The new York Jets announced that they agreed come a attend to Robert Saleh to make him their new head coach. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported the it's a five-year deal and that mountain Francisco 49ers passing video game coordinator Mike LaFleur will certainly be Saleh's offensive coordinator:


New Jets’ HC Robert Saleh is intended to take 49ers passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur as his offensive coordinator, per sources. Https://

Saleh spent the last four years as san Francisco's protective coordinator. Prior come that, he to be the Jacksonville Jaguars' linebackers coach indigenous 2014 come 2016.

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The 49ers' defensive numbers highlight why Saleh's stock has actually risen to the allude he's acquiring the possibility to coach his very own team.

Upon involvement Kyle Shanahan's staff in 2017, Saleh inherited a defense that enabled both the many yards (406.4) and also most points (30.0) every game. San Francisco likewise ranked 28th in defensive efficiency, every Football Outsiders.

Fast front to 2019 and also the Niners deserve the NFC's peak seed thanks in no small part to an elite defense. Lock finished second in yards enabled (281.8) and also eighth in points permitted (19.4), and Football Outsiders ranked them 2nd in defensive efficiency.

Shanahan most likely felt part level that vindication because Saleh wasn't on certain footing as the 2018 campaign drew come a close.

"I'm with him every day," Shanahan stated in December 2018, per The Athletic's Matt Barrows. "So I know how great of a coach the is. Ns know exactly how he is schematically. I know just how he is taking care of the players. I know what he have the right to handle simply with his personality and also how clever he is and that's a lot. I also know that he took over a 32nd-ranked defense." 


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As Saleh came to be a candidate for the Cleveland Browns prior to this past season, Richard Sherman sang his praises following San Francisco's divisional-round success over the Minnesota Vikings:

Cam Inman

RSherman_25 ~ above defense and Robert Saleh’s worthiness to become #Browns coach

However, part might contend the 49ers' advancement on defense was more the result of the personnel and less to carry out with Saleh, a allude to which because that The Win's Steven Ruiz alluded:

"Based top top his three years in mountain Francisco, Saleh appears to it is in a non-factor as a coach. He won't proactively hurt your team; but he won't make it any type of better, either. As soon as the 49ers defense short talent, the ranked in the bottom third of the league. In 2019, the roster is loaded and also Saleh has actually turned in an excellent results. Yet he won't be bringing all the talent along with him to his brand-new coaching job, so it'd be foolish to mean him to replicate those results."

Building a leading defense is absolutely much easier when you have Nick Bosa, Dee Ford and also Sherman, all of whom come after Saleh's hiring. Fred Warner and Dre Greenlaw were breeze picks in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

That's come say naught of the contributions from DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Jaquiski Tartt and Jimmie Ward—all that whom to be high draft picks prior to Saleh's arrival.

Ruiz drew a parallel to Gus Bradley, who ended up being the Jaguars' head coach in 2013 based upon his job-related as the Seattle Seahawks' defensive coordinator. Bradley was fired in December 2016 after ~ compiling a 14-48 record.

2020 to be a firm rebuttal to those still doubtful of Saleh. Buckner to be traded to the Indianapolis Colts, if Sherman and also Bosa play in seven linked games. 

The unit go backward contempt in 2020, yet that was mostly down to getting hammered by injuries. That mountain Francisco still surrendered the fifth-fewest yards (314.4) is a testimony to Saleh's coaching.

As a first-time head coach, the framework of his coaching staff will be crucial to Saleh's success early on on. He's bound to have actually some cultivation pains, i m sorry he have the right to mask v the right collection of coordinators and position coaches around him.

The Jets are in a position where castle either should make a for sure commitment to Sam Darnold for 2021 or strongly take into consideration using the No. 2 as whole pick top top a quarterback to begin over.

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That led plenty of to wonder whether new York would certainly look towards an offensive-minded previous head coach or peak assistant together it changed Adam Gase.