Below is an introduction of the Retailer compensation program. View Retailer Compensation rules PDF for more details.

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Base Sales Commission

Retailers will obtain a basic commission price for tickets sold for this products:

Lotto Games: 5.5%Scratch Games: 5.5% InstaPlay Games: 5.5%Pull-tab Games: 5%

Ticket Allowance

Retailers will certainly receive second 0.1% the the sales of every lotto and also InstaPlay games included to the basic commission price for tickets that room damaged or created in error.

Gold Star Program

Retailers can end up being a yellow Star regimen member and increase your scratch video game sales commission to 7%.

Peak Sales Bonus

Retailers will obtain a 0.75% sales bonus:

top top Powerball/Power play sales as soon as Powerball jackpot is equal to or exceeds $400 million. ~ above Mega Millions/Megaplier sales when Mega Millions jackpot is same to or exceeds $400 million.

Sales will certainly be tracked during the jackpot run and bonuses will be awarded after ~ the jackpot is won.

High-Tier compensation Sales Bonus

Retailers who sell a ticket winning one of the complying with high-tier prizes get the bonus noted:

offer a Powerball ticket win the Jackpot and also receive a $10,000 bonus. Market a Mega Millions ticket winning the Jackpot and also receive a $10,000 bonus. Sell a Lotto America ticket winning the Jackpot and receive a $5,000 bonus. Market a lucky for Life height Prize to win ticket* and also receive a $5,000 bonus. Market a happy for Life 2nd Prize win ticket** and also receive a $500 bonus.

With the exception of the prizes noted above, all non-jackpot win lotto video game tickets the $100,000 or more will get a bonus of 1/10 that 1 percent that the prize amount (e.g. $100,000 winning ticket earns a $100 bonus).

*Lucky for Life optimal Prize is $1,000 a day because that life. **Lucky because that Life 2nd Prize is $25,000 a year because that life.

Other Incentives

Through the course of a budget year, the Lottery may choose to sell special incentives for retailer related tasks not spanned by the categories thorough elsewhere in this document. The incentives would include, however are not restricted to, inspiration money, lottery tickets and merchandise prizes. The total value of the incentives for this ar will not exceed $40,000 in any kind of fiscal year.

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Prizes and also Proceeds

Since the lottery's start in 1985, that players have actually won an ext than $4.9billion in prizes while the lottery has raised an ext than $2.1billion because that the state programs that advantage all Iowans.

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Today, lottery proceeds help our state in many ways. They assist Iowa veterans and also their families through the Iowa Veterans to trust Fund. They assist the families of Iowa peace officers, firefighters and also corrections employees who die in the line of duty. And also they provide help for a variety of far-reaching projects with the state general Fund.