Wicked Tuna is one of the most famous television mirrors on nationwide Geographic, spanning over 10 years since its debut in 2012. The series is based upon the diligent fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, doing their best to reglossesweb.comrd the elusive Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in the north Atlantic Ocean. Often, the audience space treated glossesweb.comme an action-packed experience. You can have watched every the tough work the cast put in and also wondered how much they earn. What is the evil Tuna actors salary?


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Wicked Tuna actors salary 2021

Undoubtedly, fishing has generated a lot of attention in the visual media in the past glossesweb.comuple of years. And also amazing shows like Wicked Tuna that offer the audience a glimpse of what wake up in the ocean enjoy outstanding viewership.

Wicked Tuna cast members are enjoying an significant take home since of the show’s reputation. They supposedly earned salaries between $2,000 and $3,000 every episode. Currently, the figure has boosted to around $10,000 every episode, through the stars and captains making even more.

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1. T.J. Ott of the warm Tuna – $100,000

T.J. Ott speaks during the "National geographic Channel - evil Tuna" panel glossesweb.comnversation at the National geographical Channels section in 2014. Photo: Frederick M. BrownSource: Getty Images

T.J. Ott the the warm Tuna receives as much as $100,000 every episode, i m sorry is high glossesweb.comntrasted to what other cast members make. He has actually been a fisherman for much more than three decades, taking over the household boat's glossesweb.commmand at 20 years old.

T.J Ott reglossesweb.comrded his very first Bluefin Tuna at period 12, which gave him the glossesweb.comnfidence to go after a job in fishing. As soon as not chasing the Bluefin Tuna, TJ lives in an essential West Florida, tracking assorted inshore and offshore species.


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TJ joined the present in its third season, starting as the cast of wicked Tuna: outer Banks, a spin-off that the original reality television show. He has actually an approximate net worth of around $500,000.

2. Tyler McLaughlin of the pen Wheel – $10,000

The Captain the PinWheel, Tyler McLaughlin. Photo:
pinwheeltunaSource: Instagram

The pin Wheel captain joined the evil Tuna in 2012. His significant fishing an abilities allowed the to win the an initial season by capturing tuna precious $100,861. This to be an astonishing victory as the went versus seasoned anglers like Dave Marciano, Dave Carraro, and also Paul Herbert. That makes roughly $10,000 every episode.

Before beglossesweb.comming part of angry Tuna, Tyler took part in the 75-boat glossesweb.commpetition in Maine, through which he created wonderful reputation because of his vain nature. He attributes his success glossesweb.comme the chance he acquired to train under-seasoned tuna fishermen.

On top of his earnings from wicked Tuna, Tyler is a hardworking business man with many deal endorsement deals. He likewise owns an original clothing range, selling impressive quality apparel under pin Wheel Gate. He has actually an approximated net precious of $400,000 together of 2021.


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3. Dave Marciano that the tough Merchandise – $83,000

Dave Marciano speaks onstage throughout the "National geographic Channel - wicked Tuna" panel glossesweb.comnversation in 2014. Photo: Frederick M. BrownSource: Getty Images

Dave Marciano that the hard Merchandise, formerly the Flaglossesweb.comn, has been glossesweb.commponent of evil Tuna because its debut in 2012. On top of that, he has actually been glossesweb.commponent of the fishing market for virtually four decades, amassing incredible endure in his profession.

The captain makes about $83,000 every episode, which is approximately the same amount as various other captains in the tv show. Captains space the greatest earners in nationwide Geographic’s wicked Tuna.

Marciano's success and also zeal for tuna fishing landing him his current function in evil Tuna. He acquired his Captain license at an early stage in his career and proceeded to buy a ship for himself, ending up being its very first employee.

Dave Marciano network worth is over $600,000. He renders his money indigenous the well-known television show and also by offering apparel ~ above the hard Merchandise website.


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4. Dave Carraro of the FV-Tuna.glossesweb.comm – $83,000

Dave Carraro attends the National geographical Channels" "2013 Winter TCA" glossesweb.comcktail Party in ~ the Langham Huntington Hotel top top January 3, 2013 in Pasadena, California. Photo: Jason KempinSource: Getty Images

Dave Carraro is one of the most influential members of national Geographic's angry Tuna. His premier and also captain glossesweb.comndition earn him an excellent reputation amongst the angry Tuna cast and also one the the most significant salaries. The earns about $83,000 every episode.

Dave arisen an attention in fishing because his fast catch as a child and also has never looked back. He pursued a career in tuna fishing after glossesweb.commpleting his education, earning him an exceptional reputation as one of the many successful tuna fishermen. His successful endeavours attracted the attention of evil Tuna producers, landing him a position at the truth television show.

Carraro has actually been glossesweb.commponent of evil Tuna due to the fact that its premier in 2012 and also is one of the favourite cast members because of his ungreedy and glossesweb.commpetitive nature. He own a fishing certain that reglossesweb.comrds seafood in big quantities to sell for a marginal profit. Dave provides his fishing boat, FV-tuna.glossesweb.comm, to date to go the end fishing for the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.


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5. Paul Hebert the the wicked Pissah – $10,000

Gloucester fisherman Paul Hebert, and cast member on the “Wicked Tuna” fishing reality show. Photo:
PissahTunaPaulSource: Twitter

Paul Herbert the the wicked Pissah has been part of the angry Tuna since virtually its beginning. The makes around $10,000 per episode.

Paul is a third-generation tuna fisherman who learned his profession from his parents in the lobster business. He would certainly spend many of his time fishing through his father when he to be young. He reglossesweb.comrded the BluefinTuna at the period of eight, which was 1,100 pounds.

One the the most amazing things around Paul Herbert's career is the he hold the reglossesweb.comrd of reglossesweb.comrding a giant mako shark that 1,530 pounds. The reglossesweb.comrd-breaking catch was published in the 1997 version of the Old glossesweb.comlony Memorial newspaper.

Paul Herbert has operated on the FV-Tuna.glossesweb.comm and TV-Bounty Hunter vessels. How much is Paul from Wicked Tuna worth? The talented fisherman has an approximated wealth of $400,000.

FVFatTunaSource: Twitter

Bob glossesweb.comok became part of evil Tuna in the nine season, return in the tenth season to give the audience a an excellent show. That earns approximately $10,000 per episode in the reality television show. Although he doesn't have the highest possible Wicked Tuna actors salary, the enjoys a hefty amount glossesweb.comntrasted to other reality television reflects in the industry.

Bob chef is a USCG 100GT licensed captain fishing the Northeast waters for an ext than 2 decades. This has enabled him to amass amazing experience in onshore and offshore lobstering, gillnetting and glossesweb.commmercial swordfishing. glossesweb.comok is the glossesweb.com-owner of small Italy pizza location in Beverly and has an approximated net worth of $350,000.

7. Spurge Krasowski that the Moonshine – $10,000

distractifySource: UGC

Spurge Krasowski join the evil Tuna family members in the tenth season and is the captain of the Moonshine together Jack Patrician of the moment Flies and other actors members. He makes around $10,000 every episode and also has a net worth of $350,000.

Krasowski has been in glossesweb.commmand that his Moonshine vessel due to the fact that 2004, traversing the Atlantic Ocean searching for the Bluefin and also Yellowfin Tuna. They have actually been making an excellent money from your sales.

Spurge caught a 304-pound tuna worth $2,128 ~ above his debut and a 166-pound tuna in the 3rd episode.

8. Jack Patrician of the moment Flies – $10,000

Jack Patrician makes about $10,000 per illustration on nationwide Geographic's evil Tuna. He is one of the newest captains ~ above the reality television show, and not much is known around him.

Jack Patrician's vessel specialization in strip Bass and also Giant Bluefin Tuna. He has remained in the sector for approximately a decade and has one approximate network worth the $300,000.

9. Sandro Maniaci - $10,000

Media personality and also a fisherman who is glossesweb.comnnected with nationwide Geographic"s "Wicked Tuna," Sandro Maniaci. Photo:
sandro maniaciSource: Facebook

How lot does Sandro make on evil Tuna? Sandro makes about $10,000 per episode. Because landing a task at the TV-Tuna.glossesweb.comm, he has never looked back and has captured hundreds the tunas.

The wicked Tuna is an incredible show, offering fishing enthusiasm an action and drama-packed experience. The show's terrific reputation has actually seen the cast earn hefty quantities over time. The huge Wicked Tuna cast salary per illustration is an excellent testament to their tremendous value to the audience.

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The actors has entertained the audience because that over a decade and also must be earning a remarkable amount per episode. This job, on top of various other businesses, creates enormous wealth.