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girlfriend can accessibility the Sling TV app on a variety of devices. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

Both Orange and also Blue come with a basic package that the same 27 channels, including CNN, BBC America, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, and many more. In enhancement to the basic package, both plans have actually their share of unique channels.

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Orange has six unique networks including Disney Channel, ESPN networks, FreeForm, and also Motortrend. Blue, ~ above the various other hand, has 17 unique channels including Discovery, Fox and also NBC (in select markets), NFL Network, USA, and also more.

In addition to live TV, Sling comes through an extensive an option of on-demand content from its channel lineup, including titles favor "Real Housewives"" and also "It"s always Sunny in Philadelphia." Sling also has numerous genre-based add-ons beginning at $6 a month.

Before signing up because that Sling, us recommend you check out ours full breakdown of all the Sling channels and extra packages obtainable to ensure the your favorite networks room included.

How execute I currently Sling TV?

Sling TV allows you use a number of devices come stream networks including apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast , iOS and Android devices, Xbox series X|S, internet browsers, and more.

For a full list, the streaming service details all of its supported gadgets on the website.

Is Sling TV worth it?

The Sling TV user interface isn"t the best, but it"s gaining an update this year. Sling

Despite Sling TV gift cheaper than many other live TV streaming options, that maintains an excellent channel offerings and also quality playback on par v the competition.

On the front, the service is easily worth the $35/month expense of admission. Through over 30 networks on the Blue and also Orange plans, Sling TV is among the most economical methods to present live TV.

When it concerns cheaper live TV streaming options, Philo uses 66 channels for $25 a month — $10 less than Sling"s base plans. Despite Philo includes an ext storage and also its magazine features some networks missing from Sling, like animal Planet and also MTV, that doesn"t offer any kind of local channels. Philo is also lacking in sports coverage due to the fact that it doesn"t bring channels favor ESPN or NFL Network.

With those determinants in mind, we think Sling is the better budget option for most world who want a cheaper different to cable. That said, there room some border to keep in mental when picking Sling.

Sling"s present interface could use some work

One downside is the user interface Sling provides on the majority of that apps. In short, that isn"t particularly attractive or intuitive.

The interface lacks a channel-surfing option, which means you can"t flip with stations choose you would certainly on cable. This limits you to a home page broken into horizontal sections, starting with your "Favorite" networks if you"ve selected any.

It"s a beneficial shortcut, however depending on the size of your screen you"ll just see three to five channels at a time, and also you"ll it is in doing a most side-scrolling. Listed below that you get accessibility to her DVR recordings — Sling TV provides 50 hours of totally free DVR warehouse in its basic package although friend can gain 200 hrs for an extra $5 a month.

If you"re in search of a much more traditional channel overview interface, you"ll uncover it in the "Guide" tab, but since there room no numbers connected with the channels, you"ll once again discover yourself act a many scrolling.

An updated user interface is in ~ above the way with vital improvements

Sling TV is collection to launch a number of changes to its app soon. The streaming company announced a beta application in might 2021. The to update app an initial became available on choose Fire TV devices and features a new home page and also a vertical sidebar v a DVR tab. It will be included to much more devices transparent 2021, according to a press release.

We gained to shot the new app through a Fire TV stick 4K and it"s a clear improvement. The home screen now includes a number of title recommendations based on shows and movies you"ve watched.

Additionally, Sling TV"s channel guide — which girlfriend can discover on the app"s sidebar — now allows you surf dozens that channels similar to a classic cable plan. Girlfriend can likewise choose to document shows together you navigate through the guide.

You have the right to scroll between tabs prefer "Favorites" and "Recents" top top the top of the guide to find specific channels easier. While there still aren"t numbers connected with channels, you can easily discover what you"re looking for with other tabs choose "A-Z," "Sports," "News," "Movies," and also more.

Aside native the guide, each channel has "Info" and also "Explore" options. The "Info" option allows you view on-demand content and also programs set to waiting on a channel in the future. Meanwhile, the "Explore" option allows you navigate all upcoming shows and also movies.

The bottom line

Sling TV is a great option for cord cutters on a budget. Sling

With plans starting at $35 a month, Sling TV remains among the best options there is come stream live TV ~ above a budget. Brand-new members can also get $25 turn off their an initial month, making it an affordable company to test out if you"re ~ above the fence.

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Even despite the present app"s user interface is much less than ideal, an upcoming update need to alleviate any worries you could have about navigating with your favourite channels.