attention will be obtained from that doing so.

The latest IRS develops posted ~ above the company’s website reveal that Cecile Richards’ salary was $1,033,274 because that the fiscal year running from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018.

According to Lifenews:

Vice president Dawn Laguens,who left not long after Richards did, do $891,092 that exact same year, follow to the form, a need of tax-exempt non-profit organizations. In total, the 14 peak level employee of to plan Parenthood made salaries that incorporate to equal about $6.2 million, the type indicates.

That exact same year,Planned Parenthood report a record $1.66 billion in revenue in its annual reportwhile providing fewer yes, really health treatment services and much more abortions. Planned Parenthood identifies as a non-profit organization.

On April 30th, 2018 ~ twelve years and3,500,000 abortions, to plan Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards stepped under from leading the abortion giant responsible because that the killing of 320,000 babies every year. To plan Parenthood is an organization that promotes itself together a women’s wellness organization, however ironicallydoes not carry out adoption referralsorprenatal health care for women. During Richards’ twelve years with Planned Parenthood, the organization became the nation’s biggest abortion provider with record income and profit levels obtained from abortions.

During her tenure, Richards transformed Planned Parenthood right into a affluent abortion corporation with a 2016-2017 budget in overabundance of $1.46 billion. That’s rise ofmore than $100 millionfrom 2015-2016, half a exchange rate of which room taxpayer funded federal dollars. She also was important in shaping plan Parenthood into a huge PR organization to encourage abortion top top demand.

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Cecile Richards was likewise known for she embarrassingly negative talking points about abortion –which quite generally backfired.

Richards left the organization in 2018, developing her very own political advocacy group shortly thereafter. She was changed by existing CEO Leana Wen. Not much has adjusted with to plan Parenthood’s agenda with Leanna Wen currently in charge. If anything, the abortion corporation has only become much more radical. Together of however there is no information easily accessible concerning her salary.