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Remember when you had to wait 3–5 work for a package come arrive?

Man, those sure were the dark ages. Nowadays, you can gain just about anything delivered in 2 days (or less) through Amazon Prime.

You most likely know about Amazon element at this point, however maybe did you do it been hesitant to sign up because that it as result of the price tag ($119/year).

If this is the point that’s to be holding you back, then ns have an excellent news: college students can obtain Amazon element for just $59/year (plus a 6-month complimentary trial).

Sound too an excellent to it is in true? Keep reading to learn around all the services of Amazon prime Student, and how to sign up for the service and also make the many of it.

What Is Amazon prime Student?

Amazon element Student uses all the an excellent features of Amazon Prime, however at around half the price. If she not acquainted with Amazon Prime, below are some of the an essential benefits you acquire when you sign up:

20% discount top top pre-order and new release video clip gamesExclusive product deals and discounts

Basically, Amazon element is awesome, and Amazon prime Student offers you access at a great discount.

How to get 6 months of Prime college student for Free

It’s one thing to read around how great Amazon prime is, however it’s quite another to pull the end your wallet and also plop down 59 bucks because that it. The a commitment, specifically on a tight university budget.

To assist decide if prime is precious the money, students can gain a totally free 6 month psychological of the service. During this trial, you’ll have accessibility to most of the benefits of Amazon Prime.

The only exemption is access to element Music — you’ll need to upgrade to a payment account to obtain this benefit.

Want to save lots of money on your textbooks as well? Check out our guide to renting textbooks ~ above Amazon.

How to authorize Up for Prime Student

So you’ve decided you want to offer Amazon prime a try. The following step is to sign up for the service. As lengthy as you have actually a valid .edu email address, the procedure is rather simple.

First, visit the Prime college student sign-up page. It need to look something prefer this:


To start the sign-up process, click “Start her 6-month trial”:


If you currently have one Amazon account and also want to update to element Student, you deserve to just sign in through your present login info:


If friend don’t have an Amazon account, you’ll require to create one. To do this, click “Create her Amazon account” and also then get in your name, email address, and a password:


Note the it’s not necessary to sign-up v your .edu email address. You’ll get in that separately.

Once did you do it signed right into your existing account or developed a new one, you should see a form like the one below:


To fill the end the form, enter your .edu email address and also expected graduation year:


Next, enter your credit/debit card info under where it states “Add a Payment Method”:


If you already have an Amazon account, friend can additionally choose come use one of the cards currently connected with her account.

Finally, click “Add your card” to complete the sign-up process:


Once you’ve done that, Amazon will certainly send a confirmation email to your .edu email address. All you have to do is open that email and also click the check button to complete the sign-up process.

Assuming every your info checks out, you’ll have the ability to start enjoying the services of her 6-month psychological immediately.

Want to discover even an ext ways to save money as a student? have a look in ~ our huge list of student discounts.

Amazon Prime college student FAQ

To finish up this guide, we desire to price some common questions that have the right to come up as soon as you’re researching Amazon prime Student:

1. Exactly how much walk Prime college student cost?

Amazon element Student expenses $59/year, v a six-month free trial come start. You have the right to cancel the trial any type of time prior to six months have actually passed, and also you won’t need to pay a cent.

If spending $59 at once is out of her budget, Amazon will additionally let you pay monthly for Prime Student. If you pick this option, it’s simply $6.49/month. This will expense you much more per year as whole than the yearly plan, but it can be a great way come get accessibility to Amazon prime if money is tight.

2. Exactly how long is Prime college student valid?

Your Prime college student account is valid because that 4 years, or until you graduate (whichever come first).

3. Can I sign up for Prime college student without a .edu email address?

Yes, friend can, back it requires a couple of more steps.

To sign up for Prime Student, you must prove the you’re enrolled in at least one course at a college or college in among the 50 says or the district of Columbia.

A precious .edu email attend to will prove her enrollment, but you can likewise use one of the adhering to forms that proof:

Student identifier displaying the current term or an expiration dateTranscript or class list for the existing term through your name and your school’s surname on itTuition invoice for the current term with your name and also your school’s surname on itOfficial accept letter for the upcoming term (must include matriculation date)

You’ll need to send a scan, photo, or screenshot of one of the over forms the proof to making use of the email resolve associated with your Amazon account.

If Amazon decides you eligible, they’ll send you an e-mail with a special link that enables you to authorize up because that Prime college student without a .edu email address.

Learn an ext about how to sign up there is no a .edu deal with here.

4. Perform I need to wait 6 month to upgrade my psychological account to a complete Amazon Prime student subscription?

No, you do not. You’re free to update to a full Amazon Prime student account at any kind of time throughout the psychological period.

5. Is prime Student accessible outside the joined States?

Amazon Prime college student is currently accessible in the following nations outside of the U.S.:

Note that the specific features and also benefits that Amazon element Student exterior of the U.S. Will certainly vary. Click on each the the links above to learn more about just how Amazon Prime college student works outside of the unified States.

Also, note that if you’re an international student enrolled in ~ a U.S. University or university, you’re likewise eligible for Amazon Prime college student (as long as you have a .edu email attend to or other valid proof the you’re a college student).

Is Prime student Worth It?

In the end, is Amazon Prime college student worth her time and also money? In many cases, yes.

If you…

…want complimentary two-day shipping ~ above Amazon packages…want a method to currently movies/TV/music without ads…want to check out books and magazines because that free

…then Amazon Prime student is a clever purchase.

Of course, most of the features that Amazon element Student uses are available from various other services.

For instance, you have the right to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix and also Hulu, present music on a platform choose Spotify, and read books/magazines on a variety of other platforms.

You can additionally get (effectively) limitless photo warehouse for totally free from Google Drive, and you can acquire most the the services of Twitch for free.

Finally, you can get complimentary two-day shipping on every Amazon orders over $35, nevertheless of even if it is you’re an Amazon prime member

However, subscribing to Prime student will most likely cost less 보다 subscribing to a bunch of media streaming services individually.

For instance, if subscribed to Spotify and also Netflix ~ above a monthly communication at their existing prices, you will do pay $167.76/year (assuming you have Spotify Premium because that Students and also the straightforward Netflix plan). This way that a Prime college student subscription might save you $108.76 per year ($167.76 − $59 = $108.76).

Therefore, as long as you nothing care around having access to mirrors that are exclusively on Netflix/Hulu or songs that are specifically on Spotify/another music streaming platform, Prime college student is a much better deal.

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Start conserving with Prime college student Today

I hope this overview has helped you understand the benefits and also sign-up process of Amazon prime Student. For many students, the to save the service gives you do it more than precious the cost.