The Nauvoo holy place was the first to have an point of view on a spire, and also it was a straightforward weather vane depicting a non-specific point of view of the restoration.

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Dallin asserted not to believe in angels, but at his mother’s urging he accepted the commission and designed the very first angel Moroni, i m sorry stands on the Salt Lake City Temple.

The most usual Moroni design was produced for president Hinckley’s revolutionary small temples. It stands atop 74 holy place spires.

Early point of view Moroni statues were too hefty to be put on most temples’ spires. The very first statues weighed much more than a ton each. Present statues just weighabout 350 pounds.

Because that was tough to see, the white statue was taken down and redone in gold leaf. Today, the refinished frostbite is on optimal of the Columbus Ohio Temple.

Cyrus E. Dallin, that designed this initial angel Moroni, said the upright architecture we check out today based on his study of Revelation 14 and other Latter-day Saint literature.

You deserve to spy a plates-toting version of Moroni on the Los Angeles California, Washington D.C., Seattle Washington, Jordan flow Utah, and Mexico City Mexico Temples. Or you have the right to look because that a scroll-carrying variation of the Moroni statue on the Achorage Alaska, Bismarck north Dakota, Columbus Ohio, Kona Hawaii, and Caracas Venezuela Temples.

Early point of view Moroni statues, however, to be made from bronze, copper, or aluminum (but still leafed in gold).

Angel Moroni statues were included to the Freiberg Germany, Ogden Utah, Provo Utah, Sao Paulo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, Bern Switzerland, and also London England temples throughout renovations. Moroni statues can also be included if requested by the holy place district, as occurred with the Idaho drops Idaho Temple.

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Due to lot orientation and spire placement, the Seattle Washington, Manila Philippines, Taipei Taiwan, Spokane Washington, and Nauvoo Illinois temples have actually a west-facing angel Moroni.



In 2014, the Church began a 25-year renovation task in historic Nauvoo, and also this week, the an initial phase the the job was recognized and awarded for bringing better awareness to Illinois’ diverse history.