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Sara Haines (Full name: Sara hilary Haines) is an American journalist and also tv host. She is famous for gift the co-host of the alphabet daytime speak shows dubbed The View and Strahan, Sara and also Keke and also the game present called The Chase. Also, Sara has worked as a correspondent top top Today, alphabet News, too as an excellent Morning America. She introduced her career in the NBC page Program. From there, Sara came to be the manufacturing coordinator for NBC’s today at Rockefeller Center.

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In 2009, she came to be the show’s 4th hour’s contributing correspondent until departing in 2013. In 2013, began serving as an abc News correspondent and also the pop news anchor because that the weekend execution of good Morning America. She later joined The watch as a irreversible co-host in the show’s 20th season after ~ multiple appearances as a guest co-host. The see premiered ~ above September 6, 2016.

Sara permanently returned to The see for the 24th season. In November 2020, an notice was made that Sara would organize a renewal of The chase on ABC, and also the collection premiered in January 2021. She showed up as it s her in the 2nd episode the the Disney+ superhero collection called The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Sara interviewed the character man Walker about his role as the new Captain America.

Sara Haines Age

She was born ~ above September 18, 1977, in Newton, Iowa, United states of America. Sara is 43 years old.

Haines’ photo

Sara Haines Height

She is a mrs of above-average stature. Sara stands in ~ a elevation of 5 ft 6 in ( Approx 1.68m).

Sara Haines parental | Family

She to be born to her father dick Haines and also her mother Sandy Haines top top September 18, 1977, in Newton, Iowa, United says of America. Sara is the youngest daughter. She is the third of four siblings the the parents.

Sara Haines twin Sister

She was born to her parents cock Haines and Sandy Haines top top September 18, 1977, in Newton, Iowa, United says of America. Sara is the youngest daughter. She is the third of 4 siblings the the parents and also has no twin sister.

Sara Haines Huband | Max Shifrin

She married the love of she life dubbed attorney Max Shifrin. The couple exchanged your wedding rings in November 2014. Currently, Sara and also Max room proud parental to their 3 adorable youngsters Alec Richard, Sandra Grace, and Caleb Joseph.

Sara Haines Kids

She is a mommy of three. In in march 2016, Sara and Max invited their firstborn Alec Richard. In December 2017, the couple welcomes your secondborn baby referred to as Sandra Grace. The couple’s thirdborn, Caleb Joseph to be born in June 2019. Currently, Sara and her family reside in brand-new Jersey.

Sara Haines Education

She i graduated from smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 2000. Native college, Sara earn a Bachelor the Arts level in government.

Sara Haines The see | Abc

She currently serves together the Cohost of The see at alphabet News. Sara has actually been working for the channel for the critical 8 years 1 month. She join the network together a correspondent in Sep 2013 and also was based in brand-new York, NY. Srah organized this role for 3 year 1 month till Sep 2016. Native there, she to be made the co-host of The View and also served this article for 2 years till Aug 2018. Native Sep 2018, she co-hosted Strahan Sara and Keke show.

Prior come joining ABC, Sara offered as a Contributing Correspondent for NBC this particular day Show. She hosted this function for 4 years 4 month from might 2009 till Aug 2013. Prior to that, Sara operated at NBC Universal. She served the network because that 8 years 1 month. Sra join the station in might 2001 together a web page Programer. She offered this short article for 11 months until Mar 2002. From Mar 2002 until might 2009, Sara was a production coordinator because that the station ( & year 3 months). In 2020, Sara returned to The watch as a constant guest co-host.

Sara’s partner at alphabet include:

David Ono – anchor

Jay Kolls – reporter

Alani Letang – anchor

Katie Vossler – Meteorologist

Mark Scirto – Meteorologist

Betsy Singer – anchor

Morgan Young – anchor

Amanda Venegas – anchor

Ben Gutierrez – meteorologist

Laura Huckabee – meteorologist

Phillip Palmer – anchor

Sara Haines GMA day | GMA | Michael Strahan

On July 23, 2018, alphabet announced the Sara would not go back to The watch for season 22 and also that she would start co-hosting GMA Day. Later, the present was change the name Strahan and Sara, with Michael Strahan. Sara made her last appearance as the show’s co-host during the 21st season’s penultimate episode. She debuted as the co-host that GMA Day throughout the collection premiere on September 10, 2018. The program was change the name GMA3: Strahan, Sara, and Keke in august 2019, v the addition of Keke Palmer together a 3rd co-host. Sara went back to The see as a regular guest co-host in 2020. This come after the reformatting that GMA3 that very same year.

Sara Haines weight Loss

On September 11, 2019. Sara took her time out to talk around her fitness plan during the united state Weekly Stylish new Yorkers party. The party was held at Cathedral top top September 11, 2019. Sara shared just how she accomplished weight lose after her pregnancy.

Sara Haines The check out Salary

She earns her income from she current role as the organize of The view on ABC. Sara earns an average salary the $69,846 per year.

Sara Haines net Worth

She has accumulated a the majority of wealth from she journalism career. Sara has an estimated net worth of $988,774.

Who Is Sara Haines

Sara is an American journalist and tv host. She is renowned for being the co-host that the abc daytime talk shows called The View and also Strahan, Sara and Keke as well as the game present called The Chase. Also, Sara has operated as a correspondent on Today, abc News, too as an excellent Morning America.

How Old Is Sara Haines

Sara is a 43-year-old American journalist who was born ~ above September 18, 1977, in Newton, Iowa, United states of America.

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How go Sara Haines shed Weight

Sara shed her baby Weight by ‘Getting Steps’ and likewise doing ‘Toning Exercises’.