NATIONAL Geographic’s collection Wicked Tuna adheres to the life of numerous Massachusetts fishermen as castle hunt for tuna in the Atlantic Ocean.

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The display is one of the most popular in the network, spanning over 10 seasons due to the fact that its premiere in 2012.


The cast of evil Tuna reportedly make around $100,000 every episodeCredit: Getty images - Getty

How much do the evil Tuna cast get paid?

The evil Tuna cast make a hefty sum of money, report to be $100,000 per episode.

Their value increased drastically as the popular of the display did too.

During the beginning stages that the series, cast members would certainly make roughly $2,000 - $3,000 every episode, not consisting of the fish they would certainly catch.


Bluefin tuna are among the most expensive fish and can average around $40 every poundCredit: nationwide Geographic

Bluefin tuna are among the many expensive fish and also can average around $40 every pound. 

A solitary fish can cost up to $20,000.

When does Wicked Tuna premiere?

Season 10 of evil Tuna premiers on in march 5 in ~ 9pm EST on nationwide Geographic.

The display airs every Sunday ~ above the network.

Following the season debut episode, National geographical put with each other a compilation the clips that Duffy and Tyler fishing with each other to honor his memory.

What occurred to Duffy on wicked Tuna?

Duffy, aka Nicholas Fudge, passed away before the crew started filming season eight that the series.

His reason of fatality was not announced at the moment of his passing practically three year ago, yet fans were shocked to discover that he died so suddenly.

His colleagues inferred the may have succumbed to ‘the bends’ or decompression sickness.


Nicholas Fudge aka 'Duffy' happen away prior to the beginning of season eightCredit: national Geographic

Decompression sickness, likewise called generalised barotrauma, "refers to injuries brought about by a fast decrease in the push that surrounds you, of one of two people air or water," according to Harvard Health.

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Although it most typically affects deep-sea divers and scuba divers, it likewise can occur during high-altitude or unpressurized wait travel.

What is the angry Tuna spin-off series?

After season 2 of wicked Tuna, National geographical released a spin-off set off in the outerbanks of north Carolina. 




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