But exactly how much do these wrestlers weigh?

On average, a sumo wrestler weighs around 325 pounds (147.4 kg). Yet they deserve to be as heavy as 500 pounds (226 kg) or more!

Unlike countless other contact sports, such together boxing and wrestling, there space no weight divisions in sumo wrestling. This method one competitor can be much heavier and larger than their opponent.

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Interesting Sumo rings Facts.

Sumo rings is an ancient Japanese sport that source from the Shinto culture in Japan.

It’s believed people took component in beforehand versions the sumo wrestling as far earlier as 1,500 years ago or even longer.

As the nationwide sport the Japan, sumo wrestling theatre a huge function in modern Japanese culture. Plenty of different rituals and also special routines have to be followed.

It also attracts a huge audience.


However, strict rules such as no choking and no eye gouging apply. A rikishi will certainly be disqualified if lock break these rules.

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A wide selection of experienced competitions take ar in Japan.

6 various divisions of professional competitions include:


~ Fun fact ~Who is the heaviest Japanese sumo wrestler ever? that title goes come Ryūichi Yamamoto. He weighed in in ~ a enormous 584 pounds (265 kg). He is additionally considered to it is in the heaviest Japanese human in history!


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