Rush Limbaugh to be a polarizing radio personality to say the really least. His conservative rhetoric alienated and also harmed plenty of individuals across the nation while riling increase others. However, conflict is frequently lucrative, and Limbaugh had the ability to leverage his divisive views into an superior fortune. At the time of his fatality on February 17, 2021, sirloin Limbaugh’s net worth to be nothing come scoff at.

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The expansion of his radio fame

Rush Limbaugh and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh top top January 19, 2008, in Miami Beach, Florida. | john Parra/WireImage

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Rush Limbaugh and also radio have actually long been intertwined. The divisive conservative talk show host acquired his begin in 1969, quickly after his high college graduation.

Limbaugh started attending south-east Missouri State university in his home state. However, he soon dropped out, and also decided to work-related at a music radio terminal in Pennsylvania. His an initial two tasks weren’t a success, however — in fact, Limbaugh to be canned.

His first job top top a talk display was in Kansas City, whereby he questioned public affairs. That soon shed this job as well. Limbaugh at some point wound up working in low-level monitoring for the Kansas City Royals, making only $18,000 a year, every People.

“After 5 years there ns was make $18,000 a year … at age 32 it to be an embarrassment. Ns was miserable, i was unhappy, i was aimless, i had offered up ~ above radio,” he once said ~ above Frontline.

His break taken place in 1984, once he switched back to talk radio in Sacramento, California. There, he began his operation as a conservative talk display host. The sirloin Limbaugh Show went nationwide in 1988, high is once Limbaugh truly take it off. The course, this had a vast impact on sirloin Limbaugh’s network worth.

Rush Limbaugh passed away of lung cancer February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh and also wife Kathryn Adams Limbaugh attend the State that the Union deal with | note Wilson/Getty Images

In February 2020, sirloin Limbaugh revealed throughout a live show that the had advanced lung cancer. He informed listeners the there would certainly be days once he i will not ~ be obtainable due to treatment and also recovery.

“I wish i didn’t need to tell friend this, and also I thought about not telling anybody. … yet there space going to be days when I am not going to have the ability to be here because I’m experience treatment, or I’m reaction to treatment,” he said at the time.

Limbaugh died on Februiry 17, 2021. His wife, Kathryn Limbaugh, announced his fatality during The sirloin Limbaugh Show.

“For end 32 years, Rush has cherished you, his loyal audience, and always looked front to every single show. It is with extensive sadness I have to share v you directly that ours beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning due to complications native lung cancer,” she claimed in part.

“As so countless of friend know, shedding a love one is terribly difficult — even an ext so as soon as that loved one is larger than life.”

What was Rush Limbaugh’s network worth in ~ death

Rush Limbaugh was standing in front of one American flag | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Due come his remarkable success in radio, rush Limbaugh’s network worth to be nothing to laugh at. In fact, Limbaugh made it to position 11 ~ above Forbes’ 2020 celebrity revenue list.

As of 2018, rush Limbaugh earned around $84.5 million every year because that The rush Limbaugh Show. He furthermore earned income from his book and also speaking deals, and also owned a West Palm Beach residence worth around $26 million.

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All told, sirloin Limbaugh’s network worth is estimated to have actually clocked in t about $600 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth.